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Best Vegan Meal Delivery Services & Snack Subscription Boxes

Vegan meal delivery services provide subscribers with an opportunity to try fresh, pre-prepared, and healthy meals with just a few clicks. Likewise, vegan snack subscriptions provide you with endless options for healthy snacking and introduce you to new vegan snacks and brands that may be hard to find locally.

Featured on this list are all the best food subscriptions ideal for vegans!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Vegan Meal Delivery and Snacks!

Vegan Meal Kit Subscriptions

1. The Purple Carrot

Image from: our review

Why we love it: The Purple Carrot delivers raw, pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to cook healthy, delicious vegan meals every week. There are serving plans available for 2 people and 4 people, and you can also choose from Protein, Gluten-Free, Quick & Easy, or Chef’s Choice meals. Boxes are customizable, with an option to add extras like easy-to-prepare breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

See The Purple Carrot Reviews for more details!

Price: Their 2-serving plan has 3 recipes per week that costs $11.99 per serving. Shipping is free. The 6-serving plan has 2 recipes per week that costs $7.99 per serving.

Deal: Get $30 off your first order! Use coupon code carrot30.

2. Sprinly

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Sprinly‘s vegan meals are nutritionist-approved and made with simple and clean ingredients. Each meal is good for a single serving, so you can easily grab one and go! You can get either 6 meals per week, 12 meals per week, or 18 meals per week. Subscribers can customize their boxes by choosing meals from the current week’s menu.

Go to our Sprinly reviews to find out more about this subscription!

Price: A 6 meals per week plan costs $109, 12 meals per week is $199, and 18 meals per week is $289.


  • Get $20 off over 3 weeks on a 6- meal plan! Use coupon code VIP.
  • Get $30 off over 3 weeks on a 12-meal plan or 18-meal plan! Use coupon code VIP.

3. Splendid Spoon

Image from: our review

Why we love it: For smoothie and soup lovers, Splendid Spoon is your best bet! Everything they offer is plant-based and gluten-free, and the meals arrive either frozen, semi-frozen, or chilled in insulated, recyclable packaging. Boxes are also customizable, as subscribers can include ingredient avoidances and flavors that you don’t like.

Check out the Splendid Spoon Reviews page to know more!

Price: Choose from: Lunch – $65, Breakfast+Lunch+Reset – $135, and Breakfast+Lunch – $95.

Deal: Get $60 off your first 3 boxes! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. First 3 boxes must be ordered within 90 days from the shipping date

4. Daily Harvest

Image from: Daily Harvest

Why we love it: Daily Harvest provides good, clean food using only the freshest fruits and vegetables! This subscription includes smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, bites, oat bowls, chia bowls, and lattes! You can also choose how many recipes you want to receive (9 to 26), and even the times you want it to be delivered (weekly or monthly). You can also take their quiz and get started with a custom taster box!

See Daily Harvest Reviews for more information!

Price: For weekly subscriptions: 6 cups per week is at $7.99 per cup, 9 cups per week is at $7.75 per cup, 12 cups per week is at $7.49 per cup and 24 cups per week is at $6.99 per cup. For monthly subscriptions,24 cups per month is at $6.99 per cup.

Deal: Save $25 on your first box! Use coupon code HELLOSUB and Use this link to subscribe.

5. Green Chef

Image from: Green Chef

Why we love it: Each Green Chef delivery comes with recipes and main ingredients for 3 well-balanced meals that you can prepare and cook in 30 minutes. All you will need from home are standard cooking gear, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Currently, they have 5 plan options including Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, Plant-Powered, and Family Plan.

Learn more by checking out the Green Chef Reviews page!

Price: Keto $12.99 per meal, Paleo $12.99 per meal, Omnivore $11.99 per meal, Vegan per meal, Vegetarian per meal, Gluten-Free $11.99 per meal, Pescatarian $11.99 per meal, Family Omnivore $10.99 per meal, Family Carnivore $10.99 per meal. These prices do not include $6.99 shipping and handling per box.

Deal: Save up to $40! Get $30 off + FREE shipping on your first box, $20 off your second box, and $10 off your third box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

6. Sunbasket

Image from: Sun Basket

Why we love it: Sun Basket strives to deliver organic produce 100% of the time! Currently, 99% of the produce that they ship is organic. Their meats and poultry are always antibiotic and hormone-free, the lamb is pasture-raised, all their seafood is wild-caught and never farmed, and even the tofu is made from organic, non-GMO soybeans — all of these just to make sure that they give the freshest and the best food quality in every shipment. They also thoughtfully include a note whenever they fail to meet this promise.

