2020’s Best Tea Subscription Boxes and Clubs

If you’re not a fan of a cup of joe but still want to warm yourself up and relax, tea is the perfect beverage for you. Teas are loved around the world for centuries, and there are many types of it too, From loose leaves to those that are already in bags that you just need to steep without straining, while you can also find lots of flavors, from aromatics to fruity and minty and strong ones. You can also get an amazing amount of benefits just by drinking tea like keeping our gut healthy, our skin looking great, or even relax and soothe our senses. There’s a reason why it’s the second most popular drink after water!

Here’s a list of the best tea subscriptions and clubs. See even more prime selections in our full list of tea subscriptions!

The Best Tea Subscription Boxes and Clubs!

1. Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Why we love it: Get four hand-selected, loose-leaf teas with added goodies and explore new flavors from each month from Simple Loose Leaf Tea. You can try their different variants, from sweet to earthy and strong, if you’re ready for some unique tea-drinking experience. You will definitely find your perfect cup of tea from this box!

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Price: The subscription costs $10 per month.


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2. Tea Sparrow

Why we love it: Tea Sparrow is a monthly tea subscription that sends you four packs of high-quality tea that are also free from artificial ingredients and have been specially selected by tea tasters who sends only the best teas. You can choose from an assortment of traditional loose-leaf teas or caffeine-free herbal ones.

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Price: The subscription costs $20 per month.

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3. Sips by

Why we love it: Sips By is giving you the freedom to taste teas from different brands around the world, and you’ll definitely find the teas that match your preferences, and you will absolutely enjoy. Each month, receive four premium teas that are matched to you based on your Sips By profile, and they also include disposable tea bags for your loose leaf teas.

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Price: The subscription is $15 per month.

Deal: Get 50% off your first monthly box! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

4. TeaBox

Why we love it:  TeaBox lets you enjoy the freshest teas from Darjeeling, Nilgiris, and Assam, from India! You can have a taste of their teas, from healthy greens to rare whites. They also have teas that are made from all-natural ingredients. Each month, receive 5 new teas based on a theme, and without the cost for shipping!

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Price: You can get the box for $29.99 each month, with discounts for longer subscriptions, and no extra charge for shipping.

Deal: Get 20% off Teabox subscriptions! Use coupon code TEACLUB20.

5. Dollar Tea Club

Why we love it: Dollar Tea Club sends loose-leaf, and they have few different plans to choose from. All teas are made without artificial flavors, and you will get the teas in amounts that work for you. Also, the teas are ethically sourced through direct trade, which means better quality tea while knowing the farmers are paid reasonable wages and treated with respect. Subscriptions are fully customizable and can be changed anytime.

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Price: The subscription starts at $1 per month.


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6. Plum Deluxe

Why we love it: Get unique tea blends that were created in-house at an Oregon-based studio. Plum Deluxe is a monthly tea subscription that sends flavors that are for subscribers only! Once you become a member, you get to join a special community where members plan meetups, ask each other questions, and make suggestions about future limited-edition blends. Members also receive discounts on extra teas and supplies and may receive other specials throughout the year.

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Price: Memberships are billed quarterly, starting at $10 each month for one once of tea plus a small sample, or $16 for two, 1-ounce blends plus a small sample.

Deal: Get 15% off an order in the shop of $15 or more. Use coupon code HELLO15.

7. Amoda Tea

Why we love it: Amoda Tea caters to tea lovers by sending premium and hand-selected teas sourced from small, independent tea companies. There are two choices of box available — the Original Monthly Tea Box and The Low Caff.  You can also add some extra bonuses like a perfect teaspoon or extra tea bags. An if you don’t like a tea in your box, they’ll replace it in your next box!

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Price: A monthly tea box costs $20, with free shipping to Canada/US!

Deal: Get 40% off of your first month! Use coupon code HELLO40.

