Put Your Brain To The Test With The 8 Best Escape Room & Mystery Subscription Boxes for 2024

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Curiosity may be known to have its risks, but for those with an appetite for brain-teasing puzzles and thrilling adventures, there’s a perfect solution. Murder mystery and escape room subscription boxes offer the ideal way to satiate your curious mind. With these boxes, the excitement and suspense of mysterious games are delivered straight to your doorstep, making it effortless to indulge in the thrill!

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Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes as you dive into the thrilling realm of solving mysteries. With these subscription boxes, you can unleash your detective persona and embark on an immersive adventure. Put your skills to the test as you decipher codes, search for clues, and leave no stone unturned to unveil the truth.

Elevate your game nights to new heights and unravel captivating mysteries with the carefully curated selection of the best murder mystery and escape room subscription boxes on our list!

The Best Murder Mystery & Escape Room Subscription Boxes for Detective Minds!

1. Hunt A Killer

Image from: Hunt A Killer

Why We Love It: Help a private investigator uncover the truth! You’ll find yourself immersed with nerve-wracking stories (mystery or horror) from Hunt A Killer. It’s a monthly subscription that’s filled with hand-crafted yet high-quality clues to make you feel like you’re solving a real case! Each investigation unravels over a six-episode season, complete with different clues and physical items to help you get through with the mysteries. Examine the pieces of evidence and eliminate one suspect or uncover supernatural forces each month until you reach the end. Items include autopsy & police reports, witness statements, letters, and more!

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2. Finders Seekers Mysteries

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Finders Seekers Mysteries is a self-contained mystery subscription box that comes with a series of clues and puzzles to get your brain ticking! Explore new cities and culture each month while solving cryptic messages and deciphering codes, all in the comforts of your own home. Locations and contents vary with a need for a little online research and tools required for a fun and thrilling mystery revelation. Take your mystery global, uncover underground cultures, explore local traditions, and complete missions to win prizes! Featured past locations include Athens, Toronto, and San Francisco.

3. Escape the Crate

Image from: Escape The Crate

Why We Love It: For escape room lovers, gear up and get ready because Escape the Crate will have every inch of your brain working! Bring your family and friends for an exciting adventure into the comforts of your own home. This bi-monthly subscription sends you puzzles and riddles to solve and discover hidden objects, all in a beautifully crafted story. Inside the box, you’ll find letters, ciphers, puzzles, tools, and interesting objects to help you stay Focus! Find clues, crack codes, unravel riddles, solve mysteries, and escape the crate!

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4. Dispatch by Breakout Games

Image from: Dispatch by Breakout Games

Why We Love It: Excited to try an escape game but without having to leave your home? Dispatch by Breakout Games is an interactive mystery in a box that can test your ability and critical thinking with a series of clues to uncover a mind-bending truth. In each box set, you’ll find yourself entangled with a new set of physical and interactive clues that will help you progress through the unfolding story and unravel the mystery that surrounds it. Choose a story that excites your mystery-loving senses the most: On The Run, The Cat’s Eye, Disappearing Magician, and I, spy. Take your pick, unbox a web of clues, and get ready to escape the room before it’s too late!

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5. CosyKiller

Image from: Cosy Killer

Why We Love It: Cosy Killer is a mystery-filled subscription that runs over a 12-month case. Unfold every corner of the mystery with new clues coming your way every month. Choose a story you’d excitedly solve – The Hidden Listener, Murder at Malborough House, An Inheritance of Murder, The Curse of King Humanrah. Each box comes with new content that adds up to the last one, creating a connection to fit a whole compelling story. It includes clues & ciphers, puzzles, mementos, sketches & photos, and access to the Facebook group, where you can get amazing support if you need help solving the mystery!

6. Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Kids can also play detective with every box from Dispatch Kids by Breakout Games. It is a lighthearted detective adventure for kids who aspire to be detectives and have lots of questions in their heads. Each box set has a storyline-based child-friendly mystery, specifically designed for children ages 3-5 through an escape game model that’ll help develop kids’ cognitive, language, numerical, social, and emotional skills. It includes maps, flashcards, and even digital games to help young ones unravel a mystery. Kids can learn their way with hands-on problem-solving activities that are fun and engaging while earning prizes!

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7. Society of Curiosities - Adventure by Mail

Image from: Society of Curiosities - Adventure by Mail

Why We Love It: Be a researcher and an adventurer in this mystery-filled subscription box. Society of Curiosities – Adventure by Mail offers a play-at-home mystery game, sent to your mail quarterly with a unique variety of artifacts, articles, and more ancient resources to help you get on your feet and sail away with a fun adventure. Find the lost treasure, solve ancient mysteries, and discover the location for a fun-filled night of adventure at the comfort of your home. Follow your intuition to see where it leads you!

8. The Conundrum Box

Image from: The Conundrum Box

Why We Love It: A highly-anticipated escape room experience comes in just a box! The Conundrum Box is a part escape room experience and part “choose-your-own” adventure, delivered directly to your doorstep every month. Immerse yourself in different story environments through music, food, and more with each series and let your brain cells work their way to find an escape. A boxed game that’s full of puzzles, clues, ciphers, and deep story-driven narratives, all designed for travel and mystery game enthusiasts aged 12 and above! Further your adventure as each series links to an overall story for the season.

And that is our list of the best escape room and murder mystery subscription boxes!

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