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Best Cocktails and Wine – Canned or By The Glass!

Sometimes, everyone needs a little booze to help relax our tired minds and body. And if you’re a little not so fanatic of drinking outside or mixing drinks at home but really want to get your booze on with cocktails or spiked-up wines, then these perfectly concocted canned or by the glass subscriptions might be worth the try! There’s a number of cocktail and wine subscriptions around to help you have fun, even when at home.

These cocktail and wine subscriptions – canned or by the glass, pulls out any hindrances of wanting to be intoxicated with fine-tasting beverages! They’ll deliver packs or even cases of ready-to-drink wines and other sips right to your doorstep, so all you have to do is have the night on your own and chug down your favorite drink!

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can easily pop a can or crack a glass open to sip delicious and flavored spirits. Never mind the corkscrew because we’ll give you canned or by the glass! Pick the perfect cocktails or wines, and have a fun time drinking. Here is a list of the best cocktail and wine subscriptions – canned or by the glass!

All The Best Canned Wines & Other Delicious Sips By The Glass!

1. In Good Taste Wines

Image from: In Good Taste Wines

Why We Love It: Treat yourself to some good wines that In Good Taste Wines offers. This subscription lets you discover a diverse selection of wines in single glass bottles you can easily carry on the go! Each curated tasting flight contains eight unique 187ml mini bottles featuring a region or style of winemaking or both. You can also schedule your visual tasting, where you can learn more about the wines you’ve received. Track down new tastes and flavors with every tasting flight you’ll receive. And if you’ve chosen a favorite, you can indulge yourself with full-size bottles!

Price: Boxes start at $65.


Image from: VINEBOX

Why We Love It: With VINEBOX, you can discover new tastes and try the most exceptional ones from high-end wine boutiques across Europe! They partner with winemakers and farmers all over the world to give members the best of what each vineyard has to offer. Each quarter, you’ll receive 9 hand-picked season’s best wines in 100ml bottles – which allows you to bring them anywhere you want to – along with detailed information about the wines and pairing suggestions. It’s the ideal “taste test” wine subscription, so you can try and try until you find a favorite! As a member, you’ll receive free shipping, save up to 25%, first access to new releases, and quarterly credits for full-size bottles!

Learn more on VINEBOX Reviews.

Price: The Wine Club (9 wines) costs $79 quarterly. Upgrade to an annual plan for $288 ($72 per box) for more savings!

3. Usual Wines

Image from: Usual Wines

Why We Love It: Wines you can easily carry around, that’s what Usual Wines is! Who wouldn’t like wine delivered to your door anyway? This subscription gives you a large glass of wine in convenient bottles that you can bring anywhere with you whenever you want to. These wines are made in small, sustainably farmed batches using the healthiest and tastiest crops, with no added sugars, all-natural! You can choose to receive 6, 12, 18, or 24 bottles, with each containing 187 ml of a fresh, full glass of real wine. Pick Red, Rosé, and Brut, or get all of them in a Mixed Pack!

Price: Receive a box of 12 glasses every month for $80, or get it one time for $96. Shipping is free.

4. Spa Girl Cocktails

Image from: Spa Girl Cocktails

Why We Love It: Spa Girl Cocktails offers best-tasting, lowest-calorie, lowest-sugar, refreshing and premium-crafted cocktails with nothing artificial in it! These canned cocktails are perfect for any occasions like family gatherings or reunions, birthdays, valentines, graduation, and more that we need to celebrate. Each bubbly cocktail is canned for convenience and is plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free! Their vodka is infused with natural flavors like Peach, Cucumber, and Pear, and now Sparkling options are also available in Fresh, Pineapple, and Strawberry flavors. Get them all in a Rainbow pack and enjoy! Drink straight from the can, serve on the rocks or enhance with ingredients that you love!

Price: 12-pack costs $49.99 and 24-pack costs $99.99. Rainbow Pack (4 of each flavor), Classics Cocktail Pack (8 of each classic flavor), and Sparkling Cocktail Pack (8 of each sparkling flavor) cost $79.99/mo.

