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Best Kids Subscription Boxes For 2021

Subscription boxes are not limited to grown-ups. There are subscriptions that cater specifically to kids’ wants and needs too! Popular subscriptions for kids include educational subscriptions and activity subscriptions, which provide children with age-appropriate supplemental materials and fun activities so they can learn something new even when outside the classroom. There are also toy subscriptions and clothing subscriptions which are convenient options if parents or grandparents don’t have time to shop! To help you find kid-friendly subscriptions you can try, we’ve listed some of the best kids subscription boxes for 2021. For even more options, you can also view the complete kids’ subscription box list!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids!

1. Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo

What you get: Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo is a kid’s craft and activity subscription box that comes with everything you will need to finish a project that you can use for playtime. The contents are intended for 5 to 8-year-old kids. Sometimes, projects require parental assistance, which also makes it a great box for a parent-kid bonding activity. Aside from all necessary supplies for the featured activities, each crate also includes an issue of explore! magazine.

Check out the Kiwi Crate Reviews page to know more!

Price: Each box costs $19.95 monthly.

Deal: Save 40% on your first month! Use this link to get the deal.

2. Cubscription Box by Build-A-Bear

What you get: Cubscription Box by Build-A-Bear is a subscription box service that delivers a new furry friend every season. On each shipment, you will get 6 to 8 custom-made, exclusive Build-A-Bear items that you can’t get in stores or anywhere else. Also, the box includes a new stuffed animal, complete with clothing and accessories for both you and your furry friend! It’s a nice gift to send anybody who loves cuddly furry friends too! As of Summer 2020, this box will be gender neutral.

Find out more by visiting the Cubscription Box by Build-A-Bear reviews page!

Price: You can get the box for $29.99 per quarter, plus shipping and handling fee.

Deal: Get a FREE box filled with exclusive birthday Build-A-Bear goodies when you subscribe to an annual plan! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

3. MEL Science Kids

What you get: You can get two MEL Science boxes: First is ideal for kids aged 5-10, MEL Science Kids sends science experiments and hands-on projects to help expand your child’s horizons. Some of the topics they have currently covered are Pressure, Sound, Aerodynamics, and Reactive Motion, and they’re coming up with even more. Boxes also include educational comics and a unique piece of a story that kids can collect. Subscribers are also encouraged to download their own AR app, which can accompany kids in learning about science! And there’s the MEL Chemistry set that includes 2-3 experiments and contains the equipment you’ll need to conduct the experiments: enough chemical reagents for at least 2 attempts, additional components, and visual step-by-step instructions.

Price: Each monthly box is $24.90.

Deal: Get 25% off your first month! Use coupon code HELLO25.

4. We Craft Box

What You Get: Bond and create fun quality time with your kids through We Craft Box. Each box of this cool craft sub for kids comes with a themed story to inspire the kids, and crafts with multiple blanks, so that even parents and siblings can join the fun. All materials are included in the box, except for scissors. Have fun creating magical moments in the comfort of your homes.

View the We Craft Box reviews page to find out more!

Price: Box cost starts $29.99 per month and includes free shipping or less with longer plans

Deal: Get $5 off on your first box! Use coupon code HELLO5.

5. Stitch Fix Kids

What you get: Stitch Fix Kids takes out the hassle from shopping for kids clothes by sending stylist chosen pieces straight to your door. Catering to sizes 2T to 14, each box contains 8 to 12 items with retail price ranging from $10 to $35. Subscribers will be asked to share some styling preferences first when you sign up for this box so that the items included will be curated accordingly. If there are clothes that don’t fit your kid, you can always return them by the return envelope included in the box. If you do decide to keep all of the items, you will get 25% off on the whole box.

Read Stitch Fix Kids Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Styling fee is $20 for each box.

6. Green Kid Crafts

What you get:  Each Green Kid Crafts box is packed with up to 6 unique and engaging STEAM kits designed to foster a child’s creativity while helping to raise the nation’s next generation of creative leaders. Junior Boxes are perfect for kids ages 2-4; Discovery Boxes are sent to kids 5-10+. Each box includes a 12-page STEAM activity magazine and achievement badges. Sibling and book add-on options available.

