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Best Meal Kits for Kids and Parents

Food is a basic need of any human being but I get that it could sometimes be daunting to think of and prepare meals for you and the whole family! Especially that sometimes, kids tend to be very picky! But now you don’t have to worry because we got you covered with this Best Meal Kits for Kids and Parents list! We have rounded up amazing subscription boxes that will surely help you with your worries about preparation but still provide healthy and delicious food!

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The Best Meal Kits Subscription Boxes for Kids and Parents!

1. Yumble Kids

Why we love it: This weekly food subscription service understand that kids have different tastes and nutritional needs, so they offer meals tailored specially for them. Yumble Kids sends pre-prepared meals, so parents can just heat them up and then serve. The meals are great for school lunches, and even for an easy weeknight dinner or snack time!

Visit Yumble Kids reviews page and see past box contents!

Price: The weekly boxes start at $47.94.

Deal: Get free shipping on every delivery + save up to 25% on meals! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

2. Nurture Life

Why we love it: Nurture Life offers freshly made and ready-to-eat meals for kids. They take note of your kids’ age and dietary preferences before preparing your orders, ensuring that they get exactly what they want and need! You can choose from a variety of freshly-made, nutritionally balanced meals made and portioned for Babies 10+ months, Toddlers 1-4, Kids 5-10, and Kids 11-18, as well as family meals and sides. They also change menus weekly. They also use food-grade packaging materials for all of the meals, which are BPA-free and phthalate-free.

See the Nurture Life reviews page for more information!

Price: The weekly boxes start at $35.

Deal: Get 25% off on your first order! Use coupon code NURTURELIFE25.

3. Yumi

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Yumi delivers freshly made all-organic, synthetic-free and additive-free meals and snacks for babies and toddlers 5 months and up! You can get exclusive meals from expert nutritionists, designed based on a child’s age and nutritional needs in each box. The meal starts at $5 per day and you can edit or cancel your subscription anytime!

Learn more by visiting the Yumi reviews page!

Price: The 7 Meal per week costs $35 and 14 Meals per week is $65, plus free shipping.

Deal: Get 50% off your first order! Use coupon code HELLO50.

4. Baketivity

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Baketivity is designed to be kid-friendly and includes easy-to-follow recipes with pre-measured ingredients, which combine fun, learning, and delicious treats in one box. And to make things more fun, there are also colorful lessons and educational games for kids to enjoy! Some of the most popular kits include cupcakes, pies, and even delicious pizza!

See our to learn more about this subscription!

Price: You can get the box starting at $34.95 or less for longer subscription plans.


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5. Raddish Kids

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Raddish is a monthly kids’ activity box subscription that is all about food and cooking! The box is designed for kids 4 to 14, each themed box will include 3 illustrated recipe guides, 3 culinary skill cards, a creative kitchen project, kid-friendly tools and collectibles like Table Talk cards, a culinary tool, and an iron-on Raddish patch. Although the ingredients are not included, they email you a shopping list for each month’s recipes before your kit is shipped.

View the Raddish Kids reviews page to learn more about their offerings!

Price: The subscription cost starts at $24.


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6. eat2explore

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Travel and explore the world with food by subscribing to Eat2Explore! It’s an educational food and culture explorer box with easy-to-follow recipes, pre-measured spice/sauce mixes for each recipe, shopping list, brochure, activity sheet, country sticker, flag pin, and a collectible. The box is ideal for kids 5 years old or older. They currently offer 3 kinds of boxes: Explore a Country box, Explore a Continent box, and Explore the World box.

Take a peek at our eat2explore reviews page to know more!

Price: You can get the box starting at $24.95.

Deal: Take 15% Off All Orders! Use coupon code NEW15.

Family Friendly Meal Kits

7. Home Chef Fresh & Easy

Image from: Home Chef Fresh & Easy

Why we love it: Home Chef Fresh & Easy is a meal delivery service perfect for parents and their kids to bond over!  Everything they send is prepped, portioned, and ready to cook – which means less effort and less mess, and clean-up is a breeze.  Also, they promise that each meal can be cooked for as quick as 15 minutes! It also great for those who are looking for healthy dinner options, they have fresh veggies and proteins that you just need to combine and then enjoy!