5. Bev

Image from: Bev

Why We Love It: With Bev, you can enjoy a can of wine anytime, anywhere! They offer wines in a can that you can easily open and drink even when you’re about to head out, exclusively made by female winemakers. They’re not just here to give amazing drinks, but to change a culture and give few more things ‘made by chicks’ as they also promote female empowerment in business and beyond. Receive 8, 24, or 48 cans in a pack depending on how many you want to! Each can contains 8.4oz of wine with 0% sugar, no additives, and is all juice! Available in Rosé, Blanc, Gris, Noir, Glitz, Glam, or Ladies Night, where you can have them all! It’s considered to be like a wine club that is a bit livelier and so much cuter!

Price: The 8-pack subscription for Blanc, Rosé, Gris, Noir is $39/month, 24-pack is $79/month, and 48-pack is $152/month. Glitz and Glam 8-pack is $47/month, 24-pack is $95/month, and 48-pack is $175/month. Ladies Night costs $79/month for 8-pack and $152/month for 48-pack.

Deal: Get 20% off on any orders! Use coupon code HS20.

6. Besa

Image from: Besa

Why We Love It: Live each moment to the fullest every day by chugging wines in a can that Besa offers. It is made with organically grown grapes without unnecessary additives. All wines are vegan and gluten-free, brought to your door from the sunny hilled vineyards. Canned, so it can easily be enjoyed anytime, anywhere – FYI, it has 12.5% alcohol content to get you tanked up! Grab a can of All Day Rosé for a refreshing bright pink, Just Right White for a smooth blend between dry & sweet, or choose the best of both worlds with Mix & Match. Leave the corkscrew behind and live your Besa (best) life with just a can!

Price: 6-pack costs $34/month, 12-pack is $68/month, 24-pack costs $99/month.

Deal: Get 10% off your order! Use coupon code LOVEWINE.

7. Ohza

Image from: Ohza

Why We Love It: Ohza provides a premium sparkling wine experience mixed with real juice in just a can. It is made using 100% natural ingredients with zero added sugar, and it’s gluten-free & has zero preservatives too! When you subscribe, you’ll receive 24 cans with 15% savings. 12 cans of Ohza is equivalent to 4 champagne bottles of bubbly + 2 juice cartons. Skip the hassle and bring it anywhere with you. Choose from their selection of flavors: Classic Mimosa, Cranberry Mimosa, Classic Bellini, and Mango Mimosa, and receive canned wines in your preferred delivery frequency. They also offer Mango Variety 24 Pack and Cranberry Variety 24 Pack.

Price: A one-time purchase is $39 per 12-pack and $78 per 24-pack. 24-Pack is available as a subscription for $66.30 per month.

8. Little Fancy

Image from: Little Fancy

Why We Love It: Enjoy your day as you sip a Little Fancy. Made with naturally flavored sparkling water and carefully curated wines, there’s nothing more you can wish for! Whether beaching or brunching, this canned sparkling wine is a great choice. Each month, you’ll receive 24 high standards and low calories, wine spritzers in 250 ml cans, available in Peachy Rosé and Pinot Pear flavors. Produced in cans, you can now easily enjoy this wine spritzer wherever you may go, whatever time you wish so!

Price: A box cost $62.94 for a pack of 24 cans.

9. Wine Society

Image from: Wine Society

Why We Love It: Wine Society is one of the best options if you want a variety of wine. This subscription offers a premium alternative to large bottles of wines by sending canned ones in 500ml sizes. These award-winning wines are made in Napa, California, balanced perfectly between dry and sweet. A premium quality wine that’s made more approachable and convenient because they’ll deliver it straight to your door each quarter. Join the Club Wine Society and receive three 500 ml cans that are equivalent to 16 servings. Fate is the premium white wine, and Chance is the premium rosé wine. Whichever you like, they’re all good for pairing with your mood or your food!

