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Lose yourselves with great-tasting bottles of wine in a fun and good way! From the delicate flavor to the lovely aroma, everything associated with wine is just exceptional and extraordinary. Whether you’re a newbie drinker or a wine aficionado, sipping wines is one most happy moments! Stride outside the usual and mark your own way of discovering and tasting wines with the best unique wine clubs and subscriptions around.

These wine clubs and subscriptions serve anyone the best of what they can offer, some of which give you bottles of wine based on your unique tastes and preferences. Reds or whites? There’s more than just that! Uncover a unique wine experience that’s nothing like you’ve ever encountered before! Join us as we tackle each of the best wine clubs and subscriptions with unique and distinctive offerings. Let’s jump right in!

The Best Unique Wine Clubs And Subscriptions To Try For A Whole New Wine Experience!

1. California Wine Club Pacific Northwest Series

Image from: California Wine Club Pacific Northwest Series

What You Get: California Wine Club Pacific Northwest Series offers hand-selected artisan wines to members’ doors on their chosen delivery frequency – monthly, every other month, or quarterly. This wine club sources its delicious wines from the best family wineries and vineyards in the Northwest region of the US, Oregon & Washington. Receive two bottles of hard-to-access wines (reds or a mix) from small family wineries, along with the latest issue of Uncorked Magazine, containing fun and informative features about wines, grapes used, tasting notes, and pairing tips.  Also, they offer a “100% satisfaction guarantee”, which means if you don’t like a bottle in your shipment, they’ll gladly replace it for you or even refund your money! It’s a convenient way to learn about wine and the Pacific Northwest’s artisan wine scene.

Price: Get two bottles of hand-selected artisan wines starting at $70 a month.

2. Gold Medal Wine Club Garagiste Wine Club

Image from: Gold Medal Wine Club Garagiste Wine Club

What You Get: Gold Medal Wine Club Garagiste Wine Club allows you to sample award-winning, rare, and authentic garagiste wine gems from the best small-batch independent winemakers. They’ve been in the business for almost three decades, so they know exactly what appeals to wine drinkers. Each box contains 2 or 4 bottles of impossible-to-find wines (your choice of reds, whites, or mixed), shipped monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly straight to your front door. It comes with wine tasting notes, complementary recipes, and information on the winery and the region from where it originated. Most of the wines from this club are sourced from California, occasionally from Oregon or Washington by skilled and passionate winemakers who love their craft!

Price: Subscription starts at $69 per month.

3. Wine Awesomeness

Image from: our review

What You Get: Wine Awesomeness is basically everything you need if you love discovering and learning about wine! They offer a 3-bottle membership and a 6-bottle membership of all reds, all whites, or a variety (may include rosé) from well-known winemakers around the world monthly, with exclusive perks like deals on wines and wine accessories and a copy of the back label magazine with tasting notes, recipe pairings, and more. If you like a bottle in your box, you can reorder the bottle for 20% off, plus free shipping. You’ll also be the first one to hear about the latest wine releases and access to their wine cellar. It’s simply full of awesomeness!

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Price: 3 bottle membership costs $49/box and $79/shipment for a 6 bottle membership.

Deal: Save $10 on your first box when you sign up for a 6-bottle box subscription! Use coupon code YAY10.

4. Sweet Wine Club by Cellars Wine Club

What You Get: Treat your taste buds to some crisp and sweet flavor to brighten up your day! With Sweet Wine Club by Cellars Wine Club, you’re adding a little more sweetness to your life. Every month, you can discover sweet wine and explore new flavors with two of the best, hand-selected and handcrafted wines from the United States and throughout the world, delivered to your door at the frequency you choose. It also comes with wine tasting notes, tips, and even insights into the wine scene. Cellars Wine Club offers a 100% “no bad bottle” guarantee. Let them know if there’s a bottle that’s not up to your liking, and they’ll instantly replace it for you!

Price: Get your bottles for $54 per shipment, and you can choose to have them delivered every month, every 2 months, or every quarter.

5. West Coast Wine Club by Cellars Wine Club

What You Get: Experience fine flavors that are hard to come by! West Coast Wine Club by Cellars Wine Club is your way to taste stunning wines from the sunny and warm regions of Southern California to the wet and fertile NW regions of Washington. You can customize your shipment by choosing your desired delivery frequency along with your wine preference – reds, whites, or both. Two bottles of hand-selected, handcrafted wines from California, Washington, and Oregon will be sent to your doorstep. Your bottles of wine also come with tasting notes, tips, and even insights into the wine scene. Don’t like a bottle in your shipment? Let them know, and they’ll have it replaced just for you! As a member, you’ll also gain discounts on wine reorders.