Check out the Green Kid Crafts Reviews page to know more!

Price: Junior Discovery Box and Discovery Box Subscription starts at $24.95 per month. While Sibling Box Subscription starts at $44.95.

Deal: Save 50% on your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUB50.

7. Panda Pals

What you get: Combining play and learning, Panda Pals sends two pairs of socks and activity sheets in every package. The items come in a pouch instead of a box, and it usually features cute drawings. They even include some bonus items to make things more exciting for the kids, like stickers and small toys!

Check out the Panda Pals Reviews page for more details!

Price: Subscriptions start at $15 per month.

Deal: Save 10% off a new subscription! Use coupon code PANDA10.

8. Kidpik

What you get: Designed for girls, (Kidpik is introducing their boys’ line Summer 2020). Kidpik curates clothing items based on your kid’s detailed style profile which covers preferred styles, colors, types of clothing, length of outfits, and complete sizing information. It can now be purchased once a season, twice a season or monthly. Each box will be sent at no cost and you’ll only be charged once you pick the items you want to keep. There’s also no return shipping fee to send items back, so you can ultimately decide which items are to keep! Also, a 30% discount will automatically apply at checkout when you keep the entire box! Kidpik is introducing their boys’ line Summer 2020.

Visit the Kidpik Reviews page for more details!

Price: There’s no styling fee, and the entire box is on average $85, each item will cost $12.50 if you decide to keep everything.

Deal: Save 50% on your first box when you keep it all! Use coupon code BEWELL50. Plus, FREE Shipping!

9. Little Passports World Edition

What you get: Learning about different countries through fun activities is what Little Passports World Edition is all about. This box is designed for 6-10 years old kids, and they will learn about the geography and culture of the world as the box delivers fun activities and items that the kids can also play with.

See the Little Passports World Edition Reviews page for past box contents!

Price: The box costs $18.95 per month.

Deal: Get ONE month FREE on any 6+ month subscription! Use coupon code FIRSTMONTH.

10. Bookroo

What you get: Bookroo helps you nurture your kid’s love for reading at a young age. They offer board books for kids ages 0-3 and picture books for ages 2-6+. For older kids, they’ve also added Bookroo Jr. to the lineup. What’s great about this subscription is that the retail value of the books you receive will always be above the subscription cost!

Check out the Bookroo Reviews for more information!

Price: Monthly boxes start at $19.95 per month.

Deal: Get 15% off on any subscription! Use coupon code HELLOBOOKROO. Gift Subscription not included. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

11. Brick Loot

What you get: Brick Loot is for kids who love to build and for those who are Lego fans! Every month, the themed box contains 4-8 items handpicked by Brick specialists. It includes LEGO-compatible items, bricks, brick building accessories, custom mini-fig, custom builds, and other customization products that the kids will surely enjoy.

Read the Brick Loot reviews to know more about this subscription!

Price: Boxes start at $27 per month.

Deal: Get 15% off on your subscription! Use coupon code Hello15.

12. Girls Can! Crate

What you get: Empowering and inspirational, Girls Can! Crate promotes that girls can do whatever they set their minds to, and each month, the box features a different female pioneer whose story inspires girls to achieve. You can get an activity book, 2-3 STEAM activities and creative play props each month.

Learn more by visiting the Girls Can! Crate Reviews page!

Price: Crates for a single child starts at $27.95 while Crates for multiple children starts at $36.95 with up to $60 savings for long plans!

Deal: Get 15% off your first crate in any subscription. Use coupon code HELLO15.

13. OwlCrate Jr.

What you get: For kids who love reading, Owl Crate Jr. is the way to go! This subscription caters to young readers, specifically kids aged 8-12 years. It contains a middle-grade book, plus fun and gender-neutral bookish items designed to enhance the kids’ reading experience!

Check out the Owlcrate Jr. Reviews page to know more!

Price: The box costs $27.99 per month.

Deal: Save 15% off your first subscription! Use coupon code HELLO15.

14. Kids BookCase Club

What you get: It’s a book subscription for children of all ages, so no matter how old your kids are, there’s a book for them from this box! Each month, Kids Bookcase Club sends out handpicked books that the kids, and even the adults, will love. You can customize the subscription depending on your kid’s gender and age range too. Available categories are newborn to 2 years old, 2 to 4 years old, 5 to 6 years old, 7 to 8 years old, and pre-teen.