Price: Receive three 500ml cans every quarter for $39.20. Shipping not included.

10. Underwood by Union Wine Company

Image from: Underwood by Union Wine Company

Why We Love It: Underwood by Union Wine Company has one goal in mind, and that is to deliver great-tasting craft wines that are affordable and accessible. They’ve explored Oregon and its regions to find the best wines they can offer, plus these quality wines are made convenient and approachable for everyday drinking because it’s in a can! Keep your head up and enjoy drinking wines in 375 ml cans, available in 4-packs or flats (24 cans). There are 8 varieties to choose from: Pinot Gris, Rosé Bubbles, The Spritz, Strawberry Cooler, Riesling Radler, The Bubbles, Pinot Noir, and Rosé. You can also try 4 different flavors when you purchase the Underwood Variety Pack! Take note – all flats orders will automatically receive a 10% discount!

Price: Price starts at $15/canned wine. Underwood variety pack costs $28 per 4-pack and $151.20 per flat (24 cans).

11. Una Lou Rosé

Image from: Una Lou Rosé

Why We Love It: Una Lou Rosé is a celebratory Rosé that was created when Lia Ices and her husband Andrew Mariani welcomed their daughter, Una Lou. This drink is made with sustainably-grown grapes from family-owned and sustainably farmed vineyards in Northern California. Each shipment will give you four 375 ml cans (or half a bottle of wine in each can) that you can easily share with everyone, backed with a sweet story. What’s even great is that a percentage of proceeds will go to two organizations that support youth, food, and agricultural education.

Price: Get four 375mL cans for $40.

12. Rose All Day

Image from: Rosé All Day

Why We Love It: The top trending hashtag #RoséAllDay has become a phenomenon. Now, it’s a brand that serves great-tasting rosé wines. Rosé All Day offers a sweet pink drink that is harvested and canned in the south of France. The Rosé All Day Wine Can and Rosé All Day Bubbly can are made using Grenache and has an elegant aroma of watermelon and strawberry. The Rosé All Day Spritz can is a lighter approach, and it’s in grapefruit flavor. It’s also organic, gluten-free, and contains less sugar, less alcohol, and fewer calories. So drink it straight or mix them with whatever ingredients you love – either way, you’re sure it’s refreshing and delicious!

Price: A 4-pack of canned wine costs $15, and a 24-pack costs $90.

13. The Drop Wine

Image from: The Drop Wine

Why We Love It: Stay away from the traditional bottle of wine, and screw the corkscrew because The Drop Wine offers wines in a can, crafted in California! Pick which variety you’d like to have – Rosé Wine, White Wine, Red Wine, or why not just the Variety Pack and have them all. You also have the option to choose whether you like 4, 6, 8, 12, or 24 cans with every shipment. The variety pack comes in 12 or 24 cans that feature 4-pack of each variety. So grab the cans now – life is too short to search for corkscrews. And yes! They’re proud to say that 1% of all revenue goes to 1% for the planet.

Price: $67.99 per month.

14. Loverboy

Image from: Loverboy

Why We Love It: Loverboy delivers premium craft bubbly spritz straight to your door in 250ml cans. This ready-to-drink aromatic craft cocktail has no sugar added and is absolutely gluten-free! They give a flirtatious twist on the not-too-sweet, bubbly spirits by offering flavored ones such as Passion Fruit Guava kissed with honeysuckle, Mango Peach kissed with chili pepper, Blueberry-Lemon kissed with basil, and Espresso Martini kissed with vanilla. You can get each flavor in 12 packs, or you can also try 3 flavors when you purchase the Variety Pack!

Price: A 12-pack costs $69.

15. Onda

Image from: Onda

Why We Love It: Sparkling tequila made possible, and that’s thanks to Onda! This tequila mixed with real juice and sparkling water comes in cans so you can take it and enjoy it on the beach – well, not just on the beach but anywhere! Drink it up with no worries – it is gluten-free and made from natural ingredients with zero sugar. Available in Sparkling Tequila Lime, Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Blood Orange flavors and sold in 24-can packs. But if you want to try four different flavors, you can opt for the Classic Collection. Join Onda Beach Club and get free shipping, exclusive playlists, and first access to merch & promotions!

