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Ever want to put up a garden but no room for it? That’s no problem with these gardens that ship to your front door right in a box! These indoor gardening kits will give you the opportunity to still work on your green thumb despite not having enough space to do so!

No matter what you decide on planting – succulents, microgreens, flowers, fruits, or veggies, these gardens in a box have the smartest and most fun ideas on how you can easily grow your own garden even in the tiniest living space. Some of which are also high-tech and can be controlled with a few taps from your phone! They’ll also teach you how to care for your plants so you can have a thriving in-home fresh produce market or indoor jungle.

Some of these brands also offer seed or plant pod subscriptions, taking out the hassle of finding new plants to grow. So, find the inspiration to start gardening and green up any space you have with the best garden in a box!

The Best Garden in a Box to Sow and Grow Indoors!

1. Lettuce Grow

Image from: Lettuce Grow

What You Get: Growing your own food requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and care, but with Lettuce Grow, having your own garden is easy. You don’t need a lot of space to grow farm-fresh produce as this subscription provides a plant tower you can put up even inside your home. You can select your farmstand size by choosing how many plants you’d like – 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36. It includes pre-sprouted plants and a farmstand that self-waters and self-fertilizes. You can also take their quiz so they can curate a plan selection based on your location. Seedlings are sold separately.

Price: Farmstand starts at $348 and seedlings cost $2. Starter Bundle (includes 12 plants) costs $24, while Refill Bundle (includes 6 plants) is priced at $12.

2. Hamama

Image from: Hamama

What You Get: Hamama says start eating more greens today. Whether you’re into salads, smoothies, or sandwiches, adding microgreens makes every meal even more delicious and healthy! This gardening subscription is creating a better and healthier world where anyone can grow and eat fresh food. If you want to start growing microgreens, get the Microgreen Kit and receive a reusable grow tray, easy instructions, and 3 seed quilts of your choice. You can also choose the Green Onion Kit to regrow onions at home. Receive a reusable grow tray, green onion lid, instructions, and 3 coconut mats. You can also get both when you choose the combo. Just add water once, leave it on any flat surface, and harvest in just a week!

Price: Microgreen Kit is at $35 while Green Onion Kit costs $49 + $5 shipping, the Starter Kit with Bamboo Frame and Microgreen Kit Ceramic Edition costs $69.

3. Click and Grow

Image from: Click and Grow

What You Get: Grow plants effortlessly with Click and Grow. With their modern technology, you can grow your own garden in your apartment! This subscription gives you a self-sustaining garden that can grow any plants for you. It’s available in 5 different sizes, having one with a smart-controlled function. You can choose from over 60 different plants (fruits, herbs, and leafy greens) and receive just what you like in pre-seeded biodegradable plant pods. Put the pods in the smart indoor garden, add water and plug it in. You can just put this smart garden device on your countertop and watch the magic grows!

Price: The Smart Garden costs $159.95 plus $7.95 per month for the pods or $94.95 per year. The pods start at $17.95 for the pack of 3 and $35.90for the pack of 9.

4. Aero Garden

Image from: Aero Garden

What You Get: Aero Garden makes growing gardens indoors effortless and trouble-free. You can grow more of what you love and have healthy meals shortly as this smart device grows your plants 5 times faster. Choose what garden size fits in your home: Farm Family (12-24 pods), Bounty Family (9 pods), Harvest Family (6 pods), or Sprout (3 pods). You can also choose what seed kits you desire to plant. There’s no green thumb required – just set it up and let it do the work for you! No dirty mess, just a clean thriving garden.

Price: Gardens start at $99.95. Seed Pod Kit ranges from $12.95 – $59.95.

5. Urban Leaf

Image from: Urban Leaf

What You Get: Urban Leaf helps you transform your space into an urban oasis! They’ll teach you how to grow plants well so you can eat well later on. They are into making growing food at home easy and fun by sending edible indoor kits that are beginner-friendly! With this subscription, you’ll have more sustainable food choices! Shop your desired garden edible kit, or take the quiz if you don’t know where to start and be matched with the best garden kit that fits well with your skillset.

Price: Prices range from $1.50 to $199.99.

6. My Garden Box

Image from: My Garden Box

What You Get: My Garden Box shares gardening with everyone willing to dig in the dirt with them, and that’s why they put together a special gardening collection just for growers every month. They’ll send everything you need for your gardening goals like live plants, beautiful planters, growing media, and extra accents! Whatever season it is, they’ll provide just the right garden box for you to take care of. Included also in the package are thoughtfully explained illustrated instructions, care tips, and fun plant facts. All you have to do is watch your plants slowly come to life. It’s just simply rewarding!

Price: The box is priced at $38.50 per month.

