Best Subscription Boxes for Kids – 2020 Award Winners

Subscription boxes are for all ages, and that includes the kids! These fun subscriptions know exactly what kids want and need, from yummy food to educational toys and everything in between. Some subscriptions for kids even inspire them to create, like kids arts & craft boxes, and to bond with parents and siblings, like kids activity subscriptions. For kids who need a wardrobe update, clothing subscriptions are some of the most convenient options. These subscription boxes are also great gift ideas if you’re a parent or grandparent who doesn’t have time to shop!

To help you find child-friendly subscriptions, we’ve asked our readers about the best kids subscription boxes for 2020 and here are their picks!

Top 21 Subscription Boxes for Kids – Readers’ Picks!

Check out these best 21 kids subscription boxes that you voted for:

1. Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo

The activities are fun and educational. They usually not too hard or too messy. It’s cool that it also comes with a magazine where you can read more about the topics and there’s a comic strip. There’s also sometimes a page where you can make a snack. – Allegra

What you get: Kiwi Crate, intended for 5 to 8-year-old kids, sends monthly boxes with crafts and other educational activities. This craft and activity box comes with everything you will need to finish a project that you can use for playtime. If you’re looking for a box that you can work on as a family, this one is a great choice because most of the activities they send require parental assistance. Each crate also includes an issue of explore! magazine.

Read the Kiwi Crate Reviews page for details!

Price: Subscription begins at $19.95 per month, or less for a longer plan.


  • Save 50% on your first month! Use coupon code HOLIDAY50.
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  • Save 10% off on Kiwico shop purchases! Use coupon code HAPPY10.

2. Girls Can! Crate - Hidden Gem!

A great way to introduce young girls to historical role models while expanding their knowledge! Fun ideas:) – Raquel

Very empowering for girls. My grandson even likes the projects. – Stephanie

The activities are educational and it comes with a booklet with a famous awesome woman to look up to! – Katie C.

What you get: Empowering and inspirational, Girls Can Crate introduces children 4 to 8 years old to a different female pioneer with an inspiring story every month. The crate’s message is pretty clear: girls can do whatever they set their minds to! Each box includes a 20-page activity book, 2-3 STEAM activities, and creative play props. Although the pioneers are women, the activities they come up with are usually gender neutral.

Learn more by visiting the Girls Can! Crate Reviews page!

Price: The subscription costs $29.95 per month.


  • Save 25% on your first crate in any subscription! Use coupon code HELLOBLACKFRIDAY2020. Offer applies to first crate in any subscription. Offer does not apply to shop items, mini-mailers, or digital subscriptions. Offer cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Get 15% off your first crate in any subscription. Use coupon code HELLO15.

3. Kidpik

It’s sparkly! – KK

What you get: Designed for girls (Kidpik is introducing their boys’ line Summer 2020)., Kidpik curates clothing items based on your kid’s detailed style profile which covers preferred styles, colors, types of clothing, length of outfits, and complete sizing information. It can now be purchased once a season, twice a season, or monthly. Each box will be sent at no cost and you’ll only be charged once you pick the items you want to keep. There’s also no return shipping fee to send items back, so your daughter or son can ultimately decide which items are hers to keep! Also, a 30% discount will automatically apply at checkout when you keep the entire box!

Visit the Kidpik Reviews page for more information!

Price: There’s no styling fee, and the entire box is on average $85. Each item will cost $12.50 if you decide to keep everything.

Deal: Get $80 off your first box when you keep the entire box + FREE Styling + FREE Shipping! Use coupon code FRIDAY80.

4. Bookroo - Hidden Gem!

Comes in cute wrapping paper, always fun books and almost always books we’ve never heard of. Rachel
I love that each book is individually wrapped. They do a great job of finding wonderful books that I don’t already own.  – Grammy

They truly give the gift of reading! Love them.  – Alicia

What you get: For nurturing young readers, Bookroo is your best bet. This subscription offers board books for kids ages 0-3 and picture books for ages 2-6+. They also have a subscription for older kids, which is all about chapter books. Their promise is to send you books with a higher retail value than the subscription cost, that’s a great deal for those who are just starting to build their kids’ library!

Check out the Bookroo Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Monthly boxes start at $19.95.


  • Get 25% off any multi-month subscription! Use coupon code BF2020. Cannot be combined with any other offers or applied to existing subscriptions.
  • Get 15% off on any subscription! Use coupon code HELLOBOOKROO. Gift Subscription not included. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

5. Baketivity - Hidden Gem!

I love Baketivity batter than the other subscription boxes that they send the dry ingredients, which is so much easier than other boxes we have had in the past. – Kitten patter

Baketivity create an easy, exciting hands on activity that encourages and enhances familial interaction. – Eliot Singler

My five year old granddaughter loves to help in the kitchen, this kit were perfect for her! Will be buying additional sets.- Kliky

What you get: Delicious baked goodies combined with fun and learning! Baketivity sends scrumptious recipes in each box, along with pre-measured ingredients, and other fun activities. Their instructions are simple and kid-friendly, making the whole experience as fun as possible for kids. Subscribers can also choose their favorite recipes and order a box for regular deliveries of tasty, kid-friendly treats.

