Best Makeup Subscription Boxes – 2021 Award Winners

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Makeup makes a great way of expressing one’s personality and enhancing your features. But not all people have the courage to try on new things, so here come the makeup subscription boxes to the rescue! From drugstore to artisan to even high-end luxury products, these boxes will introduce you to the brands and products you didn’t even know existed – and make you love them too!

We asked our readers to vote for their favorite makeup subscription boxes, and here’s the list of the top picks chosen to be included in this year’s best makeup subscription boxes!

Top 17 Makeup Boxes – Your Choice!

Our readers voted on the best makeup subscription boxes, here are their selections:


Image from: our review

I love getting makeup picked for me in the mail, I rarely have to go to the beauty store anymore because they are so well rounded, and that saves me money! – Luci

So many high end products at a discounted price. I love we get varieties of products. – michelle03509

It’s all about the palettes and the full size goodies! How do they put so much in the box?!?!? – KellyK

Received some nice palettes! – Lisimoomoo

What You Get: Packed with up to 5 full-sized items each month, BOXYCHARM definitely gives a great value for your money! Each box is curated by their beauty experts, so you can be sure that you will get the hottest styles and shades. They also send out skincare, haircare, and nail care, sometimes even fragrances! So you get a complete package without paying the full price!

Check out past box contents by looking at BOXYCHARM Reviews!

Price: The monthly subscription costs $25 per month. They also offer 3, 6, and 12-month prepaid options for more savings.

Deal: Get a FREE Gift with Boxycharm - enter code on site! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

2. Ipsy

Image from: our review

This is THE entry subscription for anyone who wants to start their box journey with beauty products. – Karissa

Love the price and the variety. I also appreciate the deluxe sample sizes. I don’t go through a ton of makeup, so this feels less wasteful. – MaryA

My first ever subscription and I still consider it the gold standard for beauty boxes. I have discovered so many favorites from this box. The price point can’t be beat and I love the fact that I can choose one of my products and add extras if I want. – MaryA

What You Get: You can never go wrong with Ipsy subscription! It contains deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products that you’ll get for only a fraction of the price compared to buying them at retail. What’s great is that they also include a cute pouch each shipment to store your monthly loot!

Learn more by checking out the Ipsy Reviews!

p.s. If you’re surprised that Ipsy won the Makeup Category and Boxycharm won the Beauty Category, so were we! We verified this order multiple times and certainly expected the opposite result!

Price: The subscription costs $13 per month or less for longer subscription plans.

3. Birchbox

Image from: our review

I really like the ability to select my box! Since they raised the prices I think the value is really there and the brands are hot. Wearing my gold flake smith & cult polish right now! – Leny

Sooo many HG items from this box!!! – MikkiK [ed note – HG = “holy grail”!]

Nice trial size products so you can see what you like. – Mal1994

What You Get: Birchbox is a great discovery box that sends out 5 deluxe-sized samples of beauty products from makeup to skincare and even haircare! You can personalize what you’re getting by answering their beauty profiler. They also send in a full-sized product every once in a while, so it’s really too great of a deal to pass up!

To know more, visit the Birchbox Reviews!

Price: Each monthly box is $15, with minimal savings for a 6-month and 12-month plan.


  • See special savings on your subscription! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Save 15% off on $30+ Birchbox shop orders! Use coupon code FIRST15.

4. Look Fantastic Beauty Box

Image from: our review

What You Get: If you’re looking for something to cater to all your beauty needs, Look Fantastic Beauty Box is the subscription to go! Each box contains a curated collection of 6 beauty products, ranging from skincare, body care, cosmetics to tools that are worth over £50! This subscription is an introduction not only to leading beauty brands but to new and promising talent too! Get this box for even less on an annual subscription but still pay monthly, which is an amazing deal considering the high-end goodies!

Navigate through all our Look Fantastic Beauty Box Reviews to find out more details about this box!

Price: The subscription costs $19.00 per month. Free shipping to the UK & US. FYI – you can sign up for an annual subscription to drop the price but your payments will be drawn monthly!

Deal: Get your first box for $10 on a 3+ month subscription! Use coupon code TREATBB.

5. Ipsy Glambag X

Image from: Ipsy Glambag X

So we haven’t gotten this bag yet but I still think it will be the best makeup bag there is – Tansy

I have seen the spoilers and X is all about the makeup and I am here for it. – Hannah

Love that it’s quarterly and can’t wait to get it. It makes the premium goodies affordable without overload and I will get my monthly Glam bag in between drops – Lulu

What You Get: Wow ok, this box hasn’t officially launched yet, but Hello Subscription readers are so excited they voted it on the list! After seeing the spoilers for the first box, we can’t say we disagree!  Ipsy Glam Bag X is a limited edition, quarterly upgrade to your Ipsy membership – Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus. For every limited-edition Glam Bag X, you’ll receive 7-8 full-size products from the most-coveted brands, curated by a mega celeb! A featured curator of the month will hand-select 4-5 products for you, and you have the power to choose the remaining three for yourself. It’s like a full VIP pass on your fave brands, on-trend & hottest launches, and must-try beauty products!

