The 10 Best Subscription Boxes For New Year Resolutions in 2023

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“New year, new me” – we often hear these words whenever the new year comes. One great thing about the new year is the renewed sense of hope it gives us. Have you thought of new goals and plans you want to achieve this year?

If we’re talking about new year’s resolutions, there’s a bunch on the list! There is losing weight, getting organized, learning new skills or hobbies, making healthier choices, and the list goes on, but staying loyal to these resolutions can be quite challenging. Good thing there are lots of subscription boxes around that can help you achieve whatever goal you set your heart on!

We’ve prepared a list of the best subscription boxes for every New Year resolution that’ll help you in making your new year’s resolutions come true, whether it’s about your health, getting new hobbies, or something in between. Check them out below!

The Best Subscription Boxes To Carry Through New Year Resolutions!

1. MasterClass - Learn Something New Every Day!

Image from: MasterClass

Why We Love It: Start the year right with the right knowledge. MasterClass is an immersive online experience that allows anyone to take online classes with the world’s best. You can find different classes in which you can submerge yourself into. There are classes in arts & entertainment, food, sports, writing, business, music, and much more! Learn from over 90 of the world’s best minds by watching them as they share their stories, failures, and successes.

Details: Each class includes 20 videos that are at least 10 minutes long on average. Some of the instructors include Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, Stephen Curry, Gordon Ramsay, and more! This is a perfect gift for the person with everything.

Price: $180 for a year of access to all of Masterclass’ expert courses!

2. FitSnack - For those who want to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Find the tastiest snacks that you can enjoy even when keeping fit. Guilt-free snacking is what FitSnack is all about! No one has to compromise their taste buds and sacrifice yummy snacks to reach their fitness goals. This subscription works by gathering healthy snacks and nutritious drinks from the world’s best brands. What’s even great is they donate snacks to kids in need!

Details: Each month, you’ll receive a box of 7-10 full-size and deluxe sample products that support an active lifestyle. Every snack in the box is carefully selected by a nutritionist with varieties such as GMO-free, gluten-free, organic, vegan, low in sugar, and high in protein. They also include bonus items like workout gear and other active lifestyle inspirations!

Price: The subscription costs $29.90 each month with S&H included. Save up to 16% when you choose the prepaid plan options!

Deal: Save $3 on your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

3. Nomadik Monthly - For those who are planning to go on more adventures

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: It could be quite a challenge to prepare and pack the right things for an adventure, especially if you’re a newbie in outdoor activities. Nomadik encourages you to live your best life outdoors. It’s a great way to discover outdoor tools and gears to equip you for your new adventures!

Details: Each box includes 1 main product, 1-3 smaller products, and 1-2 educational/inspiration items that are pulled together into an exciting survival theme! Along with the items in your box comes a monthly outdoor challenge that matches the theme. All gears are high-end, functional, and given a “stamp of approval” by world-class adventurers.

Price: Get a monthly outdoor-themed box for $32.95 and save more on longer plans!

Deal: Get $5 off on your first box! Use coupon code HELLO5OFF.

4. Maker Crate by KiwiCo - For people whose goal is to spend less time online

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Yes, we’re in the digital age, but once in a while, we also need to detox and do fun things offline. Maker Crate is just the perfect box for that! This art subscription inspires young makers to learn new skills and have creative confidence through arts and craft projects that they’ll be proud of afterward!

Details: Each crate is passionately designed and tested by their in-house experts to make sure it’s fun and engaging. It includes high-quality materials, tools, and easy-to-follow video instructions, and inspiration. Sample projects include macrame planters, punch-needle pillow, terrazzo clay organizers, and more!

Price: The subscription is $32.95 a month.

Deal: Save 30% on your first month! Use this link to get the deal.

5. SinglesSwag - For women who want to embrace and enjoy singlehood

Image from: SinglesSwag

Why We Love It: Being on your own can be fun too, and that’s what SinglesSwag wants to remind all the single ladies out there! This subscription is a fun monthly surprise box for amazing single women, aiming to make them look and feel beautiful while empowering and inspiring them. It promotes self-love and self-care all year round! What makes it one of the best is that they share the love by donating a portion of all proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Details: There are two subscription plans to choose from: SinglesSwag or SinglesSwag Petite. Each month, subscribers receive 4-8 full-sized products (depending on the plan), hand-selected for fabulous single women! Items may include organic bath & beauty products, fashion accessories, artisan-crafted foods, best-selling books, and other exciting surprises!