8. Amazing Clubs Tea of the Month Club

Why we love it: Amazing Clubs Tea of the Month Club is a premium tea subscription that delivers a delicious selection of limited-availability, hand-crafted teas made with only premium leaves from boutique growers around the world! Each shipment will include two new and unique varieties of 20-bag teas!

Price: The subscription costs $23.95 each month.

9. Whistling Kettle Tea of The Month

Why we love it: Whistling Kettle Tea of The Month is a monthly tea subscription that offers 4 tea options that you can choose from! You will be able to explore the world of premium tea. You can enjoy the tea yourself, or gift it to another tea lover!

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Price: The subscription costs $22 a month, and if you get an annual plan, each box will only cost $18.

10. Simplicity Teas: Teas with intentions

Why we love it: Each month, receive a package of artisan loose leaf teas from Simplicity Teas.  Each tea is created with a purpose such as optimized digestion, a mid-day pick me up, or to help you get the best sleep of your life during the night. You can have it all for yourself, or get one for another tea lover. In your first package, you will also receive a unique reusable infuser.

Price: You can get the Teas Lovers Teas of the Month Club starting at $20 each month.

11. Art of Tea

Why we love it: The Art of Tea imports Fair-trade certified, organic tea, and botanicals. They hand-blend teas at their operations in Los Angeles, and they sell roughly 150 teas from which they select their most popular teas for distribution through their monthly subscription service. The subscription is flexible as you may opt to receive loose leaf teas, iced teas, sachet teabags, wellness teas, signature teas, and caffeine-free teas.

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Price: You can subscribe for $18 each month.


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12. Free Your Tea

Why we love it: You can rate their teas first before getting the one that really suits your taste! You’ll get 6 samples of Free Your Tea that you will rate on their website for your first month, then on the next month, you will receive a large bag of tea plus another sample so you can keep on discovering new flavors and flavors that can be a potential favorite. You can also share or gift this box to a tea lover you know!

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Price: The subscription starts at $16 per month, and save more when you get the 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription for $19, $18, and $16 each month, respectively.

Deal: Save 10% on 3+ month prepaid subscriptions! Use coupon code HELLOPREPAY.

13. BlendBee Tea Club

Why we love it: BlendBee Tea Club will send you 2 personalized bags (with your name!) of delicious loose leaf tea blends each month. You can choose your blends and choose the frequency of your shipment too, which can be monthly, every other month, or even once a quarter. You can also choose from caffeinated, decaf, or both, it will all depend on what you like, and they only use organic and fair-trade ingredients that you can enjoy or share with another tea lover!

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Price: The subscription box costs $25 each month, shipping included within the US.

Deal: Get 20% off! Use coupon code Hello20.

14. Tomotcha

Why we love it: Tea lovers started this tea subscription, Tomotcha, for tea lovers and people who are just curious about Japanese teas. They select authentic Japanese teas and ship them worldwide from Osaka each month. So, if you want to broaden your palate and try different teas from the different regions of Japan, this is the perfect box!

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Price: The subscription costs $20 per month.

15. Tease With Tea

Why we love it: Get a taste of gourmet tea from around the world delivered straight at your door monthly with Tease with Tea! Each box will include 4 premium teas and different tea accessories or even home-made bite-size dessert!

Price: Each month, you can subscribe for $28 AUD (around $20 USD).

16. Borntea

Why we love it: Borntea delivers the best teas in China! The premium loose leaf teas are from the region’s best garden teas and made by skilled tea makers. You will be sure that what you’ll be drinking are high-quality Chinese teas!

Price: You can get their teas starting at $25 each month.

17. teawrks

Why We Love It: Enjoy a cup of tea as you subscribe to teawrks. Each box contains 4 organic teas or better yet, tell them your tea preferences and they will consider it as they curate a box for you! They give back to people and to the environment by being organic and eco-friendly with their teas and packaging. These teas are sourced from the finest estates in China, Japan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and more!

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And that’s our list of the best subscription boxes for tea lovers! Did you find the perfect tea subscription box that will warm you up?

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