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Hemp-infused products are a thing these days. Exploring the world of CBD has been made easier, and that’s thanks to subscription boxes! If you want to know what these products can do, getting a CBD subscription box is one of the best and easiest ways to do so. These CBD subscription boxes carry products made with cannabidiol in the form of tasty snacks, bath products, topicals, capsules, and more. These products contain no psychoactive properties, only promised healing benefits!

To help you get started, we’ve gathered some of the best CBD subscriptions on this list.

The Best CBD Subscription Boxes – Oil, Gummies, Edibles, and More!

1. Hemp Crate Co

Image from: Hemp Crate Co.

What You Get: Hemp Crate Co gives you the option to choose which hemp and CBD products you needed the most by curating 3 themed boxes of premium CBD products monthly. First is Health & Wellness, in which the products are focused on helping with relaxing and restoring your mind and body. The second box is Hempa the Explorer that provides a little bit of everything for those individuals who wants to try CBD, including bath products, yummy edibles, and a variety of topical. Lastly, The Furry Friends Crate that’s curated for you and your pet. All boxes come in starter (4-6 items) and pro sizes (6-8 items). A part of what makes this hemp crate great is that they are focused on curating products from organic hemp farms. They’ve also supported causes in the past, be it financial donations, time, or products, like the Susan G. Komen, The Bail Project, and Love More.

Price: Starter Boxes cost $44.99 per month, while the Pro Box costs $69.99 a month.


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2. Docent Delivered

Image from: Docent Delivered

What You Get: Docent Delivered is a CBD subscription that gives you access to lab-tested products for your well-being. They allow you to experience safe, plant-based, and nonaddictive products they can offer. Each month, you’ll receive a curated collection of deluxe sample sizes and full-sized CDB products that are hand-selected by certified CBD professionals. Items include tinctures, lotions, and more unique ones you might not have tried before, discreetly packaged and delivered directly to your door. It also comes with tips and hints and even educational insights from industry leaders!

Price: Delivered monthly for $39!

3. Bespoke Post - CBD Boxes

Image from: Bespoke Post

What You Get: Bespoke Post is a unique subscription that delivers monthly themed boxes to its subscribers. They carry a wide array of items for different needs ranging from kitchen, bar, outdoor, to even CBD products! You can become a subscriber or make a one-time purchase and choose between:

  • Relief –  Upgrade your grooming routine with natural CBD.
  • Recover – Topical CBD to make stress and inflammation melt away.
  • Mellow – CBD-infused coffee and tea — whenever and wherever.
  • Cooldown – CBD workout recovery oil + complementary products.

They also have the CBD Sampler Set, which includes three vials of hemp-infused drops, or the CBD Starter Set, which contains CBD drops and a balm.

See all the CBD boxes from Bespoke Post (and you can check out all the CBD products they have in their shop, too!)

Price: $45 for members, $55 for non-members

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4. Prima

Image from: Prima

What You Get: Whether you want to feel strong, calm, balanced, rested, or energized, there’s Prima. This scientifically proven, powerful self-care subscription box provides superior quality, well-being essentials made with clean, dynamic, premium CBD ingredients to uplift your spirits. These products allow you to meet the demands of life with more flexibility, energy, and balance to create a better version of yourself every single day. They also donate 1% of their annual revenue to non-profit partners who need support. You can shop individual CBD products or get multiple items with their bundles.

Price: Box starts at $18.

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5. Public Goods

Image from: Public Goods

What You Get: When it comes to trusted products, Public Goods is a way to go! They are committed to making healthier choices accessible to all, and that’s why they have a wide selection of products catering to different needs, and that includes CBD products! They offer salve, oil, and soft gels that are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and do not contain pesticides and GMOs. These hemp-infused products are sourced from sustainable hemp growers and gently extracted to maintain the whole plant’s promised healing benefits. Not only do they help you become the better you, but they also help the environment as well. Products are bottled in eco-friendly materials as an alternative to single-use plastics. On top of it, they plant a tree for every order made.

Price: CBD products start at $60 up to $90.

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6. Sunday Scaries

Image from: Sunday Scaries

What You Get: Sunday Scaries is a monthly box subscription that delivers a variety of CBD products. These are made from the highest-quality broad-spectrum CBD, directly sourced from the family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. These CBD gummies are blended with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3, making them the perfect chewy treat to keep you relaxed, focused, and on-track! Each bottle contains 20 hemp-infused gummies with 10 MG of hemp per gummy. These edible gummies also come in orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon, and apple flavors.

Price: Subscription starts at $15 – $39 for individual products and $39 – $60 for hemp bundles per month.

