Best Dog Subscription Boxes for 2020

Dogs are no longer just pets but a part of the family, deserving of our love and care. These are subscription boxes that make it easy for dog lovers like us to take care of our furbabies and to have more fun with them. Dog subscriptions cover everything from dog treats and dog care products to dog toys and other useful accessories. Some boxes are even customizable to your dog’s size, so you’re sure that you’re only getting the right items for your dog.

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The best Subscription Boxes for Dogs!

1. Barkbox

What you get: Caring for your pups requires careful selection of the proper toys and treats, and will mostly depend on their size. Barkbox is a good box that offers 4-6 dog products customized for your furbaby! It also comes with a cute theme that you, as an owner will also love!

Check out the Barkbox Reviews page to learn more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $29 per month.


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2. BoxDog

BoxDog is a the first seasonal box for dogs, delivered free 4 times per year. Each box includes 100% handmade bakery treats made by BoxDog chefs and vegan skincare items from our own line.  Pick out your own unique dog toys, gear, and gadgets every season - let your dog decide!

Price: Ships every 3 months for $39.99.

Deal: Get $10 off your first box! Use coupon code 10HELLO.

3. Super Chewer

What you get: If your dog is a heavy chewer, Barkbox Super Chewer is a perfect choice. Every month, they send 4-6 items customized to satisfy the needs of tough-chewing dogs, and they come up with the cutest themes as well. The treats are all natural, and they make sure toys are made with durable material. They even promise to replace a toy for free if your dog defeats it!

Learn more by visiting the Barkbox Super Chewer Reviews page!

Price: Monthly subscriptions start at $39.


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4. Pet Treater Dog Pack

What you get: Pet Treater Dog Pack sure knows how to treat your dogs right because they only provide treats made in the USA and Canada, plus top quality grooming supplies and toys. Also, you get the best of both worlds, as the items they send are a balance of fun and practical. The boxes are available depending on your dog size: small, medium, or large.

Check out the Pet Treater Dog Pack Reviews page to know more!

Price: Boxes start at $15 each month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first month! Use coupon code DOGPACK10.

5. Surprise My Pet - Dog

What You Get: Surprise My Pet doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety! Each box contains 5-7 fun toys, treats, and other useful goodies like grooming supplies and accessories. From time to time, they even include surprises for the humans. If your pet doesn’t like an item included in the box, let them know and they will send an additional item in the next month’s box. There are also 4 sizes that you can choose from, depending on the weight of your pup: Tiny for pups less than 10 pounds, Small for 10-20 pounds, Medium for 20-50 pound dogs, and Large for dogs heavier than 50 pounds.

Learn more by visiting the Surprise My Pet – Dog Reviews page!

Price: Subscriptions start at $30 per month.

Deal: Save 10% on any plan. Use coupon code LOVE.

6. PupJoy

What you get: PupJoy is an award-winning pet care box, so you know that what you’re giving your pet is of high quality! They send out healthy dog treats that contain all-natural ingredients with clear labeling, well-crafted dog toys, and artisan accessories. They also have lots of options depending on your dog’s specific needs. The subscription even supports shelter animals and rescues!

See the PupJoy Reviews for more information!

Price: Boxes start at $29 per month, with lower rates for longer subscription plans.

7. PupBox

What you get: PupBox sends items tailored to – you guessed it – puppies! For new pet parents, this subscription is an excellent choice because it includes an assortment of useful treats, toys, bones, and accessories for little dogs. All items are puppy tested and puppy approved, and they even provide useful training info! Each box includes 1 bag of training treats and 4-6 additional products that are selected based on the age and physical characteristics of your puppy. If you have an adult dog, you can avail of a non-age specific box which comes with an advanced trick every month!

Visit the PupBox Reviews page for more information!

Price: Monthly boxes start at $39.

Deal: Get 50% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUB50.

8. Nom Nom

What you get: Just like people, dogs also need fresh and delicious meals! NomNomNow ships human-grade food for dogs, and you can choose whether you want to receive them weekly or monthly. The nutritious meals are formulated by a leader in veterinary nutrition and even cooked by a professional chef. You can personalize the meal plan upon signing up so you make sure that your pup gets what’s best for them.

Visit the NomNomNow Reviews page to find out more about the subscription!

Price: The box costs $33 per week.

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9. Pooch Perks

What you get: Taking care of a pooch may feel like taking care of a child, but life is sometimes busy so Pooch Perks is ready to help youwith all the pampering that your pet needs. Every box comes with 5-6 great products, all natural and made in the USA treats, premium customized toys, and fantastic accessories!

Check out Pooch Perks Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Boxes start at $27.95, with discounts for longer subscription plans.

Deal: Get 10% off your subscription length! Use coupon code FRIEND10.

10. The Dapper Dog Box

What you get: The Dapper Dog Box make your dog dapper by sending organic and natural-made products. The box conducts a personalized survey so they can send you and your best fur friend the right product depending on its gender and sizes. They even consider your dog’s allergies if there’s any. The regular box contains 4-6 items that will surely make your dog happy!