Read our Baketivity review to learn more!

Price: Pay as you go, cancel anytime for $28.99 per month.


  • Get 15% off your first box! Use coupon code subscribe15.
  • Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code hello10.

6. Baby Play Kits by Lovevery

Age appropriate developmental toys for when all you can do is stay awake! – Johnny

The Baby Play Kits have everything we need for the developmental stage our baby is in, and the toys don’t clutter up our house! Everything is well made and pleasing to look at! – Sandy

I LOVE the Play Guide that comes in each Play Kit! It really lays out the research behind each toy, why it was included, and has lots of ideas on how parents can engage with their babies. It takes a lot of stress off of us!

What you get: The best play products for a baby’s developing brain is in every Baby Play Kit by Lovevery. Specially designed by child development experts, you get toys that are customized by stage and thoughtfully crafted using sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics. What’s not to love about a box filled with lots of useful information for parents and fun, developmental toys for babies?

See Baby Play Kits by Lovevery Reviews to know more!

Price: Boxes arrive every other month for $80. Subscriptions start at $36 a month.

Deal: Get 10% off on 3+ month prepaid plans! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. MEL Science Kids

What you get: Ideal for kids aged 5-10, MEL Science Kids sends science experiments and hands-on projects to help expand your child’s horizons. Some of the topics they have currently covered are Pressure, Sound, Aerodynamics, and Reactive Motion, and they’re coming up with even more. Boxes also include educational comics and a unique piece of a story that kids can collect. Subscribers are also encouraged to download their own AR app, which can accompany kids in learning about science!

Price: Each monthly box is $24.90.

Deal: Get 25% off your first month! Use coupon code HELLO25.

8. Raddish Kids

What you get:  Having a Raddish Kids membership means you’ll be able to get a monthly cooking kit, digital bonus recipes and activities, and access to an online community. Kids can also enjoy seasonal, global, and holiday themes while learning new culinary skills. Also included in each box is a collectible apron patch and a kitchen tool!

Check out Raddish Kids Reviews to find out more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $24 per month.


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  • Get $15 off on a 6 month membership! Use coupon code ATHOME.

9. Atlas Crate by KiwiCo

Totally great globally minded crafts! Each month it typically comes with a fun game from the highlighted country – Anonymous

What you get: Atlas Crate is all about geography and culture! Made for children between ages 6 to 11 years old, their boxes initiate a spark on kids’ sense of adventure and curiosity, inspiring them to see themselves as citizens of the world. Each box includes hands-on projects related to the featured country, which also often teach new STEAM concepts. Instructions are also easy to follow and kid-friendly! Lastly, there will be collectible cards and stickers to create a special keepsake book that your child can keep!

Read Atlas Crateby KiwiCo Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Subscriptions are $19.95 per month


  • Save 50% on your first month! Use coupon code HOLIDAY50.
  • Save 40% on your first month! Use this link to get the deal.
  • Save 10% off on Kiwico shop purchases! Use coupon code HAPPY10.

10. Babacorn-Bricks Box - Hidden Gem!

My son gets a box every month and he loves all the Lego surprises, it’s really good value for money and good communication. – Philippa

Such a thoughtful well designed selection each month, my nephew can’t wait for his box to arrive, & each month is a different theme – Rach W

What you get: Babacorn-Bricks Box includes 5 LEGO Minifigures in their Minifigure surprise and at least 5 other items which may include LEGO construction sets, polybags, and brick-themed/inspired stationery, gifts, accessories, stickers, sweet treats, toys, handmade goodies, and many more! Plus on your kid’s birthday month, they get to receive a card and a gift in their box!

Price: Boxes start at about US$22.75 (£17.95 UK) per month, postage is £3.95 UK; £15.95 Worldwide.

11. Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery

What you get: Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery feature the best play products designed by child development experts. The toys are customized by stage and thoughtfully crafted using sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics.

Check out  for more info!

Price: Each box is $80.

Deal: Get 10% off on 3+ month prepaid plans! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

12. Tinkering Toddler Crates - Hidden Gem!

What you get: Tinkering Toddler Crates sends activity boxes for toddlers and preschool-aged children with a fun theme every month. This monthly box is packed with all the materials needed to do 3 developmentally appropriate activities including STEM, arts, sensory, language, literacy, math, writing, and dramatic play. They also include step-by-step directions to make things easier for both kids and parents!

Visit our  to know more!

Price: Boxes start at $30 per month.

Deal: Save $5 off all subscriptions for first order. Use coupon code HELLO5 .

