The Best Wine Clubs & Subscriptions for 2019

For wine enthusiasts and casual wine drinkers alike, one of the easiest ways to get the best wines to try is through these wine clubs and subscriptions. These are high-quality wines that you can enjoy without having to deal with wine snobs or wasting time at the liquor store, and some subscriptions even come with tasting notes and other accompaniments that will make your wine tasting a great experience.

To end your quest for the perfect wine subscription that matches your taste, we’ve gathered some of the best wine subscriptions in one list. Scroll down and take a pick! In case you want more, you can check out our full list of wine subscription boxes too!

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1. Cellars Wine Club

Why we love it: Cellars Wine Club offers an option for every wine preference and for any occasion! They have single-bottle subscriptions for beginners and even case clubs for those who want wines by bulk. Feel free to explore your options, choose a favorite, then enjoy the wine when it arrives at your door!

Price: Starts at $29 per shipment.

2. Winc

Why we love it: Winc sends unique wines based on your own palate profile! Upon signing up, they’ll give you a series of questions so they can customize your wine selections that will best suit your tastes. It’s also up to you how many reds and whites you want in your order. To get better recommendations, all you have to do is to rate the wines on your account.

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Price: A monthly order starts at 3 bottles a month for $39, plus shipping and tax. If you order 4 or more bottles, shipping is free. Bottles start at $13 a piece, and you can add as many additional bottles as you’d like to your monthly shipment.

Deal: Save $20 on your first box. Use this link to get the deal.

3. Blue Apron Wine

Why we love it: Love trying new wines as much as you love great food? Blue Apron Wine might just be the one you’re looking for. This subscription is from the same company as Blue Apron Meal Delivery Kit! Although the wine subscription is separate from the meal subscription, it’s designed to complement it. Each box contains 6 bottles of wines, plus tasting notes and recommendations. What a great opportunity to amp up your dining experience with perfectly matched wines!

See Blue Apron Wine Reviews for more information!

Price: It’s $65.99/month, including shipping and tax.

4. Vine Oh!

Why we love it: Vine Oh! is a wine and lifestyle subscription in one! It ships quarterly, with 2 bottles of wine and an assortment of cute and functional items for women. Whether you receive only reds, only whites, or a mix of both is totally up to you. Meanwhile, the lifestyle items can range from anything like accessories to homeware and sometimes they even include makeup and relaxing products. It’s the subscription to try so you’ll always have an excuse for an all-girls wine night!

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Price: Boxes are $59.99 per quarter.

Deal: Save $10 Off + An Extra Bottle of Wine with your first box! Use coupon code HELLOWINE.


Why we love it: The most exceptional wines from high-end wine boutiques across Europe is easily accessible through VINEBOX! This quarterly wine subscription delivers 9 of the current season’s best wines, by the glass. It’s the ideal “taste test” wine subscription, so you can try and try until you find a favorite and until you want to buy a bottle. It’s also an opportunity to learn about the regions, grapes, and winemakers in Europe, as well as the best pairs for your wine!

Check out the VINEBOX Reviews page to discover more!

Price: Starts at $72 per quarter.

6. Hello Fresh Wine

Why we love it: Great wines and delicious food doesn’t have to be hard to come by, that’s why there’s Hello Fresh Wine to complement Hello Fresh Meals! Hello Fresh’s meal and wine subscriptions are separate but are still convenient options as they match each meal to each wine category: bold, rich, bubbly, light, earthy, fruity, and easy. Each box contains six bottles of wines, and subscribers can also choose if they want to receive only reds, whites, or a mix of both!

Find out more by visiting the Hello Fresh Wine Reviews page!

Price: Each month costs $89 including shipping fees.

Deal: Save 50% on your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. Bright Cellars

Why we love it: You can count on Bright Cellars if you want the “hidden gems,” or those unique wines from small vineyards across the globe. So far, they’ve featured wines from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America, and all were fantastic. Upon sign up, you will fill out a wine quiz so they can customize your box. Each shipment includes 4 bottles of wines.

Visit the Bright Cellars Reviews page for more information!

Price: Subscriptions start at $80 per month.

Deal: Get 50% off your first shipment! A $30 value! Use this link to get the deal.

8. California Wine Club

Why we love it: Fan of artisan wines? It’s easy to get your monthly fix from California Wine Club! They send at least 2 bottles of wine from the month’s featured winery, together with the latest issue of Uncorked Magazine which contains fun and informative features about wines and wine tasting. They also have 5 Wine Club levels, namely Premier Series, Signature Series, International Series, Aged Cabernet Series, and Pacific Northwest Series.

