Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair With The 10 Best Razor & Shaving Subscriptions in 2024

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Achieving a smooth, nick-free shave is what everyone desires. To achieve this, you need to have the right products, such as the right handle, blade, aloe strips, moisturizers, and more. While you can easily find these products at your local store, there is a more convenient way to stock up on them without leaving the comfort of your home: shaving subscriptions.

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Thanks to razor and shaving subscription services, it’s never been easier to access top-quality shaving products. With just a few clicks, you can order a complete starter kit that includes everything you need to keep unwanted hair at bay – from the handle to the blades and gentle skincare products. Many subscription services offer recurring deliveries of cartridge refills tailored to your specific shaving needs and preferences. And with the option to customize your plan, you can ensure that you always have the right products on hand for a close, comfortable shave.

Our list features the best razor and shaving subscriptions that every woman can turn to for a hassle-free shaving experience. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for the perfect products or running out of blades when you need them the most. With these subscription services, you’ll always have access to high-quality razors and other shaving essentials!

The Best Razor and Shaving Subscription Boxes for Women!

1. Ipsy Refreshments

Best Subscription For Personal Care Needs

Image from: Ipsy Refreshments

Easy shaving is what Ipsy Refreshments offers! This subscription is specifically designed by Ipsy creators to give the gift of hygiene and hassle-free shaving to everyone. Each box contains high-quality personal care products, including a luxe 5-blade razor! It has a reusable handle with fun colors, so no more plastic razor waste. Plus, you’re in control of every shipment – add, remove, or skip products. Everything is clean and sustainable, making you and the environment feel great side by side. It’s their sparkling clean promise!

2. Nood

Best Shaving Alternative

Image from: Nood

Nood is the perfect razor alternative! This hair-removal device works deep down to permanently get rid of unwanted hair without irritating the skin, whether on your arms, underarms, legs, or wherever hair grows. It is sleekly designed for ease of use and storage too! This IPL device is painless and effective, and you’ll see results after 2-3 weeks. No more razors or expensive laser hair removal treatments! With this innovative product, you’ll get an effective hair removal solution comfortably at home while leaving your skin so soft with paired Reviver (Aloe Vera & Azulene Gel that soothes and protect the skin after treatment) and Revealer (daily exfoliating cleanser)!

3. Athena Club

Best Subscription Box To Take Care Of Your Body

Image from: Athena Club

Athena Club has everything you need to treat your body right. From skin treatments to organic tampons to razor kits, they have it all for you, so take your pick! Their products are made with the most natural and sustainable ingredients, so you’re sure they’re safe to use. Plus, they’re affordable, and they actually work! For saying hello to smoother skin, there’s The Razor Kit with your fave razor, available in 6 colors – Coral, Sky Blue, Midnight, Rose, Glacier White, and Onyx. It also comes with 2 five-blade cartridges and 1 magnetic hook for easy storage. You also have the option to choose your delivery frequency and add-on products like shave foam, body wash, and body lotion upon check out. So grab one kit and have the best shave ever!

Deal: Get your first Razor Kit for just $10! Use this link to get the deal.

4. Billie

Best Subscription With Top Of The Line Shaving Products

Image from: our review

With Billie, you can shrug off the fuzz as they only send out high-quality items. From shaving supplies to body products, they have the best ones you can fill your top shelf with! To remove unwanted hair, one should get a Razor Starter Kit. It comes with an ergonomic matte handle, charcoal shave soap, and two nickel-free blade refills. Their razor comes with a magic holder that you can stick on your bathroom wall for easy access whenever you need it, plus it comes in cute colors too! You can also set and choose the frequency of your razor refill deliveries, so you’ll never worry about when to get one.

5. OUI the People

Best Subscription To Achieve A Bikini-Ready Look

Image from: OUI the People

OUI the People has a commitment to changing the language of beauty, so they send out effective, thoughtful, and amazing products to make you feel good about yourself, just as you are. They have a fantastic selection of body care sets that are good for sensitive skin, including a single-blade razor for the smoothest shave ever! Their single-blade razor is made from stainless steel or brass, known to be durable and sustainable, so cheers for more no hair-pulling and razor burn shaving!

6. Flamingo

Best Subscription To Keep Unwanted Hairs Out Of The Picture

Image from: our review

Whether shaving or waxing, Flamingo has it all covered for you! They offer razors that have ergonomic, award-winning designs that undoubtedly do the perfect shave, plus they also have other hair removal kits depending on your needs. Aside from 1 razor handle, 2 blade cartridges, and a shower hook, their shaving set also comes with a toxin-free, vitamin-enriched shaving gel and 1 body lotion that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated after every shaving session! On top of it, they also donate 1% of sales to support nonprofit organizations to empower every woman and help build a better relationship with themselves.

7. Dollar Shave Club

Best Subscription To Get That Seamless Shave

Image from: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club makes shaving easier to do by providing the best razors out there. Their only goal is to provide anyone with quality products to make them look and feel good. Their efficient starter set includes a handle and razor blades together with the trial-sized version of shaving products to care for your skin even after shaving! The succeeding box comes with razor refills so every woman can shave without having to deal with dull blades again. There’s also a quiz upon signing up so they can learn more about how you shave. You can set up a box and customize it to fit your needs!

Deal: Get your first Starter Set for FREE! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Just pay the shipping of $5.

8. Gillette Venus

Best Razor Subscription To Get A Close Shave & Silky Finish

Image from: Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus gives you the right products to use for your shaving journey! Get the Venus Starter Kit, which includes the best-selling mint handle, an extra smooth five-bladed refill, a shower hook, and travel-size satin care ultra-sensitive shave gel. Shave your way as you’ll also receive recurring deliveries of fresh blades to take unwanted hairs down, depending on how often you shave — every month, every two months, or every three months. The terms are flexible, and you can modify or cancel your subscription anytime!

9. Harry's

Best Razor Subscription For A Quality Shave That Both Men & Women Desire

Image from: Harry's

Although it’s a razor and shaving brand for men, Harry’s is also loved by women! Their shaving tools and products are thoughtfully crafted using carefully sourced materials and ingredients to provide the best shaving experience. There are three shave sets to choose from — Truman, Winston, and Craft, each comes with an ergonomic handle and recurring delivery of refills in your chosen frequency. You can also try their Starter Set, which you can customize based on your needs. Also, one great thing about this subscription is they donate a percentage of their sales every year to non-profit organizations that provide mental health care services to men in need, so that’s all the more reason for us to love it!

10. All Girl Shave Club

Best Shaving Subscription That Provides A Smooth Result

Image from: All Girl Shave Club

For that flawless, hair-free look, All Girl Shave Club is your best friend! This club offers high-quality, premium razors without shelling out big bucks. Instead, it will give you a smooth and close-shave experience that’s great and gentle even for those who have sensitive skin. Join the club and receive your Starter Kit, complete with a rose gold handle, a 4-pack of 6-blade diamond-coated razor refills, a safety cover, and a cute shave tote for easy storage. You can also customize your plan depending on your shaving needs. And to make it more fun shaving, you can add whipped shave butter or more discovery products for an additional cost.

And that’s all for our list of the best razor and shaving subscription boxes for women! Did you find the perfect subscription to help you get rid of unwanted hair?

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