The 13 Best Diverse Books Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2024

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Ignite your child’s love for reading and expand their worldview with diverse books. Introducing kids to inclusive literature from a young age is essential for fostering empathy and understanding. However, finding a wide selection of diverse books for children can be challenging. Thankfully, there are subscription boxes dedicated to curating the best and latest diverse books, conveniently delivering them right to your doorstep.

Each box is thoughtfully crafted to captivate young readers, immersing them in captivating narratives that celebrate the beauty of diversity. Expand horizons and ignite imaginations with diverse books, carefully chosen to inspire and empower.

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Beyond the enchanting stories, these subscriptions serve as powerful conversation starters, exploring current events and societal issues. Through the pages of these books, children learn valuable lessons in empathy, equality, and respect for others, while discovering that, at their core, all kids share the universal experience of childhood.

If you’re seeking to enrich your children’s library and cultivate their appreciation for diverse voices, these subscriptions are the perfect starting point. Get ready to broaden horizons, ignite imaginations, and inspire your little ones with the best diverse book subscription boxes for kids. Let’s dive into our curated list and unlock a world of stories waiting to be explored!

The Best Diverse Book Subscription Boxes for Kids!

1. Little Feminist Book Club

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: It’s now easy to diversify your kid’s bookshelf with books from Little Feminist Book Club. This monthly book subscription promotes quality and empathy for everyone – genders, races, and families. They curate boxes based on age, and there are currently 4 subscriptions available: 0-2 years old, 2-4 years old, 4-7 years old, and 7-9 years old. Subscribers will get 1 to 2 hand-selected books that relate to the principle of feminism and equality, and the box also comes with hands-on activities or DIY play ideas. They even incorporate discussion questions to understand the concepts further, as well as a parents’ letter that explains why they chose the books(s).

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2. Momo's Book Club

Image from: Momo's Book Club

Why We Love It: Momo’s Book Club makes it easy for parents to build a home library filled with diverse books. They send monthly packages that provide parents and their kids the same language to discuss different themes such as strong female characters or dealing with bullying. Each month, you’ll receive 1 to 3 books (depending on your chosen plan) that both you and your little one can enjoy reading aloud. The books they send are not just carefully curated but are also colorfully wrapped for your kids’ enjoyment. Expect diverse characters, as well as new and classic titles that will help kids become more empathetic.

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3. Jambo Book Club

Image from: Jambo Book Club

Why We Love It: Jambo Book Club’s book picks focus on children of color. This multicultural book club sends two diverse books tailored to your child’s age and reading level, so you can be sure that you’ll receive only what they can actually enjoy. The stories usually depict the everyday life of multicultural children in America, emphasizing that all people are equal, although we differ outside. Currently, they have 6 book club offerings: Jambo Book Box Ages 0-2, Ages 3-4, Ages 5-6, Ages 7-9. Ages 10-13, and Mixed Ages. The books are age-appropriate and have great storylines with relatable characters that’ll surely engage young imaginations!

4. Little Global Citizens

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Little Global Citizens takes kids ages 4-10 to a new adventure every other month, and it’s designed by a team of experienced travelers and educators. It’s a subscription that helps raise globally aware and compassionate children with themed curated boxes. Each box includes a guide for children and parents, a diverse book, 2-4 hands-on crafts with materials and instructions, cultural activities with supplies, a native toy or collectible, and traditional recipes from the featured country. They also donate a percentage of all profits to Room to Read in supporting education equality and literacy for developing countries.

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5. For Purpose Kids

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Why We Love It: For Purpose Kids raises awareness and promotes inclusivity by featuring special causes and activity guides with multi-cultural characters. They help parents raise the next generation’s global citizens by sending bi-monthly boxes, connecting kids to the world around them. They’ll deliver children’s books with topics like anti-racism, gender equality, climate change, and more that serves as conversation starters for the whole family. There are also age-appropriate activities, making the whole reading experience fun for kids. Boxes are curated around a specific theme and feature multicultural characters to remind kids about being kind and doing good. And for every purchase, they donate funds to Cool & Dope, an organization restocking a community pantry full of necessary items for those in need.

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6. Imagine Me Stories

Image from: Imagine Me Stories

Why We Love It: Imagine Me Stories curates the best children’s books with Black main characters! This monthly subscription aims to inspire and empower young ones by providing them with quality Black literature. Subscribers receive 1, 3, or 5 books every month, depending on the box they’ve chosen – Mini Box (1 book), Standard Box (3 books), or Family Combo (5 books). Let them know which reading level is more suitable for your young reader so they can send the most fitting ones. Aside from books, they also send activities suitable for ages 0-12 to educate kids about Black history and culture. Book picks are always engaging, inspiring, and filled with fun, creative storylines, letting kids get absorbed into reading.

