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2021’s Best Subscription Boxes for Cats

Just like any other pet, cats require special care and love. We want them to live their lives to the fullest and give the greatest comfort they can have. Finding the right products can be a hassle but not when you get these through cat subscription boxes.

These cat subscription boxes can help ensure that you’re only giving them high-quality cat toys, tasty cat treats, and healthy cat food, which is exactly what they deserve! Some subscriptions even include fun cat accessories and other goodies you’ll find useful when taking care of your beloved furry friend. Other cat boxes also include items for the cat pawrent!

Let your furbabies feel the love and care they deserve when you get them the best cat subscription boxes while allowing yourself to get rewarded too! These subscriptions are also great gifts for proud cat parents like you. For even more options, you may check out the full list of cat subscription boxes!

The Best Subscription Boxes To Treat Your Feline!

1. Pet Treater Cat Pack

Image from: our review

What You Get: Pet Treater Cat Pack sure knows how to treat your cat right. They make sure that your furry friend is well-fed and entertained by sending a package filled with at least 3-4 hand-selected items such as fun toys, USA and Canada-made treats, and more fun extras. Tell them about your cat, and they’ll curate the box with your feline pal in mind to ensure everything in it works well for them. Subscribers can also opt for Multi-Cat Pack with 5-8 items included in the box. Your first pack ships immediately, and it’s filled with fan-favorite items!

Check out Pet Treater Cat Pack Reviews for more information.

Price: Each box costs $15 per month. Multi-Cat Pack costs $25 a month.

Deal: Get 50% off your first month! Use coupon code CATPACK50.

2. Nom Nom Cats

Image from: our review

What You Get: Nom Nom Cats delivers real, fresh, and healthy cat food on your desired delivery frequency – weekly or monthly. Mixed and packed with lots of care in the kitchens of San Francisco, they offer nutritionally balanced pet food that every feline parent could feel good about. The meals are formulated to fit a cat’s unique dietary needs and body condition – made high in protein and high in water content with only high-quality ingredients. These meals can easily be given to your pet, as they are also pre-portioned, measured, and sealed in their own bag!

Visit Nom Nom Cats Reviews to find out more.

Price: A subscription starts at $33 every week, plus discounts for multi-pet families. The price depends on factors such as your pet’s age, weight, and activity level.

Deal: Get 50% off your first order! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

3. Smalls

Image from: our review

What You Get: Smalls is a monthly subscription that sends cat food without compromising the health of your beloved feline as they’re all about bringing what’s the best for your pet. They offer cat food that is high in protein (no fillers!) and are cooked using only UDSA certified, humanely harvested, sustainably sourced ingredients to keep pets happy and healthy for all their nine lives! Tell them about your cat, and they’ll curate a box tailored for your pet. You can even get a sample box, so you can let them try recipes first before committing fully. With this subscription, you can feed your cat healthy, delicious, and human-grade foods and hear positive purrs from them!

If you want to know more about this subscription, check out Smalls Reviews.

Price: Fresh food plans start at $1.93/meal. Human Grade Fresh costs $9 per 11.5 oz, and Freeze-Dried Raw is $30/bag.

Deal: Get 25% off your first order! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

4. PrettyLitter

Image from: our review

What You Get: One of the most important things to do for your cat is to keep its litter box clean, and PrettyLitter will help you with that! The litter has a revolutionary non-clump formula that absorbs and eliminates moisture, making it last for a whole month. What makes this litter unique is that it changes color to indicate your cat’s potential health problem. Tell them how many cats you have at home so they’ll know how much litter to send you. With the help of this subscription, you can save money and keep your kitty happy at the same time by having their litter box always clean and odor-free!

Read PrettyLitter Reviews for more details.

Price: Monthly boxes start at $22.

5. Cat Lady Box

Image from: our review

What You Get: Cat Lady Box offers a subscription that’s not just for the cats but also the cat ladies! They’ll surprise you with a box filled to the brim with all things purrfect. From shirts to jewelry to home décor and more, it will be delivered in a box that your little furball can play with! Each month, subscribers get a box of high-quality cat-themed items for you and your cat (Crazy CatLadyBox), or you can order a box just for you (CatLadyBox). Boxes are also differently themed, letting you enjoy a variety of cat-inspired items revolving around the theme of the month! Past themes include Pampurr Yourself, Another Day in Purradise, or Meowloween.

Visit Cat Lady Box Reviews to see past box contents.

Price: Subscriptions start at $39.99 per month.