See The Dapper Dog Box Reviews for more information!

Price: Monthly boxes start at $29.99.

Deal: Save 10% off your first shipment! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

11. The Farmer's Dog

What you get: Nutritious food choices for dogs are made more accessible by The Farmer’s Dog! The dog food they send is human-grade, freshly made, guided by science, and made with your dog’s well-being in mind. It’s also ready-to-serve and already pre-made and pre-portioned, so all you have to do is open and serve. To make sure that your dog gets the right nutrition, the meal plans are even customized to your dog’s profile.

Visit   to know more!

Price: The dog meal subscription costs $17.82 per week.

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12. Chewy Goody Box

Chewy Goody Boxes are specially curated with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. Every Chewy Goody Box has a unique theme, just to keep things fun and interesting! Each box features exclusive surprises for different members of your furry family and savings on everyday prices, from toys to treats, and even tasty food and food toppers. You get full-size, top-rated products from some of your favorite pet brands, shipped right to your door. You’ll save money too, since buying the products separately costs more than getting them in a Chewy Goody Box! There’s a Chewy Goody Box for cats that’s packed with catnip-stuffed toys, grain-free cat treats and other goodies picked just for felines. Dogs can go wild for their own Chewy Goody Box, with a variety of squeak toys and an assortment of lip-smacking treats.

Price: Subscriptions start at $24.95 each month.

13. Surprise Pawty

What you get: Surprise Pawty shows some love to your doggy by bringing them organic USA treats, natural chews, and durable and interactive toys. Each box contains 5-6 premium items customized for your dog’s size. You can also tell them if your dog is a heavy chewer, or if it has dog allergies. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to shelters, rescues, and other non-profit organizations.

Check out the Surprise Pawty Reviews page to know more!

Price: Subscriptions start at $35 per month.

Deal: Save 10% off the total order for your first subscription. Use coupon code HELLOSUB.

14. Rescue Box

What you get: It really feels fulfilling when you get to spoil your dog and, at the same time, help other animals in need! RescueBox helps feed and vaccinate animals that are in need through their partners Rescue Bank and GreaterGood. Each box contains toys, treats, and accessories especially picked by their team for passionate pet lovers!

Learn more by visiting the RescueBox Reviews page!

Price: Boxes start at $23.45 monthly.

Deal: Get 50% OFF your first box! Use coupon code 50OFF1M.

15. Blockhead Box

What you get: Having big chewers and large dogs at home is fantastic, but you must also consider that they have different needs compared to the smaller dog types. BlockHead Box caters to bully breeds by sending appropriate dog treats and durable toys. Each box also includes a shirt for the human! Another admirable thing about this subscription is that they donate a portion of the proceeds to great causes including helping dogs in need.

See the BlockHead Box Reviews page for more information!

Price: The box costs $35.95 every month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first order! Use coupon code HELLOSUB10.

16. Ziva's Surprise Pack

What you get: If dogs can comment on the food they’re eating, they will definitely give this box two paws-up! Ziva’s Surprise Pack delivers goodies made by their sister company Scout & Zoe’s, like jerky sticks, bite-sized treats, and more. Subscribers can choose either the regular box that contains two treats or a multiple dog box that includes four dog treats.

Read Ziva’s Surprise Pack Reviews to find out more!

Price: The box costs $16.95 per month.

17. Ollie

What you get: Ollie sends freshly cooked dog food straight to your door! To ensure that your dog stays healthy and strong, their meal plans are based on the dog’s age, breed, activity level, allergies, and ideal weight. This practice also helps them determine the right portion of food to send your dog. Now, you don’t have to worry about overeating or unhealthy dog food ingredients!

Visit Ollie Reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Price: The box costs $50 every two weeks.

Deal: Get 50% off your first box! Use this link to get the deal.

18. VetPet Box - Dog & Puppy

What you get: Curated by veterinarians, VetPet Box contains high-quality toys, treats, wellness products, and educational materials. It is customizable – you can select one of the six different weight sizes, as well as chewing style, allergies, even fashion preferences. They also support causes by giving back a portion of the profits to non-profit organizations on an annual basis.

See the VetPet Box – Dog & Puppy Reviews to find out more!

Price: The box costs $39 every month.


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19. Grocery Pup

What you get: Grocery Pup believes that ensuring your dog’s nutrition doesn’t mean you have to compromise the food’s taste! They make sure that the nutrients and flavors are retained even after the cooking, so you know that the dogs will really enjoy their meal! The meals are convenient even if they’re home-made, and the natural juices from the meat boost the food flavors!

Price: The subscription costs $67 every two weeks.


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  • Get 15% off on A La Carte products! Use coupon code SAMPLER15.

20. Pug Box

Pug Box is a subscription built for adorable pugs and their owners! Each monthly box contains fun toys and delicious treats for the dog, as well as a cool pug-themed item for the human.

Price: Pug Box subscription plan is $29 per month.

Deal: Get $5 off on your first box! Use coupon code HELLO5.

That’s all the Best Subscription Boxes  for dogs! Which one are you going to try?

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