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Never run out of bottles to serve for family, friends, and even for yourself! One excellent yet practical way to fill your cellar is through wine clubs that offer cases! Waste no time searching for the best wines at a liquor store and carry it back at home. These wine case clubs deliver half or a full case of wine right to your door. You’ll be saving your time and energy and even get discounted pricing, too!

Make every penny-worth and get a favorable deal with the best wine case clubs to try! You can also check our full list of wine subscriptions, in case you’re looking for more.

The Wine Clubs To Get Vino By The Case!


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What You Get: Naked Wines has the best wines sourced from well-known winemakers around the world. This direct-to-consumer wine service is your way to enjoy great wine without setting foot outside. Treat yourself to wines that are hand-made by real winemakers – a case of reds, whites, or a mix of both. You can also shop their premixed cases at up to 60% off market prices! Your membership will give you access to not only their amazing wines but also to angel executive bottles, pre-release wines, and member-exclusive discounts. With Naked Wines, you’ll have fine wines to share with family and friends!

Learn more by visiting Naked Wines Reviews.

Price: Boxes start at $79.99 and the Membership is $40 per month to enjoy access to their top-notch wines and exclusive discounts!

Deal: Get 6 bottles of wine for just $39.99 + FREE Shipping! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

2. Wired For Wine

Image from: Wired For Wine

What You Get: Wired for Wine won’t disappoint if you want a wine case delivered to your door! They’ll wire you to top-rated wines your taste buds have been missing. Make your way to 90+ Wine Club and be introduced to wines rated 90+ by critics (thus the name). Each quarter, you’ll receive 12 high-quality, hard-to-find wines – 2 of each variety, from well-known wine regions to hidden vineyards and wineries with competitive prices to pair with meals! It also comes with tasting notes and serving suggestions. Also, you can choose all whites, reds, or a combination of two.

Price: Subscriptions cost $169.97 per quarter for 12 bottles of wine

3. Winc

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What You Get: With Winc, you can find your perfect bottle of wine! This monthly subscription takes the guesswork out of your way by sending unique wines best suited to your tastes. They work directly with winemakers, meaning there are no middlemen, and you’ll be getting great wines for less! Get 12 or more bottles of delectable wines and receive a 10% off case discount! Mix and match your favorites and add more to save more. This wine subscription even offers low-sugar wines, which means you cut down on sugar without cutting down on wines. You can also rate the wines on your account to get better recommendations on your next shipment.

Check out Winc Reviews for more details.

Price: Subscription starts at $39 for 3 bottles a month plus shipping fee.


4. Wine Insiders

Image from: Wine Insiders

What You Get: An easy way to get your hands into premium wines without the high price is through Wine Insiders. With over 38 years of experience, they surely know how to make each wine lover’s heart flutter! They have a wide range of great-tasting wines, where you can find a new artisanal favorite from top wine regions around the globe. Get 12 exclusive high-quality wines directly to your door each quarter – your choice of reds, whites, or mixed, coupled with detailed tasting notes, serving tips, and pairings. You may also get surprise gifts with select shipments. As a new member, you’ll also get 3 free bonus bottles of Bordeaux aside from your case!

Price: The first shipment for the selection of 15 wines costs $89 plus tax (shipping is free on your first order). Then it’s $139.95 for 12 bottles of wine plus tax and $19.95 shipping.


  • Get $25 off your purchase of $75 or more! Use coupon code GET25 and Use this link to subscribe.
  • Get your introductory case of $12 wine bottles for only $89, instead of $155. Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. You'll also get 3 Bonus Bottles of Bordeaux and FREE Shipping!
  • Get 6 Mediterranean Classics for $45 - that's over 50% off! Use this link to get the deal. You'll also get FREE Shipping and Corkscrew!

5. Plonk Wine Club

Image from: Plonk Wine Club

What You Get: Plonk Wine Club is one of the top-rated wine clubs you can go for. They are focused on delivering small-batch, organic, and biodynamic wines to member’s doors each month. Having a certified and passionate wine expert as the founder, you can definitely trust every wine from this subscription. Find rare hidden gems made by the world’s best boutique wineries (no chemicals of any kind, ever)! They have three wine clubs that cater to all kinds of wine fans – Red Wine Club, Mixed Wine Club, and White Wine Club. Receive 4, 6, or a full case of wine with each shipment. It also includes a free double-hinge corkscrew, detailed tasting notes, and expertly chosen recipes to pair with your wines. Join the club and experience unique wines in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is grab a glass and pop a cork!