7. Garden Tower Project

Image from: Garden Tower Project

What You Get: Thinking of starting a garden, but what you only have is a narrow space? Fret not because Garden Tower Project will make your wish come true! You can take care of 50 plants at one time with just the use of their vertical garden planter with a built-in composter. Any urban gardener can now deal with limited space in their home for their gardening goals. What makes it really exciting is that the garden tower can also be rotated, so it’s easier for you to handle and see all plants your growing. Not only do you save space, but you can also feed your family with homegrown leafy greens!

Price: The Vertical Garden Planter costs $359. Get the Starter Bundle for $387.99 or the Deluxe Bundle for $569.99.

8. Rise Gardens

Image from: Rise Gardens

What You Get: Rise Gardens is here to help you have your own fresh produce. Get your own personal garden available in 4 different sizes to fit the space in your home. Subscribe to Seed Pods and have the option to choose what seeds you want to plant in your smart garden device each month. Track your seeds’ progress and let the planter do the work for you all with the use of an app on your mobile phone. Your planter comes with free 12 plant pods you can get started with. Just stick your pods onto the planter, add water and control everything with just a few taps.

Price: App-controlled Indoor Gardens start at $279 (includes 8 seeded pods). Seed Pods Subscription is at $29.49 a month and $29.99/month for Nutrients Subscription.

9. Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

Image from: Mr. Stacky Smart Farm

What You Get: One way to still manage gardening with urban life is through Mr. Stacky Smart Farm. They let you grow your own food, but in a more convenient and faster way than in a normal garden setting. Their stackable vertical indoor garden can hold up to 20 leafy greens in one location and has a 16-gallon reservoir and a timer you can set so it will water automatically. Simply place it on any part of your home, plant, and plug – it’s that easy!

Price: The smart farm costs $245.99 while the 4 Tower garden system costs $650.

10. Garden Outside The Box

Image from: Garden Outside The Box

What You Get: Add a boost of flavor and nutrition to the food you eat, and Garden Outside The Box helps you with just that! Their modern approach to gardening makes planting seeds easy and worry-free. Whether you’re just a beginner gardener or a certified horticulturist exploring more seeds to grow, their wide variety of seed kits is something you can look forward to. They have over 12 varieties of specialty garden seed kits to offer, including Children’s Garden Collection, where you can teach your kids the fun way to start a garden while they’re still young. Each kit comes with detailed planting information to successfully guide you towards having a thriving garden. Through their kits, starting seeds indoors is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Price: Shop their garden collection for $50 per month or get the Organic Microgreens & Shoots Subscription for $25 per month.

11. Dewplanter

Image from: Dewplanter

What You Get: With Dewplanter, you’ll never have to worry about how to keep your plants alive even when you’re out and about! This smart gardening device takes care of your little garden’s hydration by watering itself. It has a patented technology that takes care of all your plants even if you have no time to do so. All you need to do is place your plant, turn it on, choose a setting, and leave it all to the planter. You can now have more time to do what you need to while watching your plants grow on autopilot!

Price: The Water Generating Planter costs $59.

12. MasterClass Ron Finley Available Now!

MasterClass has launched a new class  – Ron Finley Teaches Gardening!

When Ron Finley first grew a garden on a curbside dirt strip, he got cited—and then a warrant was issued for his arrest. He fought back, got the laws changed, and started a movement. Now the community activist and self-proclaimed “Gangster Gardener” is teaching you how to grow your own food, keep your plants alive, and find beauty and freedom in gardening no matter the size of your space. Start planting a revolution.

Subscribe to the MasterClass Annual Membership for access to all 85+ instructors for an entire year for just $180! See our MasterClass review to find out more details about this subscription.

13. Gardyn

Image from: Gardyn

What You Get: With Gardyn, you can grow your own garden anywhere you wish so! This garden box only needs a little space to do its work. This fully automated garden tower can grow 30 plants at one time, even without direct sunlight and a waterline! Along with it comes 30 seed cubes, which look like K-cups that you can pop in the tower’s pipes. It has LED lights so you can grow healthy greens indoors. An app on your device will let you know when it’s time to add water on its base – no more lots of peeking! With this indoor garden, you’ll have a personal farmers market in your home.

Price: Home Starter Kit starts at $899.

14. Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

Image from: Grow-Anywhere Growhouse

What You Get: Grow-Anywhere Growhouse is the modern take to the usual greenhouse for gardeners. It is an elegant brass box that works wonders! You can grow your plants even without direct sunlight as it has an LED with a built-in timer that you can control through an app connected to it. Worried about having no green thumb? This unique garden device nourishes your plants even without a ray of sunshine. Put your plants in, add water and watch as your plants thrive indoors!

