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The Best Cat Litter Subscriptions

Cats are quite meticulous. They want their litter boxes to always be clean and odor-free. They’re the most adorable furballs, so it’s only right to give them what they deserve – a place where they can comfortably take care of their business. No more pooping outside the litter box when you get them the best cat litter loved by their paws and their butts. These litters will make it easier for them to do their thing and for us to clean up after them!

With these cat litter subscriptions, you don’t have to run to your local pet store, carry heavy bags and transport them back to your home. Hop on, and we’ll show you the best cat litter subscription boxes that can help you save time and energy.

The Best Cat Litter Subscription Boxes!

1. Digz by Smalls

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What You Get: Cats have sensitive paws, that’s why it’s important to give them litter with a texture that makes them comfortable discharging waste. Digz by Smalls partnered with a cat expert and leading animal behaviorist to provide cat litter that’s perfect for your cat’s needs. They offer two different types of litter for your feline friend – silica and millet. The millet is biodegradable and an all-natural litter, while the silica litter is ultra light-weight and looks like crystals or rock salts. The litter helps reduce odor and is virtually dust-free, which makes cleaning waste easy peasy! With these anti-tracking litter, your cat can keep their waste hidden and keep your place litter-free, odor-free, and guilt-free!

Smalls also offers pet food and other accessories – Check out Smalls Reviews to know more.

Price: Digs by Smalls offers two different types of litter – one is silica-based, the other is millet. Each bag costs $18 per month for one cat.

2. PrettyLitter

Image from: PrettyLitter

What You Get: Cats are also extra sensitive when it comes to smell. Keeping their litter box clean and odor-free will make them the happiest pets, and PrettyLitter will help with that! These litters are made with a revolutionary non-clump formula that absorbs and eliminates moisture. What makes these litters unique is that it changes color to indicate a cat’s potential health problem. Tell them how many cats you have at home so they’ll know how much litter to send you. Save money and keep your kitty happy and worry-free!

Look into PrettyLitter Reviews to know more details.

Price: The price varies depending on how many cats you have, and the price of one bag is $22 per month for one cat.

3. Chewy Pet Food Auto-Ship

Image from: Chewy Pet Food Auto-Ship

What You Get: You can find the best cat litter you can give your cat through Chewy. It carries different cat litter types for you to choose from such as clumping, non-clumping, scented, unscented, lightweight, dust-free, clay, and biodegradable cat litters. Just choose what type of litter your cat is comfortable to take its business, wait for it to arrive at your door, and keep your home and the litter box smelling fresh!

Price: Chewy offers a wide variety of litters ranging from $3.98 to $218.90.

4. CatSpot

Image from: CatSpot

What You Get: If you’re the type of pet parent who loves going green, CatSpot is the best option for you. They offer cat litters that are soft, super absorbent, and sustainable. These are made from coconuts and that means they are completely biodegradable and compostable without contributing to landfills! You can choose from 2 cat litters they offer: non-clumping coconut litter and clumping coconut litter. Both are lightweight, dust-free, and contain zero chemicals – no additives or fragrances! The only scent you’ll smell is coconut, as it naturally eliminates waste odor. Taking care of your cat’s waste has never felt this good. Totally guilt-free!

Price: The subscription costs $16.19 and is good for one month’s use for one cat.

And that wraps up our list of the best cat litter subscription boxes! Have you decided on which one to get for your feline friend?

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