The 10 Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes for 2020

Here’s a few of our favorite Smoothie Subscriptions to get you up to speed on fulfilling your transition to a healthier you! From frozen smoothies to cold-pressed goodness, we found the best smoothie subscriptions and you’ll have no excuse to keep you from achieving your health and wellness goals.

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The Best Smoothie Subscription Boxes That We Love!

p.s. If you need a blender for all your smoothie making, we recommend on the top end a Vitamix, a Blendtec, or if you’re just getting started, try a countertop Ninja!

1. Daily Harvest

What You Get: Get yourself a healthy cup of whole food and super food plant-based vegan meals with Daily Harvest! They are ready-to-blend, and heat, so prep time is less, and you’ll have more time enjoying the meal! Aside from smoothies, you can also fill yourself up with their harvest bowls, soups, lattes, overnight oats, and chia parfaits. You also have the freedom to choose how many cups you would want for the week or the whole month!

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Price: Price starts $45.91 per week for Oat and Chia Bowls, $66.91 for Smoothies, Soups, Bites, and Lattes, and $75.91 for Flatbreads and Harvest Bowls.


2. Splendid Spoon

Why We Love It: Ready-to-eat smoothies and soups are what Splendid Spoon is all about! Each week, receive plant-based and gluten-free meals, and your order can also be customized by including ingredient avoidance’s and flavors that you don’t like. You can also choose your plan, and just enjoy the selection when they arrive!

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Price: The subscription costs $65 per week, and you can choose from their plans: Lunch, Breakfast+Lunch, or Breakfast+Lunch+Reset.

Deal: Get $25 off on any plans! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

3. Catalina Crunch

Why We Love It: Catalina Crunch Keto Smoothies offer keto-friendly smoothies with only 3g sugar but lots of nutrients to fuel you up. Currently, the available flavors are Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical Pineapple. They ship freeze-dried whole fruits and veggies right to your door, pre-cut into individual cups, so all you have to do is put them to your blender and add ice and water! Their Smoothie Variety Pack is a 30-day supply and comes with 12 smoothies.

Price: Variety Packs start at $89, or $7.39/smoothie.

4. SmoothieBox

Why We Love It: Prepping for a delicious and filling smoothie is made easier by SmoothieBox! You can also choose from their variety of ready-to-blend goodness, and set your frequency from 30 to 60 days. Each smoothie has a balance of complex carbohydrates from organic fruits and veggies, healthy fats from seeds, and clean protein from grass-fed collagen, without the added sugars or fillers.

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Price: The box containing 20 smoothie pouches and 20 collagen protein costs $119, plus free shipping.

5. Project Juice

Why We Love It: Juicing is really a hit nowadays, especially for people on-the-go, who don’t have much time to grab a meal. Aside from many health benefits, juices also taste good and they’re as filling as you take a meal! Project Juice uses a cold-pressed method which is known to yield 3 to 5 times more nutrients as compared to other methods, so it’s not only the taste that you will love, also the health benefits too!

Price: Subscription costs at $67.50 per box, and shipping is free.

6. Mele Shake

Why We Love It: Mele sends easy-to-prepare shakes made with real ingredients equivalent to a balanced meal!  There are two protein choices: plant-based (dairy-free and made with organic brown rice protein and pea protein) and whey-based (90% lactose-free and made with grass-fed, hormone-free whey isolate protein). Subscribers can also choose if they want to receive 5, 10, or 20 packs a month. Since the ingredients are freeze-dried and crushed into power, you just have to mix them with water or milk!

7. Bright Greens Smoothie Shake Ups

Why We Love It: Go green and go easy with Bright Greens Smoothie Shake Ups! These smoothies don’t require a blender, which is actually amazing, and all we need to do is add water to the frozen cubes, give it a shake, and enjoy! They are 100% natural as they’re all made from whole fruits and vegetables. They’re filling, healthy, and most of all, delicious!

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Price: Weekly box costs $48.93 and contains 7 smoothies, and you can also choose a biweekly box for $83.86, or a monthly box for $119.76 per shipment.

Deal: Get 60% off your first subscription order! Use coupon code HS60 and Use this link to subscribe.

8. Buddy Nutrition

Why We Love It: Health and wellness is really important, so you should be really careful and aware of what you’re putting inside your body. Vitamins and minerals can easily be absorbed in the body as it goes to the digestive system, and Buddy Nutrition is fully aware of that as it provides products that contain all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Enjoy their vitamin shots and protein powders, and just keep on going!

Price: Prices start at $79.95 per month.

9. Kencko

Why We Love It: To fulfill your daily requirement of produce intake, you can enjoy a packet a day of Kencko powder mixes! You can enjoy it easily as they are contained in single-serve packets, just add liquid to it in a blender bottle, shake vigorously, and enjoy a delicious smoothie. They also have a wide variety of ingredients that will address your daily needs like energy surge, mental focus, and more!

Price: Price starts at $26.90 per month, and you can choose from 20-pack or 60-pack smoothie boxes.

Deal: Get a FREE shaker bottle with your first kencko box! Use coupon code FREE Bottle and Use this link to subscribe.

10. Revive Superfoods

Why We Love It: With Revive Superfoods, smoothies are delivered pre-portioned, so it can really be prepared in a matter of seconds. Also, the ingredients are premium and nutritious, as they are crafted and prepared by a team of nutritionists and food scientists.

Price: Select from their weekly plan which cost $6.75 per cup for 9, 12, or 24 cups, or a monthly plan for $6.49 per cup for either 12 or 24 cups.

Deal: Get 50% off your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

11. Pressed Juicery

Why We Love It: Pressed Juicery made healthy and good food accessible and affordable for everyone. They also have set the standard for cold-pressed juice by sticking with their principle that nutrition should be delicious, affordable, and accessible to everyone. They can also ensure the juices’ quality as they are all sourced from CA’s Central Valley.

Price: Subscription costs $160 per month.

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