See the Sun Basket Reviews for more details!

Price: You can get The Classic Meal plan $11.99 per serving and the Family Plan $10.99 per serving.

Deal: Get $35 off FIRST box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. Hungryroot

Image from: Hungryroot

What you get: Hungryroot delivers quick and easy-to-prepare meals that you can whip up in less than 10 minutes, and all of them are based on a food profile that you will answer upon sign up. All their meals are plant-based, nutrient-dense, and made from real ingredients. Meals range from stir-fried veggies and vegan pasta to grain bowls and salads. They also care for the environment as they use eco-friendly materials for packaging.

Check out Hungryroot Reviews to learn more!

Price: Start your plan for $69 per week.


  • Get 20% off your first TWO boxes! Use coupon code hr20.
  • Get 30% off on $99+ orders! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

8. Sakara

Image from: Sakara

Why we love it: Sakara has clean and wholesome meals fit for your specific needs, plus detox tea and probiotics to help boost your health. Currently, they have a Signature Organic Meal Delivery Plan and subscribers can choose between a one-time trial program or a recurring subscription program. Subscribers can also choose the number of days they would like to have the meals (2, 3 or 5 days).

Price: Customize your weekly plan that fits your lifestyle.

9. Veestro

Image from: Veestro

Why we love it: Veestro is an award-winning plant-based meal delivery service that provides restaurant-quality, ready-to-eat meals. There are 3 meal plan options, which include Customer Favorites, High-Protein, and Gluten-Free. Subscribers can also choose to receive 10 meals, 20 meals, or 30 meals per week. Their meals last up to 8 weeks in the freezer, and up to 1 week in the fridge.

Price: 10 Meals Plan – $117, 20 Meals Plans – $216 and 30 Meals Plan – $297. All includes Free Shipping + 10% savings!

10. Trifecta

Image from: Trifecta

Why we love it: Trifecta has a rotating weekly menu created by their in-house professional chef, saving you from diet burnout! They offer macro-balanced meals, with lean protein, complex carbs, and veggies in each meal. Meal plan offerings include Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Clean, Keto, A la Carte, and Gluten-Free. No cooking is required because the meals are already fully prepared and vacuum-sealed. They can stay fresh in the fridge for over 10 days or 6 months in the freezer. Just heat the food in the microwave, oven, or on the stove-top when you need them!

Price: Keto, Paleo and clean Plans starts at $109 per week. Vegan and Vegetarian starts st $114 per week. Classic and Ala Carte starts at $119 per week.

11. Epicured

Image from: Epicured

Why we love it: Every meal from Epicured is ready-to-eat and gluten-free, made exclusively by Michelin-Star chefs. This subscription also offers over 50 different organic, dietitian-approved, and preservative-free meals that you can choose from. All their meals are always prepared fresh with no cooking required!

Price: Weekly plan starts at $12.99.

12. Vegin' Out

Image from: Vegin' Out

Why we love it: Vegin’ Out is a weekly vegan meal delivery service that delivers delicious and well-balanced vegan meals. Every box consists of 3 vegan meal entrees, 4 vegan side dishes, 1 vegan soup, and a bag of scrumptious vegan cookies. The dishes also come in a container that has 3 servings, allowing you to mix and match the vegan entrees, vegan side dishes, and soup according to your desired appetite!

Price: Los Angeles Vegan Meal Delivery: Single Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal (non-recurring) is at $127.99. So Cal/ Nor Cal & Arizona Meal Delivery: 21-Day Vegan Cleanse and Vegan Meal Plan is at $399.99. Nationwide Vegan Meal Shipping: 21-Day Vegan Cleanse and Vegan Meal Plan is at $529.99.

13. Takeout Kit

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Takeout Kit makes cooking at home easier and fun! Their meal kits are a little more adventurous than the regular ones as they offer international meals and such. Plus, the ingredients they send have a longer shelf life — not just days but months! Their a la carte meal kits cater to a variety of diets, including Vegan. Each meal kit can feed up to 4 adults.

Read the Takeout Kit Reviews for more information!

Price: Month to month subscription is at $29.99, 3-month prepaid subscription is at $86.99, 6-month prepaid subscription is at $167.99 and 12-month prepaid subscription is at $323.99.

