Best Date Night Subscription Boxes for Couples

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Whether married or not, couples deserve their own fun and sweet time –  away from kids’ messy play, tiring chores at home, or even the bustle and hustle of the city. And if you can’t leave your home but still want to spend time together with your bae, date night subscription boxes provide the solution to this woe! You may have run out of date ideas, but these subscriptions won’t!

Date outside the box, but inside your homes – that’s what these subscription boxes are! They are dedicated to creating fun and meaningful moments for couples to connect. Focused on laughter, it’ll surely create the best date night ever! A date night that is always ready and planned, so all you have to do is have fun and get even closer with your significant other. Some of these boxes focus on fun games and activities to do and to learn more about each other, while others provide delectable treats you can share while watching your fave shows!

Ignite the spark and rekindle the flame of love with the best date night subscription boxes! These subscriptions are also excellent gifts for any couple, whether married or not, long-time or newlywed.

The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes To Celebrate Togetherness!

1. Date Box Club

Image from: Date Box Club

Why We Love It: Everything you need for a great date night comes with Date Box Club. This monthly subscription makes sure you’ll have a fun night with your boo by bringing activities and all the things needed. Each box is themed, making it extra fun and engaging for couples to create quality time together. Their team has handpicked and tested every game and activity, as well as all of the goodies in the box, so there’s no need for you to plan ahead! It’s a shared, fun experience that’ll bring you closer together. Past themes include Colorful Conversations, Sweet Romance, Summer Love, and Date Night Match Up.

Price: 1 date night costs $39.95/month and less with longer subscription plans.

2. Date Night In

Image from: Date Night In

Why We Love It: Date Night In aims to help you connect with your partner through a memorable date night at home. They custom create boxes and fill them up with interactive activities that both you and your significant other can enjoy working on, even when you’re in your pj’s! It includes the activities, accessories, high-quality snacks or mixers, chef-curated dinner menu & recipes, and more. There are 2 box options to choose from: Regular and Faith. The Faith box comes with an added discussion guide that’ll help couples deepen their relationship with God and with each other. Monthly boxes are also themed to deliver something new for a fun date night experience!

Price: Get the regular box for $41.99 monthly or the faith box for $45.98 monthly.

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3. Finders Seekers

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: For couples who love playing sleuth, Finders Seekers is the best subscription to take. This self-contained mystery lets you create a unique date night by exploring new cities and cultures while solving cryptic messages and deciphering codes, all in the comforts of your own home. Receive a curious package every month that initiates a fun and challenging ‘Find.’ Locations and contents vary with a need for a little online research and tools required for a fun and thrilling mystery revelation. Take your mystery global, uncover underground cultures, explore local traditions, and complete missions to win prizes! Featured past locations include Athens, Toronto, and San Francisco.

See how fun and thrilling this subscription is when you visit Finder Seekers Reviews.

Price: Have fun unlocking a mystery for $30 a month.


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4. Platterful

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Platterful provides couples a wholesome date night at home with a fun charcuterie-making activity, resulting in a fully loaded board they can enjoy together! This subscription sends out an all-in-one kit with artisan products, like cured meats, cheeses, crackers, & other delightful accompaniments. Available in sizes Standard and Large, each box includes new products every month to ensure couples have a variety to love! Also included are monthly educational material and step-by-step assembly instructions, allowing you and your significant other to become charcuterie artists. It’s one delicious spread that’s fun for date nights that you have in mind! There are also Gluten-free and Vegan options.

Price: The standard box subscription costs $59 a month, while the large box subscription costs $89 a month.

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5. Bonding Bees

Image from: Bonding Bees

Why We Love It: A fun way to spend quality time at home with your sweetheart comes with Bonding Bees. This monthly date night subscription brings new experiences that you and your significant other can enjoy together for a promising fun night of togetherness. They rethink couples date night by sending boxes with custom-made games, unique activities, and awesome products that’ll help you connect on a deeper level. It also comes with a one-of-a-kind theme, and everything in the box goes along with it!

Price: Get the box and bond with your bee for $39/mo.


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6. Happily

Image from: Happily

Why We Love It: With Happily, your relationship matters. A date night in a box, that’s what this subscription is. Everything you need to make your bae feel loved on a fun and romantic date night is enclosed in a monthly box that is different from last month’s – surprise! It may be dance lessons, cooking class, and everything in between that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Whatever is inside these boxes, they are sure to create an amazing date night atmosphere that’s completely planned, so you’ll have nothing to worry about but to enjoy!

Price: Subscription costs $39.99 per month or save more when you opt for longer plans.

7. Crated With Love

Image from: Crated With Love

Why We Love It: Crated With Love brings more romance and laughter to the lives of couples with just a box. This date night subscription aims to strengthen the bond and relationship by giving a unique and spontaneous date at home. Each box has a specific theme, and it includes 4-6 activities, plus all the items needed for the date, all revolving around the theme. No preparation is required! Unbox and let the fun date night begins.

Price: Monthly subscription is priced at $39.99.

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8. Adults & Crafts

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: For the crafty and artistic couple, there’s Adults & Crafts! This subscription brings DIY crafts that you’ll surely enjoy creating with your mate. Each month, you’ll get a box full of materials coupled with tools and instructions to make awesome and trendy projects. Not only can you make interesting creations, but you’ll also be exposed to new mediums such as wood-burning, resin, engraving, cement, and more. It’ll make the date night so convenient, enjoyable, and fulfilling with some pretty crafts you’ll proudly use or display! Past projects include wine caddy, clock, cement planters, and everything in between.

Check out Adults & Crafts Reviews for more information.

Price: Craft all you want together with your bae for $33 a month.


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9. Krush Date Night

Image from: Krush Date Night

Why We Love It: Deeply connect with your significant other with fun activities to do! Krush Date Night makes every date night at home a memorable one. Couples can enjoy snacking, gaming, or crafting as monthly date night boxes are themed differently. Each box includes all the things needed to create a romantic date night that is different from the usual. Through this box, you and your babe can share new and exciting experiences that’ll help better your relationship!

Price: The box costs $44.99 monthly.

10. Paired

Image from: Paired

Why We Love It: Paired is an app-based program designed to guide couples into a happy relationship. It is loaded with fun, research-based questions or quizzes that can bring couples together and help deepen the relationship, including topics you may have never discussed before like marriage, long-distance, moving in together, and more! This also serves as a great conversation starter and will help you stay connected with your partner. And in case you need expert advice, there are also tips on how to build healthy relationship habits from couple therapists.

Price: Subscribe for $14.99 a month.

And that wraps up our list of the best subscription boxes for a date night at home! Have you planned out which of these date night subscriptions to try? Let us know in the comments!

There are more amazing subscriptions awaiting on our complete list of all the best subscription boxes in every category!

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