Price: Get the brass growhouse for $219.

15. Tikes Garden

Image from: Tikes Garden

What You Get: Let kids learn more about nature by experiencing it firsthand. Tikes Garden is a monthly subscription of ready-to-build garden projects intended for kids. Their goal is to make it fun and easy for kids to experience success by watching their seeds grow! Help young ones create a little themed garden for themselves, whether indoors or outdoors. Each box includes everything a kid needs for growing success, from seeds to living plants, easy-to-follow illustrated instructions, fun garden care tips, and properly portioned materials. Give them this box so they can learn new skills and have fun at the same time!

Price: Subscription costs $24.50 per month.

16. Bloomin' Bin

Image from: our review

What You Get: Experience the fun of growing your own plant with Bloomin’ Bin. It is a monthly subscription for gardeners of all levels, allowing you to try some of their fave seeds along with tips and growing tricks they have found the best. They’ll send you a kit containing the seeds or even live plants you need to grow or take care of that’s appropriate for the season! Choose from four plan options to fit your gardening needs:

  • Just Seeds – if you wish to receive just the seeds of the month.
  • Just Seeds Premium – in which you’ll receive the seeds of the month (may also include live plants if available), along with seed instructions binder.
  • Basic Bin – which will give you seeds and/or live plants, a soil/plant food sample, and a pot/grow bag
  • Premium Bin – the same content as Basic Bin but with a garden tool included

Also available is their new box, which is Just the Microgreens. All plans will give you the option to choose fruit/veggie, flowers, or both except for Just Seeds. So grab your materials, assemble your pots, add soil, sun, and water and watch it grow beautifully!

Learn more about this subscription when you visit Bloomin’ Bin Reviews.

Price: Choose from the 4 subscription options: Just the Seeds of the Month- $4.50 per month, Just the Herbs- $32 per quarter, Just the Microgreens- $34 per quarter, Just the Plants and Seeds-$55 per quarter, and the Just Seeds Premium- $42 every 6 mos.  

Deal: Save 10% on your subscription! Use coupon code subscribinbox1.

17. Cole & Mason

Image from: Cole & Mason

What You Get: For growing your little greens at home, there is Cole & Mason! Their herb keeper will provide you with fresh greens you can use as garnishes to take any dish to the next level. A highly functional tool that gives longer life to herbs, that’s what this garden in a box does! You can choose from the three models of herb keeper they offer: Cut Herb Keeper, which comes with 3 dividers with a slide and close lid; Single Potted Herb Keeper, which includes 3 hydro pads; and Triple Potted Herb Keeper, which includes 9 hydro pads. Each herb keeper has a base lip where you can fill it easily with water without spillage. It has self-watering technology that avoids over/under watering, allowing herbs to draw water and stay fresh for up to 10 days longer! No need to re-pot. Just place it in and let the herb keeper do its magic!

Price: The triple size costs $49.73 and the unique size costs $24.87.

18. Public Goods - Herb Trio Kit

Image from: Public Goods

What You Get: As we all know, Public Goods is a name to trust for a healthier home. They offer eco-friendly products (without the bad stuff), allowing you to nurture nature and all things good. For healthy eating, there is Public Goods Herb Trio Kit. This garden in a box introduces a hassle-free way to grow your own fresh herbs at home that you can use for an additional boost of flavor to any dishes you crave! Each kit comes with a premium wooden planter that can accommodate three biodegradable pots. It also includes cilantro, basil, and parsley seeds– basic herbs for cooking, along with an easy-to-follow instruction guide. A smart and easy way to grow your own culinary herbs!

Price: The Herb Trio Kit costs $33.

Deal: Get 25% off your first order! Use coupon code hellopga.

19. grobo

Image from: Grobo

What You Get: If you want to grow your own vegetables at home, Grobo has the solution you need! They offer a do-it-all automated grow box you can place inside your homes, allowing you to home grow what you prefer without any pesticides or chemicals. If you’re new to this and want to test the waters first, the Grobo Start is the perfect option. Three seeds can be grown at a time, and the kit includes seed coverings to prevent algae growth and humidity domes for better germination. If you want to tend a much larger plant, the Grobo Grow Box is for you. It’s a cabinet-style planter with an 11-liter water tank and a steel lock to keep kids, pets, and the plant safe. It also includes nutrient dosing for successful vegetative growth! Just add water to the planter, plant your seed, and watch them grow. You don’t need a green thumb to care for it – they’ll help and guide you all through the way!

Price: The Grobo Start costs $79.99 and the Gow Box starts at $1,999.

And that’s all the best garden-in-a-box you can try growing inside your homes! Which of these will you be trying?

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