Price: The weekly meal plans start at $49.80.

Deal: Get $30 off over your first two boxes! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

8. Dinnerly

Image from: Dinnerly

Why we love it: Dinnerly is a dinner meal kit subscription that is simple and affordable compared to other rival kits. They use digital recipe cards instead of printed, and they avoid hassle and confusion by using fewer ingredients per dish. It also allows subscribers to pick the delivery day and their preferred recipes. Subscribers can also skip any week that doesn’t work for them and change the number of portions they’d like to receive.

See the reviews page for Dinnerly and learn more!

Price: The box prices start at $30 per week, plus $8.99 shipping. You can also get a family plan for $60, and switch out your recipes between 3 meat-based recipes and 3 vegetarian recipes.

Deal: Get $15 off on each of your first THREE boxes - that's $45 total! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

9. Hello Fresh

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Hello Fresh has an amazing selection of healthy and delicious meals approved by dieticians! Also, the recipes only take 30 minutes to finish, and you don’t even have to be a pro to be able to do so, your kids can even help you prepare the easy meals. You can get a 2-person meal plan or a 4-person meal plan, depending on your household size, and the number of recipes per box depends on you as well. You can get step-by-step instructions, along with individual meal kits containing all the pre-measured ingredients in each box. They also offer vegetarian and low-calorie options, and there are also Family-friendly meal plans.

You can read the Hello Fresh reviews and see previously featured recipes!

Price: The boxes start at $69 per week.

Deal: Get $80 off on your first FIVE boxes + FREE Shipping on your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

10. Gobble

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Gobble delivers weekly, and it includes 3 dinner kits, each with 2 or 4 meals. Each dinner kit will include a three-step recipe card with instructions to guide you and to help you make your dinners easily. Also, the ingredients are par-cooked and vacuum-sealed in order to keep them fresh. Every meal is designed to fit within 700 – 900 calories, perfect for those who are watching their calorie intake.

Visit the Gobble reviews page to see past box contents!

Price: The weekly boxes start at $55.80.

Deal: Get 50% off your first box - that's 6 meals for $36! Use this link to get the deal.

11. Freshly

Image from: Freshly

Why we love it: Freshly sends pre-made and pre-packaged food which are never frozen. Also, the subscription offers an array of healthy meals including those that gluten-free, no refined sugars, and no artificial ingredients. You can also select the exact meals and the number of meals you want each week to fully customize their plan! The meals arrive at your door fresh and all you have to do is to heat them up for 3 minutes!

Learn more by visiting the Freshly reviews page!

Price: Weekly meal plans costs: 4 meals/wk –  $45.96 ($11.49/meal,+$5.99 shipping), 6 meals/wk -$56.94 ($9.49/meal, +$5.99 shipping), 10 meals/wk – $89.90 ($8.99/meal, +$9.99 shipping) and 12 meals/wk -$101.88  ($8.49/meal, +$11.99 shipping).

Deal: Get $60 off your first FOUR orders! Use coupon code launch15.

12. Sunbasket

Image from: our review

Why we love it: For those who want to start eating healthy, you can get Sun Basket! This healthy meal kit service sends easy-to-follow recipes along with organic ingredients every week, and they offer Paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian options, and they also come with healthy breakfasts. There are also add-ons available!

Read Sun Basket reviews to find out more about this meal subscription!

Price: The prices start at $68.94.

Deal: Get $35 off FIRST box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

13. Misfits Market

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Misfits Market sends “misfit” fruits and vegetables, but these produce that look weird are still ideal for consumption!  They source these from organic farms and offer to subscribers for a much lower price than, compared to those that you can get on the grocery stores. Currently, they have two offerings: Mischief Box which is good for 1-2 people, and the Madness Box which is good for 3-5. Everything is also organic and non-GMO!

See more at our !

Price: You can get the Mischief Box for $22, and the Madness Box for $35.

And that’s our list of best meal kits for kids and parents! Did you find the perfect subscription box for you?

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