13. Bitsbox

It teaches you about coding and it’s not a lame pretend coding thing. – Faraday

What you get: BitsBox is what every techie kid needs! It’s a subscription that aims to helps them code their own apps. Subscribers can choose between a monthly digital subscription or an entire physical subscription. If you opt for a physical subscription, your box will include an entire activity book, app trading cards, repositionable stickers, temporary tattoos, mystery toys, and of course, the teachings for the kids to learn how to code.

See the BitsBox Reviews to know more!

Price: Each box costs $40 per month.

Deal: Get $25 off on any $50+ order! Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2020.

14. Doodle Crate by KiwiCo

I mean it’s my favorite. – B

What you get: Doodle Crate includes all the materials for DIY projects that encourage kids ages 9+ to tackle new challenges and gain creative confidence! Step-by-step procedures are also provided in an Instruction Book, as well as access to online tutorials that share more useful tips and tricks for your project. Past crates have featured painting projects, handmade journals, mosaic making, and more!

Visit the Doodle Crate by KiwiCo Reviews to learn more!

Price: Boxes start at $19.95 per month.


  • Save 50% on your first month! Use coupon code HOLIDAY50.
  • Save 40% on your first month! Use this link to get the deal.
  • Save 10% off on Kiwico shop purchases! Use coupon code HAPPY10.

15. Black Girl MATHgic - Hidden Gem!

What you get: Black Girl MATHgic aims to increase math confidence and decrease math anxiety in girls on a 3rd-8th grade math level. Your daughter or the girl recipient you chose will receive a box containing real-world math lessons and activities, fun educational items, a math affirmation, profile of a black woman mathematician + more! The best thing is you get to bond with your girl while helping her strengthen the math skills she needs to succeed in class today and society tomorrow.

Price: Each box costs $39.95 per month.

16. stickii

I was not sure about this box but we love that we get to choose which sticker box each month based on the peeks. – Knittinganet

What you get: Stickii sends the world’s cutest stickers to your mailbox every month! Each pack usually has 6 sticker sheets, 1 bag of sticker flakes, and at least two stationery items. Subscribers can also choose from the 3 different styles: Cute, Retro, and Pop.

See the Stickii Reviews for more details!

Price: The subscription costs $10 per month.

17. SCOUTbox - Hidden Gem!

What you get: You get a box specifically designed for scouts, by scouts! Each SCOUTbox includes outdoor gear, accessories, educational materials, swag, and other exciting stuff, delivered right to your door each month. These outdoor tools and accessories are curated around a theme, to make you feel excited to go out there and create wonderful experiences!

Check out the SCOUTbox Reviews page to know more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $40 per month.

Deal: Get $8.88 off your first subscription box! Use coupon code HELLO888.

18. Brick Loot

It has legos and my child sniffs it out like a dog sniffing out a BarkBox – T

What you get: Brick Loot is for kids who love to build and for those who are Lego fans! Every month, the themed box contains 4-8 items handpicked by Brick specialists. It includes LEGO-compatible items, bricks, brick building accessories, custom mini-fig, custom builds, and other customization products that the kids will surely enjoy.

Read the Brick Loot Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Boxes start at $27 per month.


  • Get 18% off on your subscription! Use coupon code LOOT18.
  • Get 15% off on your subscription! Use coupon code Hello15.

19. Hello Kitty and Friends

It has sweet little Sanrio characters and some of the things are really useful like the scarf and some of them are just cute to have in your room like the nesting dolls. – Faye

What you get: Hello Kitty and Friends sends a bi-monthly, mystery subscription celebrating all the unique, kawaii Sanrio characters you know and love! Every crate includes exclusive collectibles, apparel, accessories, and more. You even get to experience being serviced by a team that works directly with Sanrio to brainstorm and create exclusive collectibles, apparel, figures and more that you can’t find anywhere else!

Visit the Hello Kitty and Friends Reviews page for more information!

Price: Boxes start at $39.99 every other month.

Deal: Save 15% on your subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION15.

20. MyEduCrate - Hidden Gem!

Has activities too. – Lisa Williams

What you get: MyEduCrate is a fun subscription that helps motivate and engage your child’s growing mind! Each box has a different theme, and may include learning challenges, hands-on learning materials, non-fiction readers, and teacher-selected resources. Number of items vary depending on the month’s theme.

Check out the MyEduCrate Reviews page to know more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $37.95 per month.

Deal: Save 10%! Use coupon code LEARN2016.

21. Fashion Angels Find Your Wings Subscription Box

This is sooooo cute omg! I like all the little girly products and crafts! – Anon

What you get: Every Fashion Angels Find Your Wings Subscription Box is jampacked with pretty things to obsess with! It includes 10-12 items, including craft activities that teach a lifelong skill, bath and beauty products that promote a positive self-image, plus fashion accessories that are totally on-trend. The promised retail value is $70+!

See the Fashion Angels Find Your Wings Subscription Box Reviews page for more details!

Price: The box $22 costs per month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first order! Use coupon code HELLO10.

That’s everything in the Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2020! Which are you going to try?

For even more subscription suggestions, make sure to check out all the readers’ choices for the best subscription boxes in every category!

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