Price: Sip two fine wines from California, Washington, and Oregon for $59 a month.

6. Wine of the Month Club Sweet Series

Image from: Wine of the Month Club Sweet Series

What You Get: The Original and Only Wine of the Month Club features a great collection of different kinds of local and international wines made by famous winemakers from all over the world. The Sweet Series Membership allows you to get your hands on sweet flavors you shouldn’t miss! You can choose to receive 2 bottles of sweet and crisp wines every month, every other month, or every quarter – the choice is yours. Also, these sweet wines come in a variety of flavors and levels of sweetness. Each shipment comes with an informative newsletter profiling where it came from, the winemakers behind each bottle, and food pairings. Experience a wholly new sweet sensation for your taste buds! It’s quality wine delivered straight to your doorstep.

Price: The subscription plan is $48 per shipment.

7. Cellar 503

Image from: Cellar 503

What You Get: Loving Oregon wines and their unique flavors? Cellar 503 shares the best of each Oregon wine directly to your door! With each shipment, you’ll get to discover unique, high-quality, and affordable wines, including the winemakers, varietals, and regions from all across Oregon. If you crave bold, delicate, and earthy flavors, you can join the Red Wine Club, but if you love the bright and crisp flavors, White Wine Club is the best option! You can also try the Mixed Wine Club if you want to savor all these flavors. Receive 2 or 4 bottles each month (or 4 per quarter) along with detailed notes and the stories behind each winemaker. Join the club and taste the best of Oregon in the comforts of your own home!

Price: White Wine Club is at $45/mo, Mixed Wine Club is $50/mo, and Red Wine Club is priced at $55/mo.

8. Viticole Wine Club

Image from: Viticole Wine Club

What You Get: Viticole Wine Club is all about the wonders and flavors of grapes, from the start until now. This wine delivery service offers a rainbow of wines, including red, white, orange, blends of red and white, and sparkling. They collaborate with organic farmers wound the world to bring great-tasting wines to members’ doors while still being environmentally conscious. You can choose from 2 subscription tiers they offer: Tier I and Tier II. You’ll receive a total of 24 bottles a year, broken down into two equally shipments, one before summer heat spikes and one before the celebration of holidays. The only difference is the value of each bottle, but all are great and delicious! FYI, they also donate $5 of every case sold to a charity near their hearts.

Price: The Viticole Wine Club Tier I costs $59 per month, while Tier II costs $99 per month.

9. Orange Glou

Image from: Orange Glou

What You Get: Never miss a thing about great wines with Orange Glou! If orange wine is your thing, this wine club offers the most exciting, highly allocated orange wines from all over the world. Each month, your box comes with a combination of sparkling and still orange wines, including rare ones, hand-selected by the founder herself. You will receive the bottles of wine with descriptions, tasting notes, vinification information, and food pairings, all enclosed in a reusable box! You also have the option to choose how many bottles you would like to receive in each shipment: 3-bottle pack or 6-bottle pack. Through this subscription, you can delight your taste buds with a refreshing flavor of orange wines.

Price: Drink orange when you subscribe to 3 bottle membership priced at $105 every month.

10. Maivino

Image from: Maivino

What You Get: Maivino makes wine a little more unique by sending it in pouches. It’s not the traditional wines in bottles, but pouches with a spout so you can quickly fill your glass with your favorite wines whenever you feel like it! These pouches keep your wines fresh for a month, even after your first glass. You can choose to get a single pouch, two, four, or six every month, every other month, or every quarter – it’s all up to you! They offer Rosé, Pinot Noir if you love red, Sauv Blanc if you’re more fond of white, or taste them all in the Sampler Pack. Each bag or pouch holds 2 x 750 ml bottles of vegan wine. As a subscriber, you’ll hear the first dibs on wine releases and save 10% on every order.

Price: Save 10% when you subscribe to 1 pouch – $31.50; 2 pouch – $48.60 + free shipping; 4 pouch – $89.10 + free shipping; and 6 pouches – $125.10 + free shipping. You can also choose to receive it every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months.

Deal: Get your first month for just $35! Use coupon code FIRST35.

