Best Premium Subscription Boxes $50 or more – 2020 Award Winners

Curated for those who want to splurge, these luxury subscription boxes cost $50+ and are filled with high-end and high-value goodies. They come in various categories, including lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. What’s more, these subscriptions often offer a curation of items with a higher retail value than the price of the box, making them really worth a try!

Our big spenders decided on what boxes we should include as the best luxury subscription boxes over $50, and here is the result!

The Best $50+ Subscription Boxes As Decided By Our Readers!

Check out all the splurge-worthy subscriptions that you chose:

1. Oui Please

Oui I love this box. It’s very classy, even if the shipping is uneven. – Thelma

What you get: Oui Please is your best source of 100% French-made luxury items from new and established luxury brands! The products are also exclusive and limited edition, making this box worth the price and worth the wait. Upon sign up, subscribers create a profile and are allowed to customize their box as well!

To learn more, check out Oui Please Reviews here!

Price: Box prices start at $150 per box, every other month.


  • Save 20% on your subscription! Use coupon code SHOP20.
  • Save 15% on your subscription! Use coupon code hiver15 .

2. FabFitFun

I always enjoy the fun mix of beauty, fashion, tech, home and fitness. I love that I can customize as well. I always feel that I get my money’s worth in this box. – Sarah

What you get: FabFitFun ships every quarter and includes fabulous beauty products along with makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness items! They often feature well-known brands, making this box worth the long wait. Every box also includes a large-format mini-magazine. Subscribers have the freedom to choose from several product variations and get the product/s that they really want!

Check out FabFitFun Reviews to know more!

Price: A subscription costs $49.99 per quarter.


  • Subscribe to a Seasonal membership & receive a FREE mini box! Use coupon code HELLOMINI.
  • Subscribe to an Annual membership & receive a FREE bonus box! Use coupon code HELLOBONUS.
  • Take $10 off your first box. Use coupon code FAB10.

3. Ipsy Glambag Ultimate

The number and variety and value of products is staggering.  – India J.

I love the giant train cases and getting a pile of everything. – Emily V

I have teen girls and I feel like our spend on beauty and body is way less than it used to be after I picked up this subscription. It has everything we need! – Joanne

What you get: You get a lot more products from Ipsy Glambag Ultimate, compared to the Ipsy regular and Ipsy Glambag Plus! It has a total of 12 items, which are composed of 8 full-sized and 4 deluxe items. They also include a make-up bag each month where you can keep your beauty loot. With a promised value of over $250 each month, it’s definitely the upgrade of all upgrades!

Check out the Ipsy Glambag Ultimate Reviews page to find out more!

Price: The subscription costs $50 each month.

4. Beachly

Beach vibez for days! ?☀️ – Sherrilyn

I just prefer the beachy aesthetic that I get in this box. – Ravioli

What you get: Get that summer vibes through and through! Beachly Women’s Box is a beach-inspired box that sends out 6-8 premium pieces with $180+ retail value, from apparel to accessories, and items you can use every day such as bags, skincare, haircare, etc. They send out home decor, too! So you really get the beach vibe all year round with this amazing box!

Check out the Beachly Women’s Box Reviews page to know more!

Price: Starts at $99 each quarter.


  • Get a FREE BONUS BOX ($100+ value) with your first box! Use coupon code BONUSBOX.
  • Get $30 off your first box! Use coupon code BEACHDAY30 .
  • Get 20% off your first box! Use coupon code HELLO20.

5. Robb Vices

What you get: Get treasures and luxurious items from Robb Vices! Every month brings a fresh collection of amazing products and experiences that have been curated for your enjoyment. They include a keepsake booklet that told the story behind each product and lets you discover more things about them. So sit back and wait for this one-of-a-kind box that will definitely put a smile on your face, and is worth every penny!

Check out the Robb Vices reviews page and see the past luxurious items that we got!

Price: The subscription costs $389.85 per quarter, with 3 boxes shipping monthly for 3 months. You can also choose the subscription where they ship a box every 2 months for $659.70 annually or the entire year membership where you get a box every month for a full year, priced at $1190.40.

Deal: Get $50 off your first box! Use coupon code LUXURY50.

6. Baby Play Kits by Lovevery

Age appropriate developmental toys for when all you can do is stay awake! – Johnny

The Baby Play Kits have everything we need for the developmental stage our baby is in, and the toys don’t clutter up our house! Everything is well made and pleasing to look at! – Sandy

I LOVE the Play Guide that comