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It’s time for the 2022 Best Subscription Box Awards!

Hello Subscription readers, it’s time to vote! It’s YOUR turn to pick the best subscription boxes for 2022! We want your picks for the best boxes and subscriptions this year! Make sure that your favorite subscription makes the list!

What’s your favorite subscription, and why? We want to know, and so do your fellow readers! Let everyone know what you’ve tried this year, what was a win, and why.

Get started by voting here!

Voting closes 3am Eastern on 1/15!

2022 Best Subscription Box Awards Categories

  • Women: Best, Fashion, Jewelry
  • Men: Best, Fashion/Accessories, Grooming/Shaving
  • Kids: Best, Clothing, Teens, Books, Babies/Parenting
  • Beauty: Best, Skincare, Makeup, Razor
  • Food/Drink: Meal Kits, Meat/Fish, Coffee, Tea, Snacks/Candy, Wine, Online Grocery/Memberships
  • Pets: Dogs, Dog Food, Cats, Cat Food
  • Interests & Unique Boxes: Home & Decor, Plants, Green/Eco-Friendly, Craft/DIY, Books, Stationery/Greeting Cards, Pop Culture, Couples/Date Night, Digital
  • Fitness & Activities: Health/Wellness, Vitamins/Supplements, Fitness/Active
  • Unique Categories: You Decide Category, Hidden Gem

The 2022 Best Subscription Box Awards feature:

  • Hidden Gem: Don’t be shy if you love a smaller box, because you can nominate it to be a Hidden Gem pick!
  • Nine major categories with Awards covering a huge variety of categories – something for every subscription lover!
  • Recommendations from real subscribers, with your expert comments and advice!

Want to research your votes? Check out all the winners from last year and our recommendations for the best subscription boxes! We can’t wait to see your votes and which subscriptions you select as the recipients of the 2022 Best Subscription Box Awards!


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  • Blanca Ascencio

    I love this snack box. It is exciting trying different snacks from all over the world. I am super happy with my subscription.

  • Cleeks

    Signed up for Universal Yums during the quarantine lock down of 2020, and have have looked forward to receiving the monthly box ever since. Tasty treats to try while listening to the music link online, from the booklet included we learn about the country and culture, play games, and a tasty traditional recipe to try. Recommended.

  • Liz Leonard

    Yum boxes are the best !! They make the best gifts to give !!

  • Victoria Kazmier-Mahalik

    Yum boxes are not only a great tasty treat to look forward to each month, but a way to learn about different cultures too.

  • Heidi

    I love yum boxes

  • Noel

    Yum boxes!!! New gifts and fun every month! We are learning about other countries and the things they like… it’ll be fun to visit other countries and find the snacks we like

  • Regina

    Universal Yums! Extraordinary snacks and learning materials in the boxes.

  • Libby

    Yum!!! Fun and delicious!

  • Libby

    It’s so fun and tasty!

  • Dr. Marcy Stern

    Universal Yums are the best! They deliver wonderful treats to my grandchildren every month. Their boxes include educational material like maps and information about various countries. Everybody loves them!

  • Elli Padilla

    I love universal yums

  • Jaclynn Brown

    Universal Yums all the way! This is the absolute best solution to not being able to travel internationally, right now. Each night has been a different treat from around the world and my family and I have loved it. Also, also being able to buy things that you like from your box is a great bonus. The prices are extremely reasonable. This has been the tastiest most exciting christmas present ever!

  • May Woodward

    The booklet with the UniversalYum box is more interesting and fun than the other three I’ve tried. I also enjoy their selections more, although I get tired of so many similar things ( like chocolate and chips) but the other boxes have almost all potato chips and different chocolates, so Universal Yums has my vote for the best variety of treats.
    The booklet is the thing that makes them the most enjoyable though, other boxes booklets are not as interesting and have less information. I look forward to the yum box and have ordered it for relatives. I just wish I could send it to friends in other countries !

  • Doris

    I love getting these boxes each month. The products are so fresh and delicious. I share them with my various groups each month. Everyone looks forward to my surprise international treats. The kids love the treats and maps and stories about the treats.

  • Katie Shortt

    The foods are absolutely amazing and it’s fun trying new snacks

  • Hello Subscription

    Commenting on this post does NOT constitute a vote. You can vote by pressing on the survey link by using the giant yellow button inside the post.

  • Joanne Pereira

    There is no drop down box to search in. My vote is UNIVERSAL YUMS.

  • Pamela G.

    I love the Universal Yum box! It’s a guaranteed hour every month I get to spend with my teenage son. We love this experience, and I love the time I get with him. Thank you Universal Yum!

  • Melissa K Ladendorf

    We love tasting snacks from around the world!

  • Tanis

    Yum Box has given our family a fun new activity and a way to explore the world from our livingroom!

  • Joe

    We tried this for the first time last month, the kids had a blast trying snacks from Scandinavia.

  • Joyce Cook

    My parents used to travel so much and enjoyed traveling. I gave them this subscription last year and they love it. I told them since they can’t travel anymore, I thought the different countries could come to you.