See our Ipsy Glam Bag X reviews to find out more!

Price: Glam Bag X is available as a quarterly upgrade for Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus members for $55 per quarter (including the cost of the bag it replaces – an upcharge of $30 for Glam Bag Plus and $43 for Glam Bag).

6. FabFitFun

Image from: our review

Excellent variety of products and it’s so nice to be able to pick a few of the items as well as have surprises. – Mrs OB

Good selection of full-size product, many products are natural, cruelty- free and from women owned businesses – Statue86

I look forward to my FabFitFun box every season! I have tried so many products that I wouldn’t have tried. Also, a huge bonus is the products are full size! I also love shopping the edit sales and getting my favorite products up to 80% off. Definitely worth the subscription price. – Jessica W

What You Get: This VIP subscription sends out products that will help you feel good inside and out, and of course, that includes makeup! From luxurious palettes to makeup tools, you can use the choice process get something to help you create beautiful looks for all occasions. FabFitFun boxes are curated quarterly, and you’re also likely to get makeup products that match the current season’s trends!

See the FabFitFun Reviews for more information!

Deal: Take $10 off your first box. Use coupon code FAB10.

7. BOXYCHARM Premium

Image from: our review

It’s the best value full size products – Bamagirl

What You Get: BOXYCHARM Premium is an upgraded version of our favorite BOXYCHARM, so why wouldn’t we love it? We’re talking about 6 full-sized products in each box! Not only that, they are from great brands! Carefully selected items by their beauty experts make sure that you’re always in on the latest in the beauty world!

See all the past box contents on the BOXYCHARM Premium Reviews!

Price: The BoxyCharm Premium with 6-7 full-sized beauty products costs $39.99 per month.

8. Boxycharm Luxe

Image from: our review

Boxyluxe upgrade means that you are also subscribing to boxy, but you get the extra high end stuff once per quarter. I think this prevents overload. With both of these I can also regift because it’s all full size. – Vicky

What You Get: Boxycharm Luxe is an upgrade from the already awesome BOXYCHARM! It can be added to your existing subscription, and you’ll get a big box filled with makeup, beauty, and even lifestyle items quarterly in place of your Boxycharm Classic box. Every 3 months, you’ll experience additional products worth over $200 plus a few items from the regular box. In the months in between, you’ll still be getting the regular box as your monthly splurge!

Hop on over to the Boxycharm Luxe Reviews for more information!

Price: The box costs $59.99, where the quarterly upgrade is charged with an additional $34.99 (plus the regular price of $25) on your existing box once per quarter.

9. LiveGlam Lippie Club

Image from: our review

If liquid lippies are your jam this ones great. Even if I don’t like one of the shades I am still coming out ahead of my previous monthly habit of buying a pricier single lipstick!! – Sofia G

What You Get: Great for lipstick lovers, LiveGlam Lippie Club sends out 3 lip products that may range from liquid lipsticks to glosses and even lip scrubs! What’s great about this box is they let you trade, skip or cancel anytime – giving you the freedom to choose based on how you’re feeling that particular month.

To know more, check out LiveGlam Lippie Club Reviews.

Price: Subscription costs $19.99 per month, or less when you pay for more months.


  • Get to pick a FREE lippie with any subscription plan during the sign up process! Use this link to get the deal. You’ll also save $10 on a 6-month plan or get a free month with an annual subscription!
  • Save 10% with coupon code! Use coupon code HELLOBOXES.

10. Tribe Beauty Box - Hidden Gem!

Image from: Tribe Beauty Box

Tribe has trendier brands and it also trends younger than many of the other beauty subscriptions, so I think it’s the BEST!! – Cathy

What You Get: Tribe Beauty Box is a great box for any makeup enthusiast, this subscription sends 5 full-sized products bi-monthly, which may include picks from trendy, indie, and up-and-coming makeup and beauty brands. What’s great is that at least 2 of the items are from female-owned brands.

Price: Shipped every other month for $39.99.

Deal: Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLO.

