2020’s Best Subscription Boxes for Gamers

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Our love for gaming simply doesn’t end after we put down our consoles! It’s basically a lifestyle, and that is why these gaming subscription boxes are a hit. Such subscriptions bring high-quality gaming gear, figures, and souvenirs that we can collect, as well as everyday items inspired by our favorite video games!

On this list, we’ve gathered some of the best subscription boxes for gamers check it out and pick one that suits your style! You can also visit our whole list of subscriptions for gamers!

1. Loot Gaming

What you get: From the Loot Crate family comes this awesome monthly subscription that is basically the answer to every gamer’s dream! Loot Gaming sends collectibles, apparel, and accessories inspired by some of the best and biggest video games. Boxes are themed and are promised to have a total value of $60 per box. There’s always a booklet/mini-mag and a pin too! If you are the type of gamer who loves both classics and new releases, this is one of the must-try boxes for you!

Check out the Loot Gaming Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: Box costs $28.95 per month.

Deal: Save 10% on any subscription plan. Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

2. Geek Fuel EXP

What you get: Geek Fuel EXP is a jampacked geek and gaming box that ships every quarter! It’s the level-up version of Geek Fuel, which means the items they send are bigger and better, plus there are more limited edition items. Of course, they cover our favorite franchises too, including Marvel, DC, and Star Wars! Each box even includes a Steam game code you can enjoy!

Visit the Geek Fuel EXP Reviews page for more information!

Price: Box costs $57 per quarter.

Deal: Save $5 on your first box! Use this link to get the deal.

3. Minecraft T-Shirt Club

What you get: If you’re a Mine Craft fan, this box is for you! It is the one and only official subscription box for Mine Craft, so you don’t need to look for something else! It ships bi-monthly and every chest is like a treasure box that includes exclusive Mine Craft items like t-shirts, collectibles, toys, and more! You can also make something out of the boxes, as each box can be turned into a Mine Craft block that is related to the month’s theme!

Learn more by visiting the Mine Chest Reviews page!

Price: Box costs $30 per month.

Deal: Save $2 on your first month! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

4. Equip by Loot Gaming

Bring your favorite games to life! Equip by Loot Gaming™ delivers premium video game lifestyle gear featuring retro classics and new AAA titles to your door every 2 months!

5. Elder Scrolls Crate

What you get: Elder Scrolls Crate, also from the Loot Crate family of subscriptions, contains goodies from the world of Tamriel! When you subscribe to this box, you will receive 4-6 items inspired by the characters, locales, and lore from The Elder Scrolls, which might include apparel, collectibles, and more. The promised value for each box is $80+!

Price: Box costs $49.99 per quarter.

Deal: Save 10% on your subscription! Use coupon code hellosubscription10.

6. GeekGear

GeekGear is the ALL-IN-ONE Subscription box for Geeks and Gamers. You’ll receive one box a month filled with gear according to the monthly theme! 2 – 3 times the value in every box!


  • Get 15% off your first box! Use coupon code SPECIAL15.
  • Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code NEWSUB10.
  • Save 15% on your subscription. Use coupon code SPECIAL15.

7. Super Geek Box PRIME

What you get: Super Geek Box PRIME is the improved version of Super Geek Box! With a promised value of $120 per box, it ships quarterly and ut includes exclusive geeky items from the most popular franchises. Past boxes have included items from Nintendo, Marvel, Funko, and more!

See the Super Geek Box PRIME Reviews for more information!

Price: Box costs $56 per quarter.

Deal: Get $3 off your first month! Use coupon code prime .

8. Jerky XP

What you get: Binge-gaming and no time to prep yourself something that you can munch on? Jerky XP sends out pouches of premium 100% beef that is slow cooked and smoked to satisfy your taste buds and hunger during a never-ending game! The beef is tasty and easy to chew!

Price: Jerky costs $7.99 per pack, with free shipping for orders over $50.

9. Loot Wear by Loot Crate

What you get: If you love wearables to show your geek pride, Loot Wear by Loot Crate offers a set of premium apparel subscriptions where you can get fresh pairs of socks, a shirt, ladies’ wear and accessories, undies, or a premium wearable item! Aside from these individual subscriptions, you can also grab a bundle that includes socks and wearables, or a ladies’ bundle with the shirt and accessories. It’s easy to update your wardrobe with the coolest and geekiest pieces of apparel with Loot Wear!

Check out the Loot Wear by Loot Crate Reviews for more information!

Price: Subscription costs $18.99 per month.


  • Save 10% off your first month! Use coupon code hellosubscription10.
  • Save $3 on your first month! Use coupon code SAVE3.

10. TeeBlox

What you get: T-shirts are comfy and versatile pieces of clothing. If you love geek and gamer-inspired ones, TeeBlox has got your back! Every month, they send licensed and official shirts. Subscribers can choose the category they prefer, and of course, that includes video games!

Visit the TeeBlox Reviews page to see past t-shirt designs!

Price: Box costs $10 per month.

Deal: Save 10% on your first month! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION.

11. Fallout Crate

What you get: Fallout Crate has various monthly themes, mostly relating to a major event or theme from the franchise. Subscribers of this box can expect a bundle of official collectibles, apparels, figures, and other items that you can’t find anywhere else. Each box has a promised value of $65!

See the Fallout Crate Reviews for details!

Price: Box costs $34.95 bi-monthly.

Deal: Save 10% on any subscription plan. Use coupon code SAVE10.

12. My Geek Box

What you get: Coming straight from the UK, My Geek Box is a mystery box filled with geek gamer and retro gear as well as a limited edition shirt. Each box has a fun theme that ranges from zombies and superheroes to video games and just about anything geeky!

Check out My Geek Box Reviews to learn more!

Price: Box costs starts at $26.48 per month, with savings if you opt for multiple boxes per month.

13. Dropleaf

What you get: A digital subscription, Dropleaf gives subscribers unlimited access to their growing library of indie PC games. They want you to experience the best, so you can find the games that you love, or will grow to love.

Price: Box costs $9.99 per month.

14. Glennz Skins

What you get: Aside from apparel and collectibles, you can also show your fanatic side by collecting stickers related to what you love! Glennz Skins sends stickers featuring exclusive Glennz illustrations. The stickers are kiss-cut vinyl, which is perfect to stick on to computers, devices, walls, cars, or anywhere you want to!

Price: Box costs $7 per month.

15. Retro Game Treasure

What you get: In case you’re feeling nostalgic and you want to relive the classic games from way back when, Retro Game Treasure will save your day! They send 3-5 retro consoles for you to keep and enjoy!

Price: Box costs $29 per month.

16. Mario's Mystery Block

What you get: Who doesn’t know Nintendo, especially their epic games? Mario’s Mystery Block sends out the best licensed products from this company, including toys, clothing, even accessories! Each box is a surprise so prepare yourself and your castle for the great loots to arrive!

Price: Box costs $24.99 per month.

We also have a list of all the best subscription boxes in various categories! If you want more recommendations, check it out!


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