6. meowbox

Image from: meowbox

What You Get: Looking for new ways to spoil your kitty? Meowbox is here to help you with that! Each month, they’ll send you 5-6 items in a box, including unique toys and yummy treats sourced from the USA or Canada. And if your cat is on a special diet, you can select the “No Food” option to swap the treats for an extra toy. What makes this subscription stand out is their commitment to finding treats that are handmade, local, or grain-free that are sure to win over your finicky feline’s heart! Don’t forget to tell them your kitty’s name and age so they can personalize the box just for your cat.

Check out meowbox reviews to know more.

Price: Subscriptions start at $22.95 per month or every two months.

Deal: Save 10% on your subscription! Use coupon code HELLO10.

7. Rescue Box

Image from: Rescue Box

What You Get: It really feels fulfilling when you get to spoil your pet and, at the same time, help other animals in need! Rescue Box is a monthly subscription that sends 5 premium items for pets of any age and size like toys, treats, chews, and accessories, specially picked by their team for passionate pet lovers! Just select the box for your furry pal and receive a themed box with over $40 in value. It’s the kind of box you need to reward your cat with while helping RescueBox feed and vaccinate animals in need with every box purchased.

See Rescue Box Reviews for more information.

Price: Boxes start at $29.95 monthly.

8. KitNipBox

Image from: our review

What You Get: Having multiple cats requires more toys and treats, so a cat box that gives you an option to get more for your fur babies is simply awesome! KitNipBox has options from which you can choose depending on your needs. Happy Cat KitNipBox comes with 5 items for a single cat, while Multi-Cat KitNipBox includes 7 items that can be shared by two or more cats. The box always contains high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other healthy cat products that deserve two paws up! Also, they donate a portion of their proceeds every month to different shelters and rescues.

Check out KitNipBox Reviews to find out more about the subscription.

Price: The Happy Cat KitNipBox is $19.99/month and comes with 5 goodies. It is perfect for households with one cat. The Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29.99/month and comes with 7 goodies.

Deal: Save 15% on your first month! Use coupon code HAPPYKITTY.

9. VetPet Box - Cat and Kitten

Image from: VetPet Box - Cat and Kitten

What You Get: Your pet’s wellness is important, and this box can provide the health care your kitty needs. Curated by veterinarians, VetPet Box – Cat and Kitten contains high-quality toys, healthy treats, wellness products, and grooming supplies. You can select a box for single or multiple cats and customize it for allergies if there are any. Each box also includes educational materials for the pet pawrent that addresses a new, important, and interesting wellness topic. They also support causes by donating a portion of proceeds to non-profit organizations on an annual basis.

Visit VetPet Box – Cat and Kitten Reviews for more information.

Price: The box for a single cat costs $39 every month, and $45 every month for multiple cats, with savings when you prepay for more months!


  • Get 25% off your first box with any month to month subscription! Use coupon code HELLOVETPET25.
  • Get $10 off any 3 or 6 month subscription purchase! Use coupon code HELLO10.
  • Get $5 off any purchase! Use coupon code hellosubscription5.

10. Surprise My Pet - Cat

Image from: Surprise My Pet

What You Get: Surprise My Pet – Cat doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety! Each box contains 5-7 fun toys, all-natural treats, and other useful goodies for your feline pal, like grooming supplies and accessories. There are also 2 types of cat boxes you can choose from: a Single Cat Box and a Multi-Cat Box. From time to time, they even include surprises for humans. If your pet doesn’t like an item included in the box, let them know, and they will send an additional item in the next month’s box.

Price: Subscriptions start at $30 every month.

11. Chewy Goody Box

Image from: Chewy Goody Box

What You Get: In getting stuff for your beloved pets, it’s always helpful to know what other pet parents say! Chewy Goody Box contains items hand-selected by pet parents like you, so you can expect that it will include only the good stuff for your pet. This cat box includes 6 premium products, which may include catnip-stuffed toys, grain-free cat treats, a stylish cat bandana, and other goodies picked just for felines, plus fun activities and a yummy recipe. Also, the box is recommended for adult cats of all breeds and sizes!

Price: Boxes start at $24.99 each month.

12. Kitty Bliss by Paper Kitty

Image from: Kitty Bliss by Paper Kitty

What You Get: If you’re a cat person and loves collecting cat-themed stationery, Kitty Bliss by Paper Kitty is the perfect subscription to try. Each month, subscribers receive a monthly curated collection of 5-8 smile-inducing supplies such as fine pens, staplers, bookmarks, pouches, memos, and more, all cat-themed! It’s the perfect subscription that can add a pop of fun every day! It’s also an ideal gift not just for yourself but for students, teachers, colleagues, or moms who love cats as you do.

Price: The box costs $14.99 per month.

Deal: Get 10% off all 3+ months subscriptions! Use coupon code HELLO.