11. Ipsy Glambag Plus

Image from: our review

Unlike the regular glam bag the plus has full sizes which is fantastic for actually using the items like a normal human being. The price and value are ridiculous. Best box. – JessicaE

I am pretty happy they brought the bag back for this sub! It’s bigger than the smaller Ipsy and is really usable. The skincare you get in this box is great. Because it’s full size you are really getting tons for your money. – Sherrilyn

Best for product/brand selection and size of products allow you to really get a sense of the product. – beachin it

I love that you can customize 3 of the 5 items! This way you have at least a 60% chance of being thrilled about your bag! – Reecie

What You Get: If you’ve got cash to spare, this upgraded version of the regular Ipsy subscription is for you! Each Ipsy Glambag Plus box includes 5 full-sized items – they carefully handpick 2 based on your answers to the sign-up questions, you choose the other 3. The promised value of each box is $120. The makeup bag has recently returned to this bag and it adds fun to the whole box!

Check out the Ipsy Glambag Plus Reviews to know more!

Price: Glam Bag Plus is $28 per month for 5 full-size products.

12. So Susan Color Curate

Image from: our review

What You Get: Subscribers can view the box that will be available for the month so you have the option to push through or skip it. Talk about flexibility! So Susan Color Curate items are absolutely 100% cruelty-free! You get 3 makeup items and 2 bonus items per month, one of which is a useful accessory.

Get on the So Susan Color Curate Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: The subscription is $20.95 per month.

13. Allure Beauty Box

Image from: our review

Such a great variety and value every month. – Debbie

Really like their product variety and value of the samples. – Janice_92

I think that Allure is at the sweet spot for all beauty boxes – mix of samples and full sizes, good amount of skin care AND makeup items, and not too many beauty tools. Fave.  – Meagan P.

What You Get: Curated by Allure editorial experts, each Allure Beauty Box includes 6 or more products – at least 3 full sizes – up to $100 in value! They also include a mini mag in each box with tips and step by step tutorials as well as exclusive offers.

Check out the Allure Beauty Box Reviews to know more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $23 per month, with FREE Gifts for 1-year subscriptions. Free shipping!

Deal: Get a FREE new member bonus item with your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

14. THE BOX By Fashionsta - Hidden Gem!

Image from: our review

What You Get: THE BOX By Fashionsta curates makeup and skincare with a value of up to $150+ in each box! You’ll find 5-7 full-size glam + beauty products in every box delivered right at your doorstep each month! Some of the brands they include are Margot Elena, Luci, Fenty Beauty, Heir Atelier, and many more! What makes this subscription even more amazing is for every box purchased, they help people through crises, which includes domestic violence and human trafficking.

See what’s included in past boxes when you visit our THE BOX By Fashionsta Reviews.

Price: Shippped monthly for $24.99

15. nmnl - Hidden Gem!

Image from: our review

What You Get: Want to achieve that glass skin look? If so, nmnl is here for it. It is a monthly beauty box that comes with 8-9 genuine, high value, and high-quality Korean and Japanese cosmetics plus skincare you can add to your beauty regimen! With this subscription, you’ll get your hands on unique and exclusive Asian cosmetics, plus happiness guaranteed!

Check out what they’ve sent us in the past on our nmnl reviews.

Price: Subscription costs $35 monthly, with savings when you prepay for more months.

Deal: Check the latest nmnl spoilers to get the latest code! Use this link to get the deal.


Image from: our review

Good products, lots from U.K. and Europe – keeps things interesting! – Judi

I think Glossybox is always nice for a gift because the box is fancy. – Trst

Feeling like glossy always Keeps it real with the right price and product mix. Makeup but not too much, hair but not too much. Skincare – not too much! – Charlotte

What You Get: GLOSSYBOX sends the perfect deluxe travel-sized products in one box! Each month, you get 5 premium beauty products from high-end and niche brands. Upon sign up, subscribers fill up a Beauty Profile with questions about their beauty preferences and even their skin and hair type. This makes a great way to discover new products that will actually work for you!

Learn more by visiting the GLOSSYBOX Reviews!

Price: The subscription is priced at $21 per month, with savings for longer plans.

Deal: See special savings on your subscription - just enter code on site! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

17. Vegancuts Makeup Box

Image from: our review

The box was voted onto the list but has Closed.

What You Get: Vegancuts Makeup Box sends makeup you can feel good about.  Their mission is to celebrate the vegan lifestyle and bring vegan products you can trust. Each box includes 4 or more full-size, cruelty-free and vegan makeup with color customization, ranging from lipstick to mascara and even nail lacquer. Products are thoughtfully designed for each season. The value of all the items can get up to $70 and over, plus the quality is top-notch!

Need more details? Don’t forget to check our Vegan Cuts Makeup Box Reviews!

Price: The box costs $39.95 every quarter.

Deal: Get $5 off your first box on any Vegancuts subscription! Use coupon code hellosub. The coupon can only be used once per customer, but it can be used on multiple subscriptions at once so long as they are in the same transaction!

That’s your list for 2021’s Best Makeup Subscription Boxes! Which are you going to try?

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