7. OurShelves

Image from: OurShelves

Why We Love It: Shipping quarterly, OurShelves always feature feminist, racially & ethnically diverse, and LGBTQ+ characters and families in the children’s books they send, plus everything is age-appropriate! Receive one, three, or five picture books (can be hardback or paperback) every 3 months, depending on the plan you’ve chosen – Sunshine Box for ages 0-2, Rainbow Box for ages 2-5, and Treehouse Box for ages 5-8. Their team only chooses the kind of books that makes their hearts sing. Aside from books, there’s also a discussion card or a special activity idea included in the box that’ll keep everything fun for kids!

If you have multiple kids, you can subscribe fully to both box subscriptions and receive a 10% discount off any second or third subscriptions going to the same address. They also allow subscribers to alternate which boxes to receive and combine content from each applicable age range into each box!

8. Little Box of Books


Image from: Little Box of Books

Why We Love It: Little Box of Books is a book subscription that delivers inclusive and representative books for families and schools. This allows readers to fall more in love with reading and be open to wonderfully diverse topics. They curate books with the aim of helping children better understand the world and their place in it. Subscriptions are categorized per age group: Ages 0-3, Ages 4-7, and Ages 8-11. Each box comes with up to four brand new storybooks that kids can keep and cherish forever. Aside from books, they also send puzzles and activities, a reading record and progress stickers, a free gift every month, and learning guides. On top of everything, they donate a book to Doorstep Library to support families with limited access to books for every box bought.

9. Atlas Book Club

Image from: Atlas Book Club

Why We Love It: Atlas Book Club is where you’ll get globally diverse children’s books. Each monthly box explores a different continent, and it includes an age-appropriate book with other learning materials, which allows kids to develop an interest in other cultures in the most fun way! They currently offer 4 subscriptions: Hatch, which offers picture books for all ages; Nest JR. with picture & chapter books for kids 7-9 years old; Nest, which includes chapter books for kids 9-12 years old; and Soar with YA novels for kids 13 years old and up. You’ll receive a map in the first box, where kids can keep track of their monthly “travels” using the country stickers provided in monthly boxes. There will also be educational facts about the featured destination, a bookmark, a postcard, a souvenir from the featured country, and fun activities for the youngest age group. Everything is curated to immerse the child in the culture of a country or region featured in the book!

10. Shift Book Box

Image from: Shift Book Box

Why We Love It: If you want books centered on social justice, Shift Book Box is exactly what you’re looking for. Monthly boxes are curated around a theme that focuses on cultivating big changes through diverse representations of people. Every month, this book subscription sends 2 picture books related to social justice to help diversify your home library, plus a discussion guide developed by educators to further enhance kid’s learning experience. It’s one great resource for parents and educators looking for educational materials to introduce young readers to diverse issues of the world.

11. The Equal Opportunity Book Box

Image from: The Equal Opportunity Book Box

Why We Love It: At least three new high-quality picture books and fun activities await kids in every The Equal Opportunity Book Box. All the stories they send feature characters of color, LGBTQIA+, and characters with disabilities to teach kids about diversity, as well as kindness, acceptance, and love. They aim to inspire little minds to exercise the freedom of being who they are and help parents raise kind kids. Everything in the box is well-curated and will catch the kid’s attention. What’s even great is for every book they send, they also donate a book to under-served children through Bernie’s Book Bank.

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12. Because of Them We Can Box

Image from: Because of Them We Can Box

Why We Love It: Because of Them We Can Box (BOTWC) is a subscription box focusing on Black history and excellence! Each box teaches the new generation about trailblazers, organizations, and movements that paved the way. It includes educational activities and props to help kids transform, collectible lapel pins, plus apparel items and more worthy products that’ll help kids learn about history makers. Included also is a curriculum and parent guide to educate children about what’s inside each box. This subscription is ideal for 5 to 12-year-old children, but adults can learn a lot from this box as well!

13. Fulton Street Little & Lit

Image from: Fulton Street Little & Lit

Why We Love It: Fulton Street Little & Lit delivers diverse children’s books straight from their shelves to your home. They are on a mission to increase intergenerational literacy and build a better community, starting with little ones. Each month, you’ll get two high-quality children’s books that are perfect for reading aloud and reading along. Books are colorful and fun, making sure kids can learn and have fun while reading these books.

And that’s our list of the best diverse book subscription boxes for kids in 2024!

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