The 7 Best Cooking and Baking Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2023

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Cooking and baking subscription boxes designed specifically for kids are a wonderful way to ignite their culinary curiosity. They provide an interactive and educational experience, teaching kids new skills while fostering confidence and a love for cooking. From measuring ingredients to mixing and tasting, your little chefs will learn the art of creating delicious meals and snacks. With a cooking club right in your home, you can bond with your children and create lasting memories together.

These subscriptions provide an immersive cooking experience designed to develop their culinary skills. Some boxes come complete with pre-measured and labeled ingredients, eliminating the need for extensive grocery shopping. Others provide a curated grocery list, allowing little chefs to explore and familiarize themselves with the necessary ingredients. Additionally, certain cooking subscriptions include kid-friendly kitchen tools and surprise goodies, adding an element of excitement to the cooking adventure.

Let your kids embark on a culinary journey where they can unleash their creativity and create delectable meals and snacks with the help of the best kids’ cooking subscription boxes. Whether you want to nurture their love for cooking or seek engaging activities to keep them occupied, these cooking kits offer a delightful way to keep your young ones busy and engaged throughout the process. Explore our list below and let the cooking adventures begin!

The Best Cooking Subscription Boxes for Kids!

1. Yummy Crate by KiwiCo

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Why We Love It: Yummy Crate by KiwiCo is a STEAM-based cooking subscription for kids! Each crate combines the joy of cooking with the science behind different cooking concepts. Ideal for children ages 6 to 14, it contains 3 delicious recipes, other hands-on STEAM activities, a copy of Yummy Zine with informative features, and a shopping list with an easy-to-use grownup guide. Some of the previous Yummy Crate themes are Tasty & Toasty (Maillard reaction), Rise & Shine (leaveners), and Bright & Delightful (phytonutrients)!

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2. Raddish Kids

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Why We Love It: Raddish Kids is a cooking club designed for kids 4 to 14+. This subscription offers monthly cooking kits that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond, making it fun and easy for them to learn! You’ll get 3 illustrated recipe guides, 3 skill cards, a quality & kid-friendly kitchen tool, table talk cards, a complete grocery list, a collectible apron patch, and a creative kitchen project! They also provide bonus digital stuff on their website called the Bonus Bites, where you can access a bonus recipe, a Spotify playlist, dietary modifications for the month’s recipe, and even download a homeschool lesson plan. Plus, no kits will be repeated! Also, every kit has a theme that falls in one of four categories: Seasonal Spotlights, Global Cuisine, Creative Cookery, and Holiday Celebrations.


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3. eat2explore

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Why We Love It: It’s easy to explore a country, a continent, or the world with every package from eat2explore! Each box includes easy-to-follow recipes, pre-measured spice/sauce mixes for each recipe, a shopping list, a country brochure, an activity sheet, a country sticker, a flag pin, and a fun collectible. Even kids can join in on the fun because the recommended age for the box is 5 years old or older! Learn about cultures, spices, and history while snacking at the comfort of your home.

4. Little Sous Cooking Box

Image from: Little Sous

Why We Love It: Create new memories for your kids when you share cooking time with them. Little Sous is a monthly themed box filled to the brim with delicious recipes and activities where children can engage themselves with. You’ll receive step-by-step recipes, hands-on activity cards, kid-safe kitchen tools, creative projects, stickers, and more every month. Not only do kids learn the basics of cooking, but they’ll also improve their STEAM skills. Just as they say, cooking makes star students!

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5. I'm The Chef Too!

Image from: I'm The Chef Too!

Why We Love It: Kids can enjoy a new adventure in the form of cooking! I’m The Chef Too! will take little chefs on an edible and yummy exploration in the world of culinary, all in the comfort of their own homes. Each educational kit comes with 1 main recipe, pre-measured dry ingredients, specialty kit supplies, an activity guide card, recipe card, a short shopping list of items needed, and STEM-themed projects, all contained in a box that’ll guide you on your delicious journey. Combining food, STEM, and arts, it’s one of the best subscription choices you can give your children! Boxes are themed too, which adds more fun to the already exciting method of learning and cooking! Past featured themes include Cupcake Geodes, Beach Pops, and Galaxy Donuts.

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6. America's Test Kitchen Young Chefs' Club

Image from: America's Test Kitchen Young Chefs' Club

Why We Love It: Give your little culinary aspirant the kit they need to enhance their skills with the America’s Test Kitchen Young Chefs’ Club. They aim to build a new generation of young & empowered cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters. This kit encourages kids to take risks, embrace & learn from mistakes, and develop a healthy relationship with food. Box themes vary every month so kids can have fun learning, exploring specific ingredients, techniques, scientific subjects, and cuisine. Each box contains recipe cards, a shopping list, cooking tools, an achievement button, and a lot more!

7. Baketivity

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Why We Love It: Create a fun bonding time with your kids when you give them Baketivity. It is a baking kit designed for children filled with activities and lessons for ages 3+. Baking is made easier as each kit includes pre-measured ingredients, a colorful kid-friendly illustrated recipe book, and educational activities to enjoy while waiting for your treat to be baked. They also have wheat-free and gluten-free options. Every kit will guarantee a fun baking experience for kids and kids alike.

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And that sums up our list of the best kids cooking subscription boxes!

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