2020’s Best Period & Time of the Month Subscription Boxes

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Women’s monthly period can be challenging at times, but with the right pampering and practical solutions available in period subscription boxes and time of the month subscription boxes, it can be more bearable. These monthly subscription boxes remove the worry of running out of tampons, menstrual cups, liners, and pads, because everything is delivered to your doorstep. Some of these subscriptions even include delicious treats like chocolates and relaxing items like teas and sheet masks to make you feel good. We’ve gathered the best ones in our list check them out and find the perfect one for you!

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The Best Period & Time of the Month Subscription Boxes!

1. Cora

Why we love it: Cora understands your need for discretion during your period especially when bringing tampons and pads. Thus, in this box there is a chance where you’ll get a little black box to keep your tampons organized in your bathroom, a little clutch that can fit at least four stowaways, so you will never run out of it especially when you are out and about.

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Price: $9 per month, or less for longer subscriptions.


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Why we love it: LOLA tampons are soft, comfortable, and most of all, free from toxic substances. Each tampon is made from hypoallergenic cotton and promises leak protection so you can move with confidence.

Check out LOLA Reviews for more information about this subscription!

Price: Tampons range from $8 to $10 per month and thin pads are for $9.

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3. Blume

Why we love it: Blume isa customizable box for your own self-care routine. Now, you have more freedom to achieve a stress-free period especially since you can get access to organic pads and tampons when the time comes.

Visit Blume Reviews page to learn more about how you can customize your box!

Price: Subscriptions start at $10.99 per month, whether for tampons, pads, or both.

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4. Grove Collaborative

Formerly ePantry, Grove Collaborative is an eco-friendly subscription service. It allows you to quickly pick your favorite high-quality cleaning and household supplies and set up a customized schedule for the shipment.


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5. Bonjour Jolie

Why we love it: Bonjour Jolie sends themed treats and practical items such as tea, makeup, pads, and tampons all in one box. Their goal is to make you feel more at ease during your period.

Read Bonjour Jolie Reviews for more details!

Price: $22.50 per box, plus shipping fee.

6. A Genie's Dream

Why we love it: A Genie’s Dream delivers 4 to 6 items which might include organic soaps, essential oils, tampons, local teas, pads, panty liners, spiritual and healing items, makeup brushes, and some sweet treat to help you feel better during your time of the month.

Price: Boxes start at $30 per month.

7. Public Goods

We're a brand that delivers essentials across several categories, united by a set of values. We believe the products you use everyday should be healthy, sustainable and easy to access. We deliver well-designed, eco-friendly essentials directly to you.

Deal: Get 25% off your first order! Use coupon code hellopga.

8. L. Tampons & Pads

Why we love it: Tampons and pads are life savers, but when we get down to the nitty-gritty and start reading ingredients that cannot be pronounced, you might want to consider looking for a healthier alternative. L Tampons and pads give you exactly that, which are chemical-free pads and tampons that will save you during those red days.

Price: Pads and liners start at $3.95, while tampons are for $4.95.

9. my Petal Club

Why we love it: Each box from My Petal Club includes 35 sanitary pads. Subscribers can choose from light to medium flow, regular flow, and heavy flow. Their ultra-thin pads have a high absorbency rate and a breathable surface.

Know more about this subscription at our My Petal Club reviews!

Price: Subscriptions start at $12.99 per month.

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10. Dollar Maxi Pad Club

Why we love it: This monthly subscription that ensures that all of your essential feminine needs will be sent to you every 21, 28, or 35 days. Dollar Maxi Pad Club subscribers get various items which might include menstrual cups, activated bamboo charcoal pads, feminine wipes, and tampons.

See Dollar Maxi Pad Club Reviews for more information!

Price: Each box can start as low as $15 per month, plus shipping fee.

Deal: Get your first month for only $1! Use coupon code onedollar.

11. SewSoSweetTreasures

A monthly subscription of a cute cotton flannel pantyliner with a surprise sticker sheet and a sachet of tea. These adorable little daily wear pads are hand sewn by me and are designed for daily wear or as a support/backup to your diva cups. Machine wash and dry.

12. Flex

Why we love it: Flex is a subscription that sends “discs” instead of menstrual cups. One disc is equivalent to 3 tampons. Subscribers can also choose a subscription plan depending on their flow.

Price: Plans start at $15 every other month.

13. Rael

Rael is an up and coming brand based in California that seeks to provide effortless, comfortable, high quality feminine care products.

14. Tampon Tribe

Why we love it: Tampon Tribe is all about organic tampons, panty liners, and pads. Delivered right to your doorstep like clockwork, you’ll never have to worry about doing any frantic runs to the grocery during your red days.

Check out our Tampon Tribe Reviews for more info!

Price: Boxes start at $8 per month, with savings for longer subscriptions.

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15. Athena Club

Why we love it: Athena Club guarantees tampons delivered to you every month based on your customized preferences. You get to choose whether you will be opting for Premium or Organic, then choose how much you’ll need for the month. All tampons and pads they send are free from chemicals.

Price: Subscriptions start at $7.50 per month.

Period Panties!

16. Thinx

Our period-proof undies hold up to 2 tampons’ worth — yet they look and feel like regular underwear.

17. Club Knix

We believe by combining performance, technology and design we can knix the bad and make the good even better. Our mission is simple: to create the best underwear on the planet that empower you to do more of what you love. Our Underwear Is Moisture Wicking - Anti-Odor - Seamless - Leak Resistant - Invisibile Under Tight Pants

18. Aisle

People with periods deserve safe, effective & sustainable options designed for their comfort. Products that work well, feel great, and do good while they're at it.

19. Dear Kate

Created by women, for women, Dear Kate products are designed to empower you to feel fresh and fearless all day, every day. From your first period to your last, and every sneeze in between.

20. Thinx BTWN

Reusable underwear made with period-proof tech to absorb menstrual flow — so the next generation can period better.

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