Bring Home The Bacon: The Best Bacon Subscription Boxes

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The Best Bacon Subscription Boxes!

1. Bacon Freak

The Bacon of the Month Club delivers different varieties of gourmet bacon to your door each month. Uncured, gluten-free, and pepper-free options available too!

Price: Delivers each month for 3 months, $149.75; 6 months, $292.95; or 12 months, $499.95.  

2. Goldbelly Bacon Subscription

You know your dad, BFF, bae, neighbor (who you’re trying to butter up before your infamous New Year’s Eve bash…), etc. likes bacon. It’s a pretty safe bet. But what kind of bacon? Peppered, spiced or thick stripped? Double smoked, sugar rubbed or chocolate dipped?

See, there’s a lot more to this than you originally thought. Why not get ALL THE BACON? With our Greatest Bacon Subscription Ever, you or your very lucky pal will receive hand selected bacon on a monthly basis from the nation’s most beloved bacon-ries.

Each box sent to subscribers will serve at least 6 people, and includes approximately 2-5 lbs. of bacon

Price: Subscribe monthly for $69.

3. Bacon Buff

Get the most amazing bacon. Each month your Bacon of the Month Club shipment will feature the most artisanal bacon makers from around the country making the best, honest bacon today. This is not the stuff you can easily find at your supermarket. It will be the most fantastical, deliciousy bacon imaginable. It’s so good, we’re making up words.

Price: Monthly for $29, 3 Months $87, 6 Months $174 and $348 for 12 Months.

4. Tender Belly's Bacon of the Month Club

Bacon. Enough said. Try the world’s best bacon delivered to your door, monthly. That’s right. Up to four pounds of dry-cured, cherrywood-smoked bacon flavored with our signature maple rub or spiced up with our habanero mix. Try one flavor or get two of each. Avoiding sugar? Choose the No Sugar variety for carb-free deliciousness. Be a part of the “in” club.

Price: Get this subscription for $64/month.

5. Amazing Clubs Bacon of the Month Club

Amaze the bacon lover on your list with the latest culinary creations from American's best smokehouses. Each month we'll send two different 1 lb. selections of gourmet bacon expertly cured with finest ingredients. Every order Includes Free Shipping, free gift announcement and our club newsletter. Available in 3, 6, 12, 24 month and quarterly lengths.

Price: $48.95/month, 3 Month Club- $146.85, 6 Month Club- $293.70 and 12 Month Club- $587.40.

6. Igourmet Bacon of the Month Club

Mmm Bacon! Once a generic item relegated to greasy spoon diners, bacon is now a booming gourmet category all to itself. Top restaurants and their celebrity chefs are creating numerous dishes that feature this beloved cut of pork. In addition to selecting top cuts from premium hogs, various styles of smoking and curing and being used to differentiate product in the marketplace. The result is that consumers have a wider selection of bacon than ever. If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to navigate this delicious smoked meat category, look no further than’s Bacon of the Month Club. Each month we will deliver to you two 12-16 oz. pouches of artisan smoked bacon, along with an information sheet on the bacon’s background and flavor profile.

Price: 3 Month Plan – $134.99, 6 Month Plan – $269.98 and 12 Month Plan – $485.96 (Save 10%)

7. Butcher Box

Remove the stress of worrying where your meat comes from! ButcherBox all premium natural, 100% grass fed beef kits will be delivered monthly and feature a great variety of ur top notch beef. Each month they curate a unique and appealing kit using an array of different cuts and provide tailored recipes to help you discover and explore new cooking ideas.

Every kit has carefully prepared cuts, bringing back that unique experience of visiting the local butcher shop. There’s 15 – 20 meals worth of meat based on 6 – 8oz portions.

Price: Subscribe for $129 every month.

Deal: Get FREE bacon in your first box + $10 off! Use this link to get the deal.

8. The Baconarium

The Baconarium is all about one thing: freakin' awesome bacon! We handmake our bacon using only the finest ingredients--heritage breed pigs pasture raised on non-GMO/no antibiotics diets on family farms throughout the US, the finest spices and herbs, and slow cure and cold smoke the bacon in a process that takes 11-18 days.

9. Pig of the Month Bacon of the Month Club

Love bacon? That's a trick question, you say. EVERYONE loves bacon!

Well, we have just the thing for you. We will send you 2 pounds of bacon (one of each flavor) every month for as long as you'd like.

You'll have enough to wrap your grilled asparagus salad with, kick up your BLT sandwich, or steal the show at breakfast.

Deal: Get 15% off! Use coupon code subscription15.

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