13. KitTea Kit

Image from: KitTea

What You Get: Cats love rummaging through boxes, so share the fun of unboxing with your furry friend through KitTea Kit. This monthly subscription contains all sorts of cat-centric products to please any cat lover or collector! There are 2-4 cat-tastic items in every box, which might include lapel pins, patches, socks, stickers, and other accessories designed by cat-loving artists. What makes it more exciting is that boxes are themed differently every month to add more fun! Past themes include Cactus Catus, Meowgical Cats, and Pussy Power.

Check out KitTea Kit Reviews to know more.

Price: Monthly boxes cost $30.

14. Pet Thrive Box

Image from: Pet Thrive Box

What You Get: Treat your cat to a one-of-a-kind monthly assortment of all things good and delicious! Pet Thrive Box is a subscription that focuses on pet’s health and well-being. Each box is curated by a certified clinical pet nutritionist, making it the right choice for your feline. Every product that goes inside the box is chosen based on the ingredients that can balance out nutrients and deter allergies. Get a package of cat food (freeze-dried, raw, air-dried, or wet food), bags of treats, chews, and occasionally, nourishing and therapeutic supplements every month. It’s truly a subscription you can trust for your cat’s health and happiness.

Price: Get the box for $49.95 a month.

15. MeowyJanes

Image from: MeowyJanes

What You Get: Did you know that there are other plants or herbs cats love aside from catnip? MeowyJanes offer a wide variety of products that are all-natural, farm-grown, and sustainably sourced. Their variety box is purrfect for playful cats, and it contains matatabi sticks (silvervine from Japan), silvervine powder, valerian root, catnip, and a handmade refillable fabric mouse toy with adorable seasonally themed patterns they can play with and enjoy. Add some of the catnip, valerian, or a blend to the mouse toy, and watch your cat move and go crazy for it!

Price: The box comes with one refillable mouse toy for $29.50. Add-ons are also available: Catnip (half-size) is $5, silvervine powder is $10.95, and matatabi chew sticks cost $9.75.

16. Digz by Smalls

What You Get: Cats have sensitive paws, and that’s why it’s important to give them litter with a texture that makes them comfortable doing their business. Digz by Smalls offers two different types of litter for your feline friend – silica or millet. Although not a subscription anymore, this works as an add-on to their cat food subscription. These litters reduce odor and are virtually dust-free and easy to clean. While the millet litter is yellow in color, the silica litter is clear and looks like crystals or rock salts. With these anti-tracking litter, your cat can keep their waste hidden and keeps your place litter-free, odor-free, and guilt-free!

Price: The litter costs $18 per bag and lowers to $9 as an add-on to meal plans.

17. Kitty Poo Club

What You Get: Kitty Poo Club is a monthly subscription that offers an all-in-one litter solution for cleaning pets’ waste directly to your door. They make it easy for pet parents to take care of their cat’s poo by sending a high-quality, pre-filled, leak-free, disposable litter box that’s designed for one cat to last a month pre-filled with the litter of your choice – fine-grain silica, regular silica, clay, and organic soy. These litter boxes are made from 100% eco-friendly material and are recyclable themselves, plus there’s a new pattern to admire every season. You can also add treats, toys, and accessories during checkout if you want to. Scoop the poo and stir the litter – no mess, no odor – it’s that easy!

See how this works by visiting Kitty Poo Club Review.

Price: Just the box costs $11.99, Just the litter is $18.99, and the box pre-loaded with litter costs $22.99.

Deal: Get 15% off on your first box! Use coupon code JOINKPCLUB15.

18. BoxCat

What You Get: Looking for some cat supplies comes easy with BoxCat. This subscription offers the best things you can spoil your cat with every month. The basic plan includes handmade treats made from the highest quality ingredients, vegan skincare, cat toys, gear, and gadgets. All are exclusive and original to the box, and you can’t find them in stores. A Monthly Luxury Plan is also an option. It is a big box that may include large luxury items like scratchers, tunnels, cat beds, and more. This subscription is sure to drive your cats wild but on a good note!

Price: Basic Monthly Plan is $28/month, Luxury Monthly Plan is $40/month, and Quarterly Plan costs $45/month.

19. The Cat Cafe Box

What You Get: Cat cafés are a thing, and if you want to experience it without setting foot outside, The Cat Café Box will let you do so! The box comes jampacked with cat items, specially selected based on what adoptable lounge cats play with and enjoy. It includes 4-6 cat-themed items for your cat and yourself, the cat pawrent! There is always one featured item in every box, sourced from the represented cat café of the month. What’s even greater about it is for every box sold, it helps them support the featured cat cafe by donating a portion of the proceeds.

Price: Receive 4-6 cat-themed items for $35/box.

And that is all for the best cat subscription boxes this 2021! Have you decided on which one to buy for your cat?

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