12 Amazing Craft & Activity Subscription Boxes for Preschoolers

Preschool is an exciting stage in every child’s life and it’s important for parents to show their support during this time. One thing you can do is to get them a subscription box made specifically for their age and for the skills they still need to develop. To help you decide, here are 12 of the best subscription boxes for preschoolers that you can get for your precious little one.

The Best Craft and Activity Subscription Boxes for Preschoolers!

1. We Craft Box

Why we love it: Receive a themed-story that will inspire the kids to create with the We Craft Box! Aside from the themed story, the box also includes 2 to 3 prepared kids crafts with multiple blanks so other members of the family can also join the fun! Also, you can find most of the needed materials already included, you’ll just need a pair of scissors or other tools from home.

See the reviews page of We Craft Box to know more about this subscription!

Price: You can subscribe for $29.99 every month.

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2. Tinkering Toddler Crates

Why we love it: Tinkering Toddler Crates is a monthly subscription that is jam-packed with activities that will help develop the kids’ creativity and skills! It comes with a theme each month that includes developmentally-appropriate activities including STEM, arts, sensory, language, literacy, math, writing, and dramatic play! The activities and materials in this box are designed for kids. You can also share it with others or gift it!

Check out the Tinkering Toddler Crate reviews page for more!

Price: The subscription costs $35 a month.

Deal: Save $5 off all subscriptions for first order. Use coupon code HELLO5 .

3. Koala Crate by KiwiCo

Why we love it: Koala Crate encourages your kids with hands-on learning and fun! Each month, you will receive a box that includes all materials and inspiration for themed projects. The boxes are perfect for both boys and girls, and they are also tested by kids to make sure that they are all developmentally appropriate.

See the Koala Crate reviews and learn more about this amazing kids’ subscription!

Price: The monthly subscription costs $19.95 per month, and you can save up to $155.40 with longer plans!


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4. The Create Kit

Why we love it: The Create Kit a Theresa Haddow is a box for toddlers that will help them engage in learning while you create together! Crafting is definitely a great way to help them explore, and this box will deliver new themed crafts plus a bonus developmental guide to keep the little ones learning all month long. You and your kid will receive prepared materials with everything included. There are also video demonstrations of how to complete the crafts, language, and reading tips from a licensed speech & language pathologist (in member area), a themed playlist that goes with crafts, and recipe and snack inspiration that match crafts.

Price: The subscription box costs $24.95 per month!

5. Little Learners Busy Box

Why we love it: You can mix and match activity kits to create more than 30 activities in a box with Little Learners Busy Box! The box comes with 5 or more kits. It is made and developed by a former teacher, and now a homeschool mom of 3 kids. She made these boxes with busy moms in mind, and for the kids to learn and have so much fun while learning at the same time!

Price: You can get the Mini Box for $15, and the Big Box for $22.

6. Learning Crates

Why we love it: Enrich the learning process for children, with the parents by including diverse, well-researched, and teacher-approved products with Learning Crates! Education is the first and most fundamental part of a fulfilling life, and it will be great for kids to learn a lot of things while they’re still young. Each month, receive tons of books and activities curated depending on the kids’ interests and grade level.

Price: The subscription costs $29.99 per month!

7. Craft + Boogie

Why we love it: For families with children ages 3 to 8 years, this is the perfect box! Craft + Boogie sends a box that contains 3-4 holiday-themed crafts, a family game, theme snack recipes, festive table decorations, activity pages, and a guide that teaches the history behind the holiday. Also, with every kit that you buy, they donate one to a child in foster care, a patient at a local children’s hospital, or a counselor in a low-income school.

Price: The subscription costs $24.95 each month.

Deal: Get 15% off your first box when you subscribe! Use coupon code BOOGIE15.

8. Ivy Kids

Why we love it: Ivy Kids is a monthly subscription that helps establish your kids’ solid foundation in Literacy, Science, and Math. The box is for kids ages 3 to 8 years old, and the activities encourage parents to bond with their kids as well.  Each box contains lots of fun, thematically-focused activities that reinforce children’s math, literacy, and science skills. The kit will contain a classic children’s book, 10 activities related to the book of the month, detailed instructions, and a personalized item for your child.

Check out the Ivy Kids reviews page and learn more about this cool subscription!

Price: The subscription costs $39 each month, plus free shipping within the U.S.


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9. Panda Pals

Why we love it: Panda Pals sends at least two pairs of fun, artsy, and colorful socks that will keep your little ones’ feet toasty and comfy! Aside from cool socks, they also include activities that the kids can do on the side, plus there’s a story included in every box that the whole family can read together!

Check out the Panda Pals reviews page to see what we got in the past!

Price: You can subscribe for $15 each month.

Deal: Save 10% off a new subscription! Use coupon code PANDA10.

10. Color My Cookie

Why we love it: With Color My Cookie, you and your kids will receive a cookie decorating kit that includes all the tools you need and an online tutorial with a real pastry chef! Enjoy making these sweet treats and indulging with them after! The box includes 6 pre-iced cookies, edible paints, glitters, and more to make your cookies more presentable and fun!

Price: You can grab a box for $39.99 a month.

Deal: Get a FREE Smart Cookie T-Shirt when you subscribe! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. You'll also get a FREE Color My Cookie Kit to gift to a friend!

11. Curiosity Box

Why we love it: Feed your kids’ minds and develop their artistic skills with the Curiosity Box! It is a monthly arts and crafts subscription for kids, and you can even choose from three available subscription boxes: the Discover Box for kids ages 2 – 4, the Creation Station Box for kids ages 5 – 7, and the Great Explorer Box for kids ages 8+. Inside the boxes, you will find a monthly supply of crafts and activities like educational content and activities curated by an educator, books and activities, instructional brochure, bonus steam activity, and themed fun facts, multiple craft kids that are age-specific, and little novelties and tinker toys based on the theme and all supplies required to complete each box.

Price: The subscription cost starts at $26.91.

Deal: Receive 15% off on the purchase of 2 or more boxes. Use coupon code SAVE10.

12. Kindergarten Crate

Why we love it: Kindergarten Crate sends curated items including a read-aloud book, student activity, and a variety of classroom supplies for your kids to make themselves busy with, but at the same time, enjoy. It is exclusively designed for kindergarten teachers, to help the kids learn and have fun! It’s the perfect box for homeschooling as well.

Price: You can subscribe for $39 a month.

13. Veggie Buds Club

Fun hands-on learning activities featuring a new veggie each month will be delivered right to your door! Activities include arts and crafts projects, simple recipes to prepare with your kids, an activity book, science projects, and more. Join Veggie Buds Club today and your kids are guaranteed to have fun and learn to love their veggies!

Deal: Get $5 off any Veggie Buds Club subscription! Use coupon code HELLOSUB5.

14. Wiggle Worms Wonder Kits

Give the Gift of Play! Prepared monthly kids' crafts and educational activities delivered to your doorstep! Each kit includes detailed instructions along with all materials needed to complete 5 age-appropriate STEM activities and crafts for ages 3-7. (1-2 reuseable activities in each kit)

And that’s our list for the best craft and activity subscription boxes for preschoolers! Have you seen the subscription that you can try with your little ones?

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