Check out Plonk Wine Club Reviews for more details.

Price: Prices start at $110 per month for 4 bottles of wine.

Deal: Save $20 on your first wine club shipment! Use coupon code SUBSCRIBE20.

6. Splash Wines

Image from: Splash Wines

What You Get: Splash Wines is a three-generation convenient wine service that delivers excellent wines straight to your doorstep. This subscription lets you have your fave bottles of wine and experience ones you might’ve never heard before! You can select how many wine bottles to include in your shipment – 6 (half-case) or 15 (full case), and get them monthly, every other month, or quarterly with your choice of reds, whites, or mixed. Receive delicious wines from famous wine-producing countries that appeal to both beginners and experts. You also have the option to shop curated cases or build your own case of 15, bottle by bottle. Cause why not? You deserve a good wine at a fair price!

Price: Choose your type of wine and delivery frequency for $59 for  6 bottles of wine plus free shipping and $89 for 15 bottles of wine plus free shipping.

Deal: Get $20 off your first month + FREE Shipping! Use coupon code SUBSCRIBE.

7. California Wine Club Case Club Series

Image from: California Wine Club Case Club Series

What You Get: Get your monthly fix of handcrafted wines from California Wine Club. Since the ’90s, they’ve been helping artisan wineries to showcase their small-batch wines. Join the California Wine Club Case Club Series and experience a perfect blend of quality, convenience, and savings! Receive 12 bottles (full case) – 3 of each variety, together with the latest issue of Uncorked Magazine, which contains fun and informative features about wines, tasting notes, and pairing tips. You also have the option to customize your Case Club Series delivery and receive all reds, all whites, or both in your chosen delivery frequency! Members can also score up to 50% off normal retail prices on wine reorder. It’s definitely a great way to learn about wine and the California Wine scene!

If you want to know more, visit California Wine Club Reviews.

Price: 12 Bottles cost $168 per month.

8. Tour Guide Wines

Image from: Tour Guide Wines

What You Get: Receive great-tasting wines that are tailored to your taste, budget, and lifestyle. Tour Guide Wines (formerly Revel Wine Club) is a personalized wine subscription known for creating organic earth-friendly wines made from 100% certified organic grapes sourced from the world’s best vineyards and winemakers. Decide whether you want 4, half-case (6), or full case (12) of All White and Sometimes Rosé, All Red, or a bit of both in your chosen delivery frequency so they can curate a shipment just for you! As a member, you’ll enjoy 15% off wine and merchandise and complimentary tasting for 2 at their testing rooms.

Price: 4 bottles cost $52, 6 bottles cost $75 and 12 bottles cost $144. You can choose to receive your wine every month, every 2 months, and every quarter.

Deal: Get $20 off first purchase of $50 or more, including subscriptions! Use coupon code NEWTOUR20.

9. Matthiasson Wines

Image from: Matthiasson Wines

What You Get: Pair your meals with refreshing beverages from Matthiasson Wines. This subscription sends exceptional, limited-production wines from Napa directly to their member’s door 2 times a year! They’re in the business since 2003, handcrafting food-friendly wines from certified organic family farms they trust. You can choose to have 12 bottles and get 15% off or opt for 6 Bottle Club and get half a case with 10% savings! You can also upgrade your shipment and receive homemade products from their fruit orchard alongside your wines. It’s the best of Napa Valley brought directly to you!

Price: Boxes start at $315 per quarter.

10. McBride Sisters Collection Wine Clubs

Image from: McBride Sisters Collection Wine Clubs

What You Get: Sharing their passion for wine, the McBride Sisters send delicious wines to taste for every occasion through their McBride Sisters Collection Wine Clubs. Their wine clubs created a way so you can have the latest and greatest wines at your door. You can choose from 4 wine clubs they offer – 12 Bottle Seasonal Wine Club and 6 Bottle Seasonal Wine Club, where you’ll get a full/half case of wines best suited for each season; Black Girl Magic Wine & Book Club, which celebrates Black women authors with the perfect bottle of wine; and 6-Bottles Every Six Weeks to celebrate whatever reason there is! As a member, you’ll receive 10% off on all wine purchases and enjoy discounted shipping rates on your club selections.

Price: Subscription starts at $125 per quarter.

And that is our list of the best wine case clubs! Which of these case clubs appeals to you most?

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