Deal: Get 20% off your first order! Use coupon code CBD20.

7. AllayBox

Image from: our review

What You Get: AllayBox‘s mission is to improve people’s health and wellness while doing impactful social good. They curate boxes that are filled with premium CBD wellness products delivered every quarter to subscribers. They even collaborate with local artists to design their wellness boxes incorporating their social mission. Each box has 4-6 products like oils, topical, gummies, and other treats sourced from their most trusted vendors. They also donate 10% of annual proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project and help free every last person incarcerated for a non-violent cannabis crime and rebuild their lives.

See our AllayBox Reviews to see past box contents.

Price: The subscription is $75 every quarter.

8. Populum

Image from: Populum

What You Get: Populum is a monthly box subscription that provides its customers with high-quality, hemp-based products that concentrate on buying the essence of hemp-plants and enjoy all the benefits it can offer. They also let you create your own bundle by simply choosing as many products as you’d like, from oils and rubs to capsules and chews. The good thing about it is the more products you include in your cart, the more savings you’ll get!

Price: Subscription starts at $36 per month. Also, available CBD for Pets (Zen Pets) starting at $25.60/mo.

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9. smile

Image from: smile

What You Get: Smile is a monthly subscription offering unique CBD products that will keep you present, peaceful, and in the zone. They are focused on giving CDB products made with high-quality, clean, pure, and ethically-sourced ingredients. Shop Unwind (CBD oils) for relaxation and sleep, Energize (CBD oils) for energy and focus, Balance (yummy vegan gummies) for a balanced mood, and Rejuvenate (face cream, body lotion, pain cream) for smooth skin and pain relief. Through this subscription, you can be in your best self both mentally and physically!

Price: Products start at $29.75.

10. Naked Leaf

Image from: Naked Leaf

What You Get: Empower your mind and body in the cleanest way possible. Naked Leaf offers an extensive range of organically grown, ethically sourced, lab-tested CBD products at a price you can afford so you can stay in top shape! There are also CBD products for your pets, be it a cat, a dog, or even a horse! You can choose a one-time purchase or subscribe and save 30% for a month’s supply of premium CBD.

Price: Subscriptions start at $31 a month. CBD subscriptions for pets, including dog, cats and even horses starts at $26/mo.

11. NatureBox

Image from: our review

What You Get: If you’re looking for delicious and healthy snacks, NatureBox makes it easy for you! They offer nothing but yummy and healthy CBD snacks, including CBD-infused cookies, chews, and even truffles. All snacks taste amazing, and it contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, no corn syrup of any kind, no hydrogenated oils and no MSG. Members also receive exclusive member-only promotions, early access to new products, and monthly store credit. Better snacks, less stress!

Price: Snack boxes start at $28.99 for members.

Deal: Save 25% off your first purchase and get a risk-free membership free for 30 days! Use coupon code NATUREBOX25.

12. Not Pot

Image from: Not Pot

What You Get: From the name of the subscription itself, it’s Not Pot! This subscription paved the way to wellness by bringing CDB products that are safe and effective directly to your door. They offer CDB Original Gummies in fresh strawberry flavor to help you manage everyday stress and anxiety. There’s also the CBD Sleep Gummies in blueberry flavor that help with sleep problems. Aside from these gummies, they also have CBD Muscle Bath Soak for muscle tensions, CBD Sleep Bath Soak – the cure for restless and sleepless nights, CDB Glow Oil, Pet CDB Oil for soothing furbabies, and CBD Icy Gel for pain relief. These products are made from sustainably sourced, hemp-derived CBD grown in the US, lab-tested, gently extracted, and contains no psychoactive properties, which means it won’t make you high!

Price: Original and Sleep CBD Gummies subscription costs $25.80 per month, Muscle and Sleep Bath Soak subscription is $20.80 per month, CBD Glow Oil subscription is $37.80 per month, Pet CBD Oil subscription is $30.80 per month, and CBD Icy Gel is $17.80 per month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first order! Use coupon code WARRIOR .

13. HempleBox

Image from: HempleBox

What You Get: HempleBox is a great discovery box for new CBD products. Choose from 4 different box sizes – Lite, Standard, Premium, and Deluxe, and be introduced to all kinds of CBD products, including new ones you’ve probably never heard of! They even offer tailored CBD plans according to one’s interests, bringing in a range of products with their stress-free approach. Some of the items they send include capsules, e-liquid, creams, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and vape pens.

Price: Subscription starts at $49.99 per month!