11. Intercontinental Club by Bounty Hunter Wines

Image from: Intercontinental Club by Bounty Hunter Wines

What You Get: Intercontinental Club by Bounty Hunter Wines provides a convenient way to introduce you to the greatest red wines of the world, region by region. From Europe to Southern Hemisphere to the US, they know no bounds as they taste thousand of wines and spirits to serve you only the best! This wine club combines two of their wine clubs – Passport and Pathfinder Clubs, to give you the best of both worlds. Expand your palate as you taste and sip great bottles of reds each month. Receive 6 bottles of bold reds with each shipment, along with detailed tasting notes so you can raise your glass for a fun wine experience!

Price: Get 6 bottles of reds for $299 per shipment.

12. Vinovore

Image from: Vinovore

What You Get: Whether you need bottles of fine wines for yourself or for someone to gift, Vinovore is one great option you should check out! It is a wine subscription service that lets you get your hands on bottles of reds, whites, or both at affordable prices. Each month, they hand-select bottles of wine from all over the world to send to their subscribers. Uncork and savor wines with their two subscription tiers – Hair of the Dog, which includes 2-3 delicious bottles of wine, and Party Animal, which includes 4-5 great-tasting wines. Your bottles of wine also come with nifty tasting notes and pairing suggestions. Join your wolfpack and enjoy a fine wine night!

Price: Hair of the Dog subscription plan starts at $45, while the Party Animal starts at $75.

13. Uncorked Box

Image from: our review

What You Get: There’s no wine in Uncorked Box, but you’ll surely love it because it contains wine-themed and wine-related items that you can actually use! This subscription ships quarterly, and each box contains 7-10 different unique items, such as Pinot Noir bath bombs, cork coasters, wine stoppers, and more fun cocktail party-related products. Expect anything from lifestyle items to yummy snacks you can pair with your wines. It’s one of the best bets for a happy hour time!

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Price: Subscription costs $50 per quarter.


Image from: VINEBOX

What You Get: With VINEBOX, you can discover new tastes and try the most exceptional ones from high-end wine boutiques across Europe! They quarterly ship boxes to reward palates with the best wines each vineyard has to offer. You’ll receive nine of the current season’s best wines, by the glass (100ml), allowing you to bring and drink them anytime and anywhere you are, along with detailed information about the wines, the regions where they came from, the winemakers in Europe, as well as pairing suggestions. As a member, you’ll receive free shipping, save up to 25%, first access to new releases, and quarterly credits for full-size bottles! It’s the ideal “taste test” wine subscription, so you can try and try until you find a favorite!

See past VINEBOX Reviews for more details.

Price: Discover 9 wines by the glass every quarter at $79

15. Wine Down Box

Image from: Wine Down Box

What You Get: Wine Down Box caters not only to newbies but to seasoned wine drinkers too! If you love to pair your delectable wines with tasty cheese and charcuterie, you’ve come to the right place. This wine subscription includes everything you need for a fantastic wine night with family and friends or just by yourself. Each month, you’ll receive a bottle of limited-production California wine, fresh and artisanal cheese, hand-crafted charcuterie, scratch-made crackers, and pairing notes, all in just a box! Sit back and enjoy excellent, delectable flavors in the comfort of your own home.

Price: Get fancy drinking fine wines paired with artisanal cheese, charcuterie, and crackers for $70/box, billed monthly. Save more when you opt for longer subscription plans.

Deal: Save 15%! Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION15.

16. The Vice NDA Club

Image from: The Vice NDA Club

What You Get: The Vice NDA Club is a premium wine subscription offering small-batch wines crafted from single grape varietals. Whether birthdays or weddings, these luxury wines are perfect for any occasion! There’s no need to step outside your homes because Napa Valley will be delivered directly to you. There are three subscription plans available to choose from: Mini Vice (3 bottles), Wine Lover Vice (6 bottles), and The Vice VIP (12 bottles). All club levels give you the option to choose when you want wines delivered monthly or quarterly. As a member, you’ll get a 15%, 20%, or 25% unique promotion code to use in their shop.

Price: Mini Vice costs $89/3-pack, Wine Lover Vice is $165/6-pack, and The Vice VIP is at $285/12-pack, delivered monthly or quarterly.

17. Vine Oh!

Image from: our review

What You Get: Wine drinking has never been this fun and more rejuvenating! Vine Oh! is a quarterly subscription that will give you sips and surprises. Each shipment includes 2 bottles of wine and an assortment of 5-6 fun seasonal goodies for just almost half their regular prices! Whether you receive only reds, only whites, a mix of both, or sweet is totally up to you. You can also opt for the wine club, wherein you’ll get four or six 750ml bottles of premium California wine monthly at a great price. It’s the subscription to try, so you’ll always have an excuse for an all-girls wine night!

See all past Vine Oh! Reviews for more information.

