Stay Prepared With The Best Survival & Prepper Subscription Boxes of 2023

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Prepare yourself for any potential disaster and thrive in the face of great challenges by mastering essential survival skills. Building a comprehensive survival kit can significantly improve your chances of staying safe when confronted with calamity. Finding the right survival products may seem daunting, but fear not – with survival subscription boxes, the task becomes effortless and ensures you’re always equipped for the unexpected.

Venture into the unknown with confidence, thanks to these incredible survival subscription boxes. They offer the finest essentials to pack and carry during challenging times, tailored to meet your unique survival needs and preferences. Instead of rushing to local stores one after another, save time and energy by investing in these thoughtfully curated boxes, specially designed for desolate situations.

Explore a vast array of gears, accessories, tools, snacks, hydration supplies, and more – everything you need to conquer catastrophe. Read on for our handpicked list of the best survival subscription boxes to equip you for any apocalyptic scenario!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Surviving Doomsday!

1. BattlBox

Image from: BattlBox

What You Get: BattlBox gets you prepared for tough and extreme situations by sending camping, survival, EDC, and other kinds of outdoor gear every month! You can choose from four different kinds of boxes – Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. Basic is ideal for those who are just starting, while Advanced is for the gear junkie. If you’re a survival-minded person, Pro is for you. Another option for enthusiasts and big spenders is Pro Plus. Every box is filled to the brim with tried and true, field-tested survival gear! They even partner with the best brands to give you top-quality gear, like Lord & Field Outfitters, Going Gear, and Grenade Soap Co.

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2. Knife Subscription Club

Image from: Knife Subscription Club

What You Get: Knife Subscription Club sends 1 high-quality, stainless steel branded knife with a spring-assisted opening and/or EDC gear straight to your door on auto-pilot. Some of the brands they’ve featured include Kershaw, CRKT, Spyderco, SOG, Smith & Wesson, Shrade, and Cold Steel. This knife subscription is available in 4 different plans: Basic, Advanced, Premium, and Ultimate. The Basic plan is recommended for those who want to collect just the knives, but those who are interested in more advanced gear can check out the high-tier plans.

3. Nomadik Monthly

Image from: our review

What You Get: Encouraging you to live your best life, Nomadik Monthly sends high-end and functional gears given a “stamp of approval” by world-class adventurers. They put the spotlight on multifunctional tools, some of which are also new technology integrated. Each box includes 1 main product, 1-3 smaller products, and 1-2 educational/inspiration items that are pulled together into an exciting survival theme! Along with the items in your box comes a monthly outdoor challenge that matches the theme. Some of the premium brands they’ve worked with are HydraPak, Igloo, Parks Project, and more! As a member, you’ll gain access to discounts for top-notch brands.

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4. Barrel & Blade

Image from: our review

What You Get: Barrel & Blade collaborates with the top experts in the field to make sure that every subscriber will only be receiving the highest quality, field-tested, expert-approved, most badass, and best value gear available, including knives! Every box is themed around certain types and styles of gear, as well as different survival and tactical scenarios. There are two plans available in this subscription: Level 1 – for preppers just starting out, which has an awesome mix of survival and tactical gear for everyday use, and Level 2 – the most complete and premium package that has an amazing assortment of handpicked, battle-tested, tactical, and survival gear.

5. Apocabox

Image from: Apocabox

What You Get: Get the best survival tools and learn survival skills, at the same time, in just one box! Apocabox is a bi-monthly subscription delivering exclusively handpicked survival tools, accessories, and the information you need to successfully and safely venture outside. They work with different vendors from around the world to bring you the latest and greatest survival tools. Each box also includes at least one artisan-made item, as well as a Survival Skills Challenge with training tips designed to teach you a specific survival skill, plus immediate access to an exclusive 30-minute survival training video by Creek Stewart!

And that’s some of the best survival subscription boxes you need to have right now!

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