14. Canna-Pet

Image from: Canna-Pet

What You Get: Make your pet’s life comfortable and free of worries with Canna-Pet. It is a special subscription designed specifically for pets that offer high-quality CBD products recommended by veterinarians. These products are safe for pets to take as they’re non-GMO, vegan, and free of animal products, preservatives, gelatin, wheat, sugar, and dairy. It’s the natural remedy to help improve and ease the pain of your pets.

Price: Subscription starts at $15.29 every 2 weeks.

15. Feals

Image from: Feals

What You Get: Get premium CBD delivered straight to your doorstep that helps with your anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness. Each Feals box contains one of the three different vials with varying strengths depending on your needs. This CBD product is made using all-natural ingredients, grown with care by US farmers to make you feel great without the fuzzy haze! All you need is just one vial per day to find your ideal Feals. Place a couple of drops under your tongue and let yourself be the judge.

Price: Subscribe to 600MG for $52.47, 1200MG for $94.46, and 2400MG for $171.46. You can also try them all when you purchase The Flight for $20.

16. Premium Jane

Image from: Premium Jane

What You Get: Premium Jane firmly believes in the power of CBD, and that’s why they offer a wide variety of high-quality, USA-made, and expertly crafted CBD products such as topicals, oils, capsules, and gummies. Get natural relief without the high feeling! Every product is extracted from organic, non-GMO, locally grown hemp planted and cultivated in the US soil and is lab-tested for safety. With this subscription, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed, and revived! Also available are CBD products for pets.

Price: CBD products start at $10.99 up to $375.

Deal: Get 10% off your order! Use coupon code PREMIUM.

17. Calivolve

Image from: Premium Jane

What You Get: Feel great every day by just munching on chocolates. Calivolve offers hand-crafted dark chocolate luxury truffles neatly packed in a stylish box. They believe that taking care of your body and life should be delicious without forbidding yourself in some indulging, and so do we! With Dark Belgian chocolate infused with high-quality ingredients like fresh cherries, matcha, mint, lavender, and carefully crafted natural hemp extract, it helps relax the muscles and the mind. Shop by function or choose from 5 different bundles they offer: Ashwagandha, Immunity, Mushroom, PMS, and Sensuality. All bundles come with 4 handcrafted jewel-shaped 100% naturally vegan and gluten-free CBD chocolate truffles and a limited edition ceramic mug!

Price: Reflect and Renew Collection Box costs $32 each month or less when you subscribe!  

18. 1940

Image from: 1940

What You Get: Giving you the world’s most innovative and beneficial products for the mind, body, and soul, 1940 makes one of the best choices you can go for! They customize monthly boxes filled with CBD and hemp products with wellness, health, beauty, and even pets in mind. You’ll get what you want and need – no games! You can choose from 2 box types they offer: 1940 Box ($75), which gives you 3-5 exclusively premium products, and 1940 Box ($45) that comes with 2-3 CBD premium products. Each box is conveniently priced and personally customized, delivered in discreet packaging!

Price: Subscriptions start at $48.95 per month.

19. caliper

Image from: caliper

What You Get: The best way to consume CBD is made easy by caliper. They offer CBD dissolvable powder in 20mg packets that you can easily carry and take anywhere you go, anytime you want to! The formulation is clinically proven and backed by science, so it’s really something you can feel good about! Receive 30 packs a month that’ll fit into your life easily. The Caliper Swiftsticks is also an option. You can just sprinkle it on your tongue, available in cool mint, mixed berry, and lemon-lime. No more aches and sleepless nights, just a calm feeling you need every day!

Price: Get 30 packs for $44.99/mo.

20. Five CBD

Image from: Five CBD

What You Get: Five CBD offers the best CBD products for you to feel the difference and be your best self every single day. Each of the products they carry is full-spectrum, which means you get to experience all the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant! Oil, gummies, capsules, chocolates, tinctures, or whatever it is you need to try – the choice is yours. And if you don’t know where to start, you can also take the CBD quiz for better recommendations on what you should purchase and subscribe to. Everything is 100% natural, so it’s really worth a try if you’re looking for CBD options!

Price: Subscribe and save $15% off starting at $33.99 per month.

And there you have it, our list of the Best CBD subscription boxes! Which one is your favorite?

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  • Mary

    Your list is missing AllayBox. Their curation of products is amazing. Small batch artisan-crafted products that taste great and are effective. Love them.

    • Hello Subscription

      We’ll be adding it soon – we have a review of this box coming out very soon!

  • Irene

    I wish there were more curated CBD subscriptions, something that would allow me to experiment but also that I could keep subscribing to (not just weird samples from weird manufacturers)