Price: The sips & surprises subscription starts at $59.99 per quarter. The monthly wine club costs $59.99 for 4 bottles of wine and $89.99 for 6 bottles.

Deal: Save $10 Off + An Extra Bottle of Wine with your first box! Use coupon code HELLOWINE.

18. Nat Geo Wines

Image from: Nat Geo Wines

What You Get: Nat Geo Wines makes it easy for you to taste the best and authentic wines from the world’s top estates. With every shipment, you’ll discover new regions and meet different winemakers behind each flavorful wine. Wines of the World lets you experience a wholesome wine club experience at the comforts of your home! Choose from reds, whites, or a combination of the two, and receive 12 expertly selected wines every three months. Also, inside every package comes tasting notes to guide you in your unique wine tasting experience. As a member, you’ll save at least 20% and earn credits for free bottles, 1.5-liter magnum upgrades, and luxury bottles, plus exclusive offers throughout the year!

Price: The introductory shipment costs only $59.99. Future cases cost $149.99 per quarter, plus shipping & tax.

Deal: Get over $100 savings, plus 2 Bonus Wine Bottles and a pair of Dartington Crystal stemless glasses! Use this link to get the deal.

19. Summer Water Societé

Image from: Winc Summer Water Societé

What You Get: Feel summer like never before with Winc Summer Water Societé! It’s now possible for you to enjoy your favorite summer drink without rushing to your local store! This exclusive club makes it easy and pleasurable for you to sip refreshing wine without worries. They’ll send you 4 limited-edition shipments and make all your worries about empty glasses disappear. You’ll also receive some super fun merch to chill with you all season long. From Summer Water Rosé to Keep It Chill bottles, it’s like a summer party poured in a glass!

Price: This 4-month subscription costs $89 per shipment.

20. The Sip

Image from: our review

What You Get: The Sip is a bi-monthly subscription offering luxury sparkling wines to your door. You can get a taste of the best sparkling wines without breaking the bank! Providing a fun tasting experience at the comfort of your home, they’ll send a box containing three 187ml bottles or one 375ml bottle and one 187 ml bottle of sparkling wine from 2-3 different brands, a special gift, and $10 reward points towards a full-size bottle. Along with it comes a newsletter featuring each wine in your box, as well as seasonal pairings and cocktail ideas to maximize a truly unique wine experience. And for every Sip purchase, they give access to clean water for women and children in need.

Check out The Sip Reviews to know more.

Price: Get the box for $59.95, delivered every other month.

21. Yahyn

Image from: Yahyn

What You Get: With Yahyn, you can find the perfect bottle of wine! This subscription is passionate about wines, so they know what wine lovers want – flavors matching their profile. They’re changing the way you purchase wine by helping you discover what wine suits your palate. There’s even a brief survey you have to fill up (powered by an AI) for them to better understand your unique flavor preferences. You’ll see compelling recommendations based on the result so you can discover your new fave bottles of wine and get advice from real sommeliers. So there’s nothing left to do but stock up your cellar with the flavors you want the most!

Price: Receive a bottle of wine based on your taste profile for as low as $7.94

22. Leon Circle

Image from: Leon Circle

What You Get: Leon Circle brings you bottles of wine you’ll surely love! This wine subscription will send you three bottles of low-intervention wines from small producers throughout the world. The founder himself chooses the monthly selections. These are the same wines he offers to his inner circle, so you know they’ll be fantastic! It also comes with tasting notes to help you familiarize what you were drinking and why they’ve chosen it for you. You don’t have to search shelves in a liquor store as they’ll do all the work for you and ship fine bottles right at your door!

Price: Get 3 personally selected bottles of wine for $79 a month, plus shipping.

23. Gold Medal Wine Club Pinot Noir Wine Club

Image from: Gold Medal Wine Club Pinot Noir Wine Club

What You Get: With Gold Medal Wine Club Pinot Noir Wine Club, you can unlock the best of Pinot Noirs. If you fancy these certain wine flavors, joining this wine club is a smart choice! It’ll allow you to reward your palate with world-class, excellent Pinot Noirs from highly-rated California winemakers and international wineries! Each box will give you 2 or 4 limited-production bottles shipped monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly at your door. It comes with wine tasting notes, complementary recipes, and information on the winery and the region from where it originates. With each shipment, you can have fun discovering new wines and wineries!

Read the  to know about the different wine clubs they offer!

Price: Subscription starts at $79 a month.

And that is all for our list of the best unique wine clubs and subscriptions you should try! Which of these subscriptions appeals to you the most? Mind sharing it with us in the comments?

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