Deal: Get 15% off your first purchase on all non-subscription items! Use coupon code HELLO15.

14. VegReady

Image from: VegReady

Why we love it: VegReady meals have a long shelf life — a 12 month best by date at production! Each case contains 24 dishes, equivalent to 8 complete meals (1 main tray, 1 side, and 1 sauce). Aside from being shelf-stable, their meals are all vegan and don’t require refrigeration. Currently, they offer two kinds of cases: Amazonian Rainforest Meal Case and Coastal Verde Meal Case.

Price: One-time plan costs $60 plus shipping while the monthly plan costs $49.80 + shipping.

Vegan Snack Boxes

15. Vegancuts Snack Box

Image from: our review

Why we love it: Vegan Cuts Snack Box offers unique vegan snacks that we don’t usually see in local stores or markets. Each box includes 10 or more vegan snacks, which may include vegan chips, cookies, and even drinks. Aside from vegan snacks, they also often include non-GMO and certified organic goodies!

Learn more by visiting the Vegan Cuts Snack Box Reviews page!

Price: Monthly subscription is at $24.95 per box. Shipping is free. The 6-month subscription is at $22.45 also with free shipping, while you can save $40 on their All Options box with additional $6.95 shipping for Canada, $14.95 per box for international shipping and free shipping within the US.

Deal: Get $5 off your first box on any Vegancuts subscription! Use coupon code hellosub. The coupon can only be used once per customer, but it can be used on multiple subscriptions at once so long as they are in the same transaction!

16. UrthBox

Image from: Urthbox

Why we love it: Every package from Urthbox includes handpicked, full-sized snacks made with organic, non-GMO, and all-natural ingredients. They have Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet box options. Some of the vegan goodies they send include snack bars, granola, cookies, crisps, and trail mixes. Sometimes, they even add a few extras like beverages and personal care products!

Visit the Urthbox Reviews page and see past box contents!

Price: The Mini Box is $26.99 monthly. The Small Box includes is $36.99 monthly. The Medium Box is $46.99 monthly. The Large Box includes is $56.99 monthly. Free shipping to USA, $6.95/box shipping to Canada.


  • Get $10 off your purchase! Use coupon code 10BUCKSOFF.
  • Get a FREE bonus box with your first box! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

17. SnackSack - Vegan Plan

Image from: SnackSack

Why we love it: SnackSack makes it easy to discover healthy snacks, and they have a subscription plan specifically for vegans. Each box is themed and contains 11-15 snacks from various brands. Aside from Vegan, they also offer Classic, Gluten-Free, and Workplace plans.

Learn more by visiting the SnackSack Reviews page!

Price: SnackSack Classic is at $21.50, SnackSack Vegan is at $23.50, SnackSack Gluten Free is at $23.50 and SnackSack Workplace is at $66.66.

Deal: Save 20% on any SnackSack! Use coupon code HELLO20.

18. Ritual - Bonus! Vegan Vitamins!

Image from: our review

What you get: Ritual is all about vegan-certified vitamins! Currently, their offerings include Essential for Women,  Essential Pre-Natal, and Essential for Women 50+. They use beadlet-in-oil encapsulation, which delivers nutrients better than regular capsules. Each box contains a bottle with 60 capsules.

Check out the Ritual Reviews page to learn more!

Price: Monthly Subscription is $30.

Deal: Save $10 on your first month when you bundle any 2+ Ritual products! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

19. PlateJoy

Image from: PlateJoy

Why we love it: PlateJoy delivers healthy and delectable meal options based on your health goals, lifestyle and dietary preferences. Every box comes with detailed step-by-step recipe infographics with visual instructions for easier meal preparation. They offer a vegan meal plan, as well as vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, allergy-free, batch cooking, and kit-friendly.

Price: Pay $59 for six months. ships monthly.

Deal: Get $10 off any plan. Use coupon code HELLOSBSN.

Whether you’re looking for Vegan meals or snacks, this list will help you find the best Vegan Subscription Box that will fit your needs! Did you see any vegan subscription you like?

Don’t forget to check out our list of all the best subscription boxes in every category!

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  • Davey

    I love Sprinly but it’s fairly pricey. Purple Carrot is my go to for day to day cooking. I’m rather fond of the smoothie/juice boxes too that are starting to have more actual food in them (I like to eat).