Price: A box with 7-8 full-size products costs $39.99 per month, while the petite box with 4-5 full-size products costs $24.99. Get savings when you sign up for a 3-month and 6-month plan!


  • Save 40% off your subscription! Use coupon code HOTTIE.
  • Receive 20% off your subscription! Use coupon code HELLO20.

6. Home Chef - For people whose goal is to learn how to cook

Image from: Home Chef

Why We Love It: Home Chef is a newbie-friendly cooking subscription. As long as you know how to follow instructions, you’ll be fine! It lets you take a break from grocery shopping by supplying fresh and easy recipes with pre-portioned and ready-to-cook ingredients. Their offering includes dishes inspired by cuisines from Asia, Africa, and South America.

Details: Every week, you have the option to choose from a variety of recipes and have all the ingredients and visual step-by-step recipe cards delivered directly to your door. You can custom your box to fit your needs, including the number of servings per meal and the number of meals per week.

Price: Box costs start at $60 per week. Delivery costs $13.99 for orders under $49.99 and $7.99 for orders over $49.99.

Deal: Get $90 off your first THREE boxes! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. Grove Collaborative - For anyone who promises to be more eco-conscious

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: When it comes to eco-friendly products, Grove Collaborative is the one to trust! This subscription service is customizable to your household’s needs, and the products are not limited to one brand. In addition, they are also 100% plastic neutral, which means for every plastic you receive from them, they collect and recycle the same amount of plastic pollution. Help build a better tomorrow as every shipment will help them plant trees across the United States.

Details: This subscription allows anyone to choose exactly the products they need, including brands like Method, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, and Seventh Generation. There are also add-ons like toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags. All products are non-toxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free.

Price: VIP Membership costs $19.99 per year.

Deal: Get FREE Bundle when you subscribe! Use this link to get the deal. Valid to new subscribers only.

8. Beauty Heroes - Revamp Your Skincare Routine

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Beauty Heroes helps bring out the best in you by putting the highlight on natural beauty. They offer healthy products that range from skincare, makeup, body products, hair care, and even lifestyle items that you can trust. They work with different brands sharing the same goal and provide members healthy beauty. Some of the brands are Zoe Organics, Henne Organics, Cleo + Coco, and more!

Details: Each box contains one full-size hero product and a ‘sidekick’ (can be trial or full-size too). Each package also includes a booklet loaded with vital information about the featured brand! As a member, you’ll get to save 15% every day in the beauty store, insider exclusives, and early access to new product launches.

Price: The box ships every month for $58.95, or less with a 3 month, 6 month, or an annual subscription!

Deal: Get 10% off your first Beauty Heroes subscription of any length! Use coupon code HELLOBH10. Valid for new subscribers only.

9. Splendid Spoon - Kickstart New Year's Resolutions & Detox

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: If you want to start the year right by eating healthy, Splendid Spoon is the subscription to go! It is a scrumptious meal subscription plan that delivers vegan and GMO-free ready-made smoothies, soup and grain bowls, noodles, and even wellness shots!

Details: Each week, they deliver plant-based and gluten-free meals to subscribers. The orders can also be customized by excluding ingredients and flavors that you don’t want to receive! You can choose a plan from Lunch, Breakfast+Lunch, or Breakfast+Lunch+Reset. Their new plan includes dinner as well.

Price: The subscription cost starts at $65 per week.

Deal: Get $100 off your first 4 boxes! Use this link to get the deal. First 4 boxes must be ordered within 90 days from the shipping date

10. Book of the Month - For anyone who wants to read a wider range of books

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Book of the Month lets anyone indulge themselves in swoon-worthy books month after month! They offer books in different genres, plus you get to choose which one you like from their monthly selection. It’s a great book subscription if you want to make sure that you’ll actually like what you’ll receive in the mail!

Details: Their “book judges” find five of the best reads for the month from a broad range of genres with a mix of both fiction and non-fiction titles. Your chosen title (along with any additional books, if any) will be shipped right to your doorstep. If you like surprises, you can leave it all up to them, and they will choose one for you!

Price: Subscription starts at $15.99 per month.

Deal: Get your first book for just $9.99! Use coupon code Get coupon from site and Use this link to subscribe.

And there you have it, our list of the best subscription boxes to help you stick to your NY resolutions! What’s on your bucket list for this year? Mind sharing it with us in the comments?

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