Spoil Your Pups With The Best Dog Treat Subscriptions in 2024

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Subscriptions offers a wide array of options to cater to our desires and requirements, and our beloved pets are no exception! When it comes to treats for dogs, subscribing to a dog treat box ensures that you never run out of delicious goodies to pamper your loyal furry companion. Sharing dog treats is an expression of affection for our canine friends, and these subscriptions effortlessly combine deliciousness and entertainment, making those furry tails wag with joy!

When it comes to dog treats, it’s important to prioritize nutrition and the well-being of our furry companions. We want to ensure they receive healthy options that won’t compromise their health. That’s why these subscriptions are carefully curated with nothing but high-quality ingredients you can trust. Packed with essential proteins, these treats will have your doggo happily munching away. Plus, some treats even contribute to dental health!

Now is the perfect time to reward and surprise your pets with delicious treats they’ll absolutely adore. In this list, we’ve gathered the best dog treat subscription boxes, brimming with irresistible goodies that will leave their tails wagging with delight!

The Best Dog Treat Subscription Boxes!

1. BoxDog

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What You Get: What’s more special than a fully customized box just for your four-legged companion? BoxDog is a monthly subscription that sends handmade treats for your fur baby! You have the option to choose 4 items that you like to include in your box each month – treats, toys, clothing, or skincare. No need to worry because these treats are 100% freshly handmade using the safest ingredients that your pet can’t resist munching on! There are new items each month to choose from, so you’ll never get bored. And if you have a tough chewer at home, you can opt for the GIANT Quarterly Box.

Deal: Get 10% off on your first month when you sign up for a 6 month prepaid plan! Use coupon code 10OFF.

2. Pawstruck

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What You Get: Give your pets the kind of treats they deserve! Pawstruck delivers tasty, healthy, and natural chews directly to your door each month to satisfy your pet’s appetite. Each box is hand-packed with 4 types of meaty treats and chews that are curated based on your dog’s size and made with the highest quality ingredients, sourced from countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and South America. There’s a variety in each box, and your dog (even the pickiest ones) will surely enjoy gnawing on treats like bully sticks, cow ears, beef jerky, pigskin treats, and more! Each dog treat is carefully packaged to maintain freshness and ensure that they arrive in good condition. Not only will you be giving your dog healthy chews, but this will also naturally improve their dental health.

3. Dandy

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What You Get: Dandy is a monthly subscription that offers all-natural, non-GMO, plant-based vitamin treats for your pet. Formulated by certified veterinarians, these vitamin treats keep dogs healthier, happier, and be in tip-top shape every day of their lives! They have 4 packs available: Allergy Pack (free and clear, happy belly, hemp+, shine boost), Anxiety Pack (l-theanine, magnesium, hemp+, happy belly), Senior Pack (mobility+, b-complex, restore & support, pure heart), and Wellness Pack (happy belly, super greens, immunity blend, balance). The box comes with 30 vet-approved vitamin packs with each containing four treats that address specific issues and overall wellness, and everything is peanut butter flavored! Because it is more than just vitamins, it’s a treat too!

Deal: Get 50% off on your first month! Use coupon code 2WEEKSFREE.

4. Amazing Clubs Dog Treat of the Month Club

Image from: Amazing Clubs Dog Treat of the Month Club

What You Get: Amazing Clubs Dog Treat of the Month Club offers a wide range of delicious treats that your pets can digest without worries. Each month, you’ll receive two new and delicious varieties of all-natural, fresh-baked gourmet dog treats from specialty producers nationwide. These treats are wheat, soy, and gluten-free, and they’re molded into different shapes to delight both pets and their hoomans! So why have one when you can have two treats in just one box? Monthly shipments also include an informative newsletter with details about the sections, fun canine facts, and more. Previous selections include turkey puzzle pieces & banana ice cream cones, chicken spades & honey spiced pumpkin crowns, and more!

And that’s our list of the best dog treat subscription boxes!

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    Ziva’s is an unsung hero. The dogs just go wild over these snacks. Thank you for the recommendation, I saw it on your site.