Price: The box costs $65 for 24 cans.

16. Five Drinks Co

Image from: Five Drinks Co

Why We Love It: Five Drinks Co presents ready-to-drink bar-quality crafted cocktails in a can that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere! Each 200ml can contains mixologist-developed recipes made with real ingredients and high-quality spirits. Take Moscow Mule, Margarita, Mojito, Gin & Tonic, Paloma, Watermelon Vodka Soda, or any of their curated bundles. When you opt for individual flavors, you’ll receive 4 cans with every shipment. The Big Shots Bundle (24 cans) or Cocktail Party Pack (48 cans) is the best option to taste all flavors. They also offer the Dante NYC x F!ve Drinks Co Series if you don’t want to miss what the world’s best bar has to offer.

Price: Receive 4 canned cocktails for $11.99. Variety 10-pack is $24.99. Subscribe for 20 cans (2 variety 10-packs) to save 5% or 30 cans (3 variety 10-packs) to save 10%.

17. WeSake

Image from: WeSake

Why We Love It: Sake is a type of Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermenting rice, but WeSake makes it a little modern by offering great-tasting sake in a can instead of the usual ceramic vessels! And since it is made from rice, koji, yeast, and water, this drink is definitely vegan, gluten-free, and sulfite-free – nothing fake! Get 6, 12, or 24 cans in every shipment, and save up to 15% on your purchase (save 10% on 12 cans and 15% on 24 cans). Enjoy a mix of dry, light, and fruity tastes, and share sake with your loved ones because it is meant to be enjoyed together!

Price: Get 6 cans for $42.28. Save 10% on 12 cans or 15% on 24 cans.

18. Two Chicks Cocktails

Image from: Two Chicks Cocktail

Why We Love It: Two Chicks Cocktails is a brand that’s founded, owned, and run by women, which offers RTD cocktails made with real premium spirits and mixed with fruits and botanicals. It is the perfect combination of taste and style, with an ownable feminine twist! These canned cocktails are great to serve on any occasion as they’re designed to be so, really! There are 8 wonderful flavors to choose from, available in 355ml cans: Citrus Margarita, Vodka Fizz, Paloma, Vodka CuTea, Lemon Strawberry Kiss, New Fashioned, Cranberry Tartini, and Apple Gimlet.

Price: A 4-pack costs $15.99.

19. 101 Cider House

Image from: 101 Cider house

Why We Love It: 101 Cider House has oh-so-amazing canned sour cider to offer! It is an “adults only” juice bar that works with local farms producing raw juice. These are then pressed in small batches, fermented, and aged naturally with no added sugar and sulfites, making them keto-friendly and vegan! There’s an option to customize a case, in case you find it hard to pick which blends to try, or join the club and receive a case of ciders, specifically chosen by their team for subscribers, including specialty blends that are never released yet. Members can also enjoy 10% off all additional orders and a specialized box on their birthday!

Price: 4-packs are priced at $14.99, while Mixed Cases cost $89.94.

20. Cool Cat

Image from: Cool Cat

Why We Love It: Cool Cat is the kind of drink you need when you want one! These canned wine spritzers spike up your drinking experience to the next level, plus they’re naturally flavored and gluten-free as well. Each can contain a 6.9% alcohol volume, which means you can party more without paying more! Berry, Grapefruit, Citrus, or Original (Elderflower Mint Lime), whichever flavor you prefer, you’ll sure to have fun drinking. Each pack contains four 12oz cans, making the wine experience cooler than you could ever think!

Price: Get a 4-pack of 12 oz cans for $15.99 or a case (24 cans) for $95.94.

Deal: Get 15% off on your first purchase! Use coupon code COOLCAT15.

And that’s our list of the best cocktails and wines – canned or by-the-glass subscriptions! Which one is your favorite?

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