The 11 Best Subscription Boxes For Pet Lovers in 2023

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Calling all pet lovers! We understand that you love showering your furry friends with endless affection, but now it’s time to treat yourself while still expressing your unwavering love for them. Pet-themed subscription boxes offer a delightful range of lifestyle items that you can proudly wear or display. Some boxes are exclusively curated for your enjoyment, while others are designed for you and your beloved pet to share in the excitement of unboxing together.

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Whether you’re a devoted dog person, a dedicated cat enthusiast, or simply an all-around animal lover, there’s a subscription box tailored to your passions. Explore our handpicked selection of the best subscription boxes for pet lovers in the list below!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Pet Lovers!

1. Dog Mom Box

Image from: Dog Mom Box

What You Get: Are you the type of pet parent that gets obsessed with every little thing that’s woofy goody? Dog Mom Box contains 5-8 items that you and your four-legged companion will surely love! Tell them your shirt size, dog size, and dog gender so they can pick out the right items for both of you! You also have the option to choose a larger box to match your large dog family! Allergies? Let them know, and they will accommodate it for you! What’s good is they donate a portion of the profits to help dog parents with emergency vet care at a vet clinic local to them.

2. Cat Lady Box

Image from: our review

What You Get: Crazy cat ladies, represent! Cat Lady Box makes every cat lady’s dream come true every month. They’ll surprise you with a box filled to the brim with all things purrfect. From shirts to jewelry to home décor and more, they’re all about giving the best things for deserving cat lovers. Choose the Basic Cat Lady Box and receive 3-4 items for yourself. If you want to share a box with your beloved pet, you can choose the Crazy Cat Lady Box, which contains 3-4 items for you and another 2 goodies for your pet. All boxes are differently themed so you can enjoy a variety of items, all revolving around the theme! Past themes include Pampurr Yourself, Another Day in Purradise, or Meowloween.

3. PETure Perfect

Image from: our review

What You Get: Who wouldn’t love a box of goodies personalized with your pet’s photo? If you can’t get enough of your fur baby, then PETure Perfect is the best option for you! Each box comes with wonderful goodies like mugs, notebooks, coasters, tote bags, pet treats recipes, and more! You can use your own pet photos when you choose the Photo Club or receive items with hand-drawn illustrations of your beloved pet when you subscribe to Pawtrait Club. FYI, all illustrations are personally created by experienced artists!

4. Cattitude Box

Image from: Cattitude Box

What You Get: If you’re a cat lady and in search of a subscription that can cater to you and your cat, then Cattitude Box is the purrfect subscription box that you’re looking for! It is filled with premium, unique cat-themed items that you can get obsessed about from independent artists and shops! They hand-select the best products ranging from cat jewelry and cat home décor to chew treats to mugs and purses. You can always look for something exciting each month because the theme changes! If you wish to swap cat food/treats for toys, you can tell them during check out. They also care for cats in need by donating a portion of profits to cat shelters to support the rescue and wellbeing of less fortunate kitties.

5. The KitTea Kit

Image from: The KitTea Kit

What You Get: Cats love rummaging through boxes, so share the fun of unboxing with your cat through The KitTea Kit. Subscribe and receive 2-4 cat-tastic, cat-centric items such as lapel pins, patches, socks, stickers, and more designed by cat-loving artists! What makes it more exciting is the themes each month. Past themes include Cactus Catus, Meowgical Cats, and Pussy Power. Each box supports KitTea Cat Café’s cat rescue efforts. They go outside of the area to shelters to rescue high-risk cats in euthanasia shelters.

6. Cat Sticker Club

Image from: Cat Sticker Club

What You Get: Cat Sticker Club is a fun way to show your feline love! This subscription delivers high-quality stickers that will surely brighten up your mailbox each month. Stickers are 3-4” wide on average and are made from weatherproof, durable vinyl. The best thing about it is that it only costs a few dollars each month. You can also gift this subscription and make a fellow cat lover smile from ear to ear!

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7. Cat Kit by Pusheen Box

Image from: Cat Kit by Pusheen Box

What You Get: For pet parents who love Pusheen, you can now shower your favorite felines with some love through the Cat Kit by Pusheen Box! This quarterly cat subscription includes 6 to 8 Pusheen-themed goodies exclusively for cats, like toys, grooming items, wearables, and other things cats love. The themes will be the same as the Pusheen Box for humans, so you can look forward to a matching box for you and your cat every season. The promised retail value per box is more than $75!

8. Squawk Box

Image from: our review

What You Get: Tweet your love for your winged pet with every box you’ll receive from Squawk Box. This subscription is specifically designed for intelligent and highly social parrots. Each month, you’ll get a variety of 4-6 carefully selected and parrot-approved items that are 100% safe. They provide toys, treats, and more items to keep your feathered friend happy and healthy throughout his life. Get started by choosing the right box, based on your bird’s size: Little Birdie, Middle Birdie, Big Birdie, and Jumbo Birdie. Soon thereafter, you’ll receive a box filled with items that your pet can enjoy! And for every box ordered, a percentage goes to parrot rescues.

9. Cat Jewelry Club

Image from: Cat Jewelry Club

What You Get: For the proud cat mom who loves blings and things, Cat Jewelry Club got you! This monthly subscription serves every feline lover out there with pieces of jewelry that can spark up conversations with fellow pet owners. Every other month, cat parents are in for a surprise with not just one but two gorgeous cat-themed jewelry pieces, which may be necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, anklets, or even brooches. Designs are even fun and trendy, so you can always look fabulous wherever you go while showing the world your love for your cat. It’s a simple way to express yourself and keep your purr babies close to your heart, always!

10. Rescue Dogs Rock T-Shirt Club

Image from: Rescue Dogs Rock T-shirt Club

What You Get: Support your love for animals by rocking that out with the clothes you wear. Rescue Dogs Rock T-shirt Club allows you to do just that! Filling your wardrobe with t-shirts embedded by all things about our beloved fur buddies, you’ll surely love opening your closet to see what they’ve sent you. Aside from t-shirts, you’ll also receive one lifestyle item or décor – all dog-themed! And your fur baby will receive an all-natural dog treat to munch. All these fun items in just one box curated with pet parents in mind! What’s even great is they donate 5% of all proceeds to animal rescues.

And that’s our list of the best subscription boxes for pet lovers!

If you’re looking for subscriptions that cater specifically to your pet’s needs like toys and edible treats, check out our list of pet subscription boxes.


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