See California Wine Club Reviews for details!

Price: Memberships start at $40.45.

9. Gold Medal Wine Club

Why we love it: Gold Medal Wine Club is all about award-winning and highly-rated wine. They’re already in the business for 25+ years, so they really do know their wines. Currently, the offer 6 wine clubs for various budgets and wine preferences. Each shipment contains 2-3 bottles of wine and you can have it monthly or quarterly depending on which club you select.

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Price: Prices range from $39 per month for the Gold Wine Club to $179 per quarter for the subscriber-limited Diamond Club.

10. International Wine Club of the Month

Why we love it: International Wine Club of the Month is a wine subscription that delivers two wines each month, either two reds, two whites, or one of each. When you sign up, you have a choice of three levels of wine: Premier Series, Masters Series or Collectors Series. Every bottle of wine in the box is chosen by a huge panel of wine enthusiasts and expert wine tasters, to ensure that the wines you’ll be getting will surely capture your taste buds! Your first shipment will include not only your wine and cellar notes, but also various welcome letters that explain what the club is and how it works.

Check out International Wine Club of the Month Reviews for more information!

Price: Membership starts at $47.95 per month.


  • Get FREE Wine Bags with International Wine Club of the month membership purchase! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Save $25 on your first 12 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE25.
  • Save $15 on your first 6 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE15.
  • Save $10 on your first 4 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE10.

11. Martha Stewart Wine

Why we love it: Who doesn’t want wines hand-picked by Martha Stewart? Club members can get six or twelve-bottle selections every six or eight weeks. Each box also contains Martha’s exclusive serving, pairing, and entertaining suggestions. New members will receive an Introductory Shipment, a selection curated to introduce you to their cellar.

Price: $8.33 per bottle, or less if you’re ordering more!

12. Nocking Point Founders Club

Why we love it: Nocking Point Founders Club is a quarterly wine subscription that delivers 3 bottles of premium, craft wines in which one of the bottles is being curated by a special guest celebrity tastemaker. Each box also includes a delectable bag of custom roasted coffee and an exclusive t-shirt!

Price: The Monthly Wine Club is $49, and the Quarterly Wine Club is $99.

Deal: Save $20 off your first order! Use coupon code NP20.

13. Uncorked Box

Why we love it: There’s no wine in Uncorked Box, but you’ll surely love it because it contains wine-themed and wine-related items that you can actually use. This subscription ships quarterly, and there will be 4-7 different items in each box. Also, it won’t be limited to wine stoppers, napkins, and coasters. Expect anything from lifestyle items to yummy snacks you can pair with your wines!

Find out more by reading Uncorked Box Reviews!

Price: Each quarterly box is $45, or less with longer subscription plans.

14. Firstleaf

Why we love it: Firstleaf Wine Club gets to know their members through a short quiz upon sign up, and sends them the wine that best matches their preferences. The first shipment will be an introductory pack containing 6 bottles of wine. The more you rate wines after you receive your box, the more likely you are to receive wines you like in the future!

Visit the Firstleaf Reviews page to know more!

Price: The introductory order with 6 bottles of wine is priced at $39.95 + tax and has free shipping, while future boxes will contain 6 bottles for $79.98 + $9.95 shipping and tax.

Deal: Get your first 3 wines for only $5 each, plus $4.95 shipping! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

15. Wine Awesomeness

Why we love it: Wine Awesomeness is basically everything you need if you love discovering and learning about wine. They offer a 3-bottle membership and a 6-bottle membership, with exclusive perks like deals on wines and wine accessories and a copy of thebacklabel magazine with tasting notes, recipe pairings, and more.

See the Wine Awesomeness Reviews page for more details!

Price: A 3-bottle membership is $49, while a 6-bottle membership is $79.

Deal: Get $15 off your first month! Use this link to get the deal.

16. The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club

Why we love it: The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club is one of the oldest wine clubs around. They offer 11 types of memberships, so there is a lot to choose from! You can expect wines from all over the globe, including Italy, Germany, California, Argentina, New Zealand, and Chile. Some of the memberships send only 2 bottles per shipment, while others send as much as 12 bottles!

Price: Memberships start at $24.96.


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  • Receive a FREE Gift with the purchase of ANY Wine Club Membership. Use this link to get the deal.

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