  • Jane. AGNEW

    I love all your boxes it is cool to see pretty much every country love their 🍟 chips

  • Daniele

    My family and I love the exciting snacks we get to try every month!

  • Hayden

    Universal Yums and Stitch Fix

  • Wendy

    I order Universal Yums as a gift for my Dad. He loves learning about the new countries and waits every month for his new box. I even get a picture of the goodies when it arrives!

  • Richard Grossma

    Since we don’t do much traveling, because of the pandemic, we thoroughly enjoyed the Variety assortment from around the world! 😀 👍
    Rich and Carol

  • Jenn

    I really love this box. I look forward to it every month with my 8 year old son. We sit together to share the snacks and learn about the countries and delicious things they offer!

  • Jean

    We love Universal Yums. It is exciting every month to see what snacks and what country they are from to try.

  • Lavonne Karkinen

    We love the Universal Yums box..

  • cori whisler

    This box is great. Great selection and very informative of the snacks top quality and a new Country each month or whatever you have it set for

  • Drema pauley

    Universal Yums is by far the best box. My grandsons look forward to receiving Yums every month

  • Etmi Lopes-Martins

    I love universal yums. Every month I look forward to their box. It offers great variety and fun facts about each snack which I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve been a member for over two years and it’s never disappointed me.

  • Patricia

    Great educational tool and good for getting kids to try new things.

  • Jeanne Snawerdt

    Yums is my vote! Fun and delicious!

  • Mary Lalonde

    I love this box because it’s so much fun to share with family and friends! I gave 7 3 month subscriptions for Christmas this year and everyone is enjoying them!!!! Universal Yums can’t be beat!

  • Casey

    Universal Yums is full of delicious surprises. Each month we look forward to new treats from all over the world. Such a cool idea!

  • Victoria

    I love universal yum subscription box.

  • Diane Silvia

    I gave my granddaughters a subscription to Universal Yums several years ago and they have really enjoyed it. It also serves as a painless geography lesson. Will continue to subscribe as long as they are enjoying it.

  • Darla L Ross

    2 birthdays ago my oldest granddaughter asked for a YUMS box subscription. I ordered the smallest one for 6 months. I increased it to the largest and continue to subscribe to it. It’s amazing what we are all learning about different countries and their food. I wish geography classes,would do this.

  • Marci B

    Universal Yum has been a great gift and the customer service is awesome!

  • Melissa Tomberlin

    Universal yums is fun for the entire family! We take our box to the grandparents house, to aunts, uncles always trying to share in on the crazy sometimes weird mostly delicious snacks from around the world!

  • Barbara Liszeo

    Tasty, fun, and informative, too! We look forward to it every month.

  • Shannon j

    Universal Yums has been a great addition to my family fun nights. The variety of treats pleases everyone.

  • Cindy Valentine

    We love the Universal Yums box and always look forward to the next one!

  • Cyndy

    Universal Yums, all the way. They have the best “mood” out of all the snack boxes.

  • Angela

    I have had subscriptions in the past, Universal Yums is the best one yet.

  • Roxanne knight

    Best present we could give our bosses for Christmas. They are a married couple who are foodies, like to try new stuff and love foreign cultures. Universal Yums best box of goodies.

  • Lindsay Hopkins

    Universal Yums is a huge hit with our family. Its unique choice of snacks from all over the world allows us to try new things and learn about other countries.

  • Marlena Taylor

    I bought a year subscription for my Grandson for one of his Christmas presents.
    It was a surprise that showed up. He loves what he has gotten so far and shares with me and his mom and dad. As the saying goes,
    “it’s the gift that keeps on giving”

  • Angela

    I love the universal Yum box. Even my college age kids look forward to us all tasting it and writing down what we liked and didn’t like!

  • John Curtis Thompson

    It’s always a source of excitement for me and my family when we get the email that our Yum box is on the way!

  • Elisabeth Dannan

    Universal Yums is awesome my son looks forward to international treats& surprises every month!

  • Heather Bertucci

    Done! I tell everyone I can about Universal Yums and give gist subscriptions for them. Our family has THE BEST time when we get a yum box! I am so thankful for this because we are making great memories!

  • Sam.K

    I love the Universal Yums box! I like how there is a variety of snacks and the information you get about the countries are super interesting/informative! I continue to get the box month to month just to see what I get! Even if I get to the point of repeating a country I think I will still be excited because new things come out everyday!

  • Karen

    My grandkids can’t wait for it, sometimes their friends join in. Great family time!

  • Debbie

    We live in the US, my husband is from England and he misses his snacks from Europe. I got this as a Christmas gift for him, and he absolutely loves it. He can’t wait every day to open up a new snack. We are looking forward for the next box to arrive at our doorstep. Thank you for this wonderful idea and opportunity to receive snacks from around the world.

  • Justine Owens

    I love this box, it’s a way for me and my husband to travel while not seeing foot outside of our living room.


    I really like the box we got where we made the candles .i think that and the bath booms what where they in like the summer time june or july not sure but really like the ones thet papmper us

  • Mary L.

    Done! Looking forward to seeing what others have to say are the hidden gems out there. 🙂