See the Kids Bookcase Club Reviews page to know more!

Price: Boxes start at $9.99 each month.


  • Save 50% on your first month! Use coupon code HELLOSUB501M.
  • Get 10% off your entire order! Use coupon code HELLOSUB10.

15. Bitsbox

What you get: BitsBox is what every techie kid needs! It’s a subscription that aims to helps them code their own apps. Subscribers can choose between a monthly digital subscription or an entire physical subscription. If you opt for a physical subscription, your box will include an entire activity book, app trading cards, repositionable stickers, temporary tattoos, mystery toys, and of course, the teachings for the kids to learn how to code.

Read BitsBox Reviews for more information!

Price: Each box costs $40 per month

16. Sensory TheraPLAY Box

What you get: For young kids aged 4-9, this box delivers sensory toys curated by a pediatric occupational therapist. Sensory TheraPLAY Box is suited for children with autism, those with sensory processing disorders, and those who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and behavioral issues. The box sends out fun toys, so any kid will actually love this, although there are items that are sensory-specific!

Learn more by visiting the Sensory TheraPLAY Box reviews page!

Price: Each box costs $39.95 per month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code WELCOME.

17. Epic! Books

What you get: Epic! Books provides kids with unlimited, fresh, and new titles that have the potential to become their new favorite books. The Epic recommendation engine generates book suggestions based on your child’s age and interests, plus offers badges for reading motivation!

Visit our   for similar boxes!

Price: The subscription costs $7.99 per month.

Deal: First month free! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

18. Cooper & Kid

What you get: Dads and kids can have great bonding moments through Cooper & Kid! Each package contains 6-9 different themed activities, and the box itself is involved in it. They also give you access to a web portal that features some “Beyond the Box” link to additional articles and activities to add to what’s in the kit!

Check out Cooper & Kid Reviews to find out more about this subscription!

Price: Subscriptions start at $65 per quarter, or less for longer subscription plans.

19. Gramma in a Box

What you get: Edible crafts? Gramma in a Box is the subscription for that! This subscription sends cookies, frosting, and sprinkles you can use for easy candy crafts that can make at least 15-20 edible treats. It makes a perfect bonding activity for children and parents, plus gives you something to munch on after! Everything arrives fresh, and there are even instruction cards to guide you with every step!

See the Gramma in a Box Reviews page for more details!

Price: The box $20 costs per month, or less with longer subscription plans.

Deal: Get $5 off when you sign up for a 3 month or longer plan! Use coupon code 5off.

20. The JoJo Box

What you get: Jojo Siwa is a dancer, singer, actress and a Youtube personality, and this box is made especially for her fans! With a promised $60+ value, each box contains trendy apparel and accessories with Jojo’s own branding. Some of the past boxes have included Jojo Siwa figures, bracelet charms, pouches, and even wearables!

Find out more by visiting The JoJo Box Reviews page!

Price: The box costs $30 per quarter.

21. Amazon STEM Toy Club

What you get:  Amazon STEM Toy Club toys encourage children to learn through play, and that is what this box is all about. Toys are themed every month, from Natural Sciences to Robotics. If you want your kids to discover new toys and learn new things, this box is a must-try!

See the Amazon STEM Toy Club Reviews for details!

Price: Monthly boxes start at $19.99.

22. Sago Mini Box

What you get: Sago Mini Box sends fun and hands-on activities perfect for preschoolers at your door each month. This subscription lets your kids nurture their creativity, learn more about things around them, and have fun as well. Allow their imagination to take them into places. Each kit includes a Sago Mini collectible figurine and a set of kid-friendly activities revolving around a fun theme! This is an excellent way for parents to bond with their kids.

Visit our Sago Mini Box reviews to see past box contents.

Price: The box costs $19 plus shipping, Or save up to $48 when you subscribe annually.

Deal: Get your first box for $10! Use coupon code 10FIRSTBOX.

That’s everything in our Best Subscription Boxes for Kids! Which are you going to try?

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