Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes – 2020 Award Winners

Pairing clothes, whether for work or play, with various types of jewelry is always fun and exciting! From artisan-made accessories to high-end bijouterie, there are lots of subscriptions that deliver jewelry to help you jazz up your looks. Some of them even consider your particular style preferences to give you the kind of jewelry that fits you the most.

Still looking for the perfect jewelry subscription for you? We rounded up the best jewelry subscriptions, by asking our readers to vote for their favorites! Below are all the jewelry subscription boxes that made it to the cut!

The Top Subscriptions Our Readers Recommend Most for Jewelry!

1. Rocks Box

After the initial parade of statement necklaces from the early days of subscription boxes, I find that I love just swapping my jewelry out and not having jewelry overload. I need to wear the latest things, but I don’t need to own them. I buy pieces from my box about 3-4 times a year! – Adriana

What you get: Jewelry adds flair to one’s style, whenever there’s an occasion or just an ordinary day. With Rocksbox, there’s no need to break the bank because you’ll be able to try a wide variety of jewelry with their affordable rental service. They will send you 3 gorgeous pieces to try out every month, wear the jewelry as much as you’d like, and return them whenever you’re ready for the next batch. They also have a wishlist where you can easily update to get the styles that you like to try!

Check out the Rocksbox Reviews page to find out more!

Price: Subscription costs $21 per month.

Deal: Get your first month free! Use coupon code mommysplurgexoxo.

2. Glamour Jewelry Box

Super pretty, keeps my wardrobe interesting for a low price. – Amanda L.

What you get: Glamour Jewelry Box keeps your accessorizing game on point by sending 3 trendy boutique pieces monthly. This may include necklaces, rings, bracelets, or earrings. The best thing is that they’re all for you to keep! Promised retail value of each box is $75+!

Read Glamour Box Jewelry Reviews for more details!

Price: Boxes start at $29.95.


  • Get $5 off your first order, including the month to month option or the 3-month option! Use coupon code HELLO5.
  • Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code CJ10.

3. Emma & Chloe

Beautiful jewelry but customer service needs some work. – For the love of boxes!

Admittedly uneven on shipping, but I like their jewelry the best!!! – Adriana

What you get: If you love French-designed jewelry, which is known for being elegant and sophisticated, there’s Emma & Chloe for you! Each month, they send a new piece that is valued more than the price you need to pay for the whole box. You can also find amazing and fabulous pieces on their website, and there are discounts for members as well!

Visit the Emma & Chloe Reviews page and see past box contents!

Price: Each month, the subscription will cost you $35.


  • Get your first box for only $10 (Up to $200 Value)! Use coupon code HELLOSUB.
  • Save $10 on your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

4. Pura Vida Jewelry Club

I really think this is a step up from the bracelets box – still has the beachy look but wearable every day! – Cynthia V

What you get: Pura Vida Jewelry Club is for artisanal jewelry collectors and lovers! Their exclusive collections include earrings, necklaces, rings, and more. For each package, there are at least 2 exclusive jewelry items with up to $60 in retail value. Expect a lot of on-trend pieces and other unique jewelry from this subscription!

Check out the Pura Vida Jewelry Club Reviews page to learn more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $19.95 monthly.


  • Get one month FREE with a 6-month subscription and three months FREE with an annual subscription! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Save 10% on anything in the shop. Use coupon code PVSAVE10. Subscription not included.

5. Switch

I think this box helps me keep my jewelry game on point. Otherwise… I probably wouldn’t wear any…. -Linda

What you get: Switch is a rental service that allows you to try luxury designer jewelry in the comforts of your own home, and without breaking the bank! Once you’re a member, you can wear the pieces for as long as you want and send them back when you’re ready. When you find a special piece that you can’t let go, you can also purchase it at a special member price. Also, for each month you’re a member, you earn $10 of purchase credit!

Take a peek at the Switch Reviews page to know more!

Price: The subscription is $29 per month.

Deal: Get half off your first month on any plan. Use coupon code HELLOHALF.

6. POPSUGAR Must Have Box

Luxury items I would never buy for myself. – Sarah

What you get: POPSUGAR is a lifestyle box that sends a lot of wonderful stuff like beauty products, homeware, and fashion items. Past boxes have included fun and unique jewelry pieces. If you want an assortment of useful products along with your highly-coveted accessories, this is a great subscription box to try!

See the POPSUGAR Must Have Box Reviews for details!

Price: Boxes start at $75 per season.

Deal: Save $20 on your first box! Use coupon code MSA20.

7. Pura Vida Bracelet Club

This box is so fun for teens and they have a good mission too with their fair trade items – Lori

What You Get: Pura Vida Bracelets Club sends us trendy and fun bracelets each month! You’ll receive an exclusive collection of artisanal jewelry, so you don’t have a reason not to glam up every time! Shipping is also FREE on U.S. orders! 

Read the Pura Vida Bracelets Club Reviews page for more!

Price: The box costs $19.95 per month plus FREE shipping.


  • Get one month FREE with a 6-month subscription and three months FREE with an annual subscription! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Save 10% on anything in the shop. Use coupon code PVSAVE10. Subscription not included.

8. Jewlybox

What you get: With a promised retail value of over $200 in each box, Jewlybox sends members 3 exclusive branded pieces of jewelry every other month in either gold or silver. They promise that the pieces are all nickel-free, ideal for everyday use, and won’t tarnish! They also offer a free trial, where you get a free jewelry sample by just paying $6.95 shipping.

Price: Membership fee is $49.99.

9. Cate & Chloe VIP

What you get: You can get the pieces you like as Cate & Chloe VIP box is customizable, plus they also include extra goodies that will definitely make you smile. You can take their VIP Style Quiz to get the pieces that you like or tailored to your style!

Here’s the Cate & Chloe VIP Reviews page where you can find more details!

Price: Subscription prices start at $19.99 per month, and you can save more with extended subscription.

10. Penny + Grace

I like how sweet it is! – Emma

What you get: Penny + Grace is known for its beautiful, gold-dipped jewelry pieces that you can wear every day. They can be paired, mixed, matched, and layered with other pieces in your collection, and they’ll still look gorgeous and trendy! You can choose from dipped 18k Gold, Silver, or 18k Rose Gold options, but you can easily change your options any time throughout the life of your subscription. Another option is that you can select a surprise metal and go for no earrings!

Learn more by visiting the Penny + Grace Reviews page!

Price: Subscription costs $19.99 per month.

11. One Happy Leaf - Hidden Gem!

Sustainable jewelry, super cute, and they plant trees!!! – Becki

What you get: One Happy Leaf is all about eco-friendly jewelry! It’s great for any nature lover or anyone looking for an alternative to mainstream accessories. Subscribers can select the style of jewelry pieces they would like to receive. The promised total retail value of each box is between $50-$80. The gift box may include either a single piece or multiple pieces – necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, hairpins or rings!

Price: A bi-monthly subscription starts at $49, with discounts for longer subscription plans.

That’s your list for 2020’s Best Jewelry Subscription Boxes! Which is your style?

Want more? Make sure to check out all the readers’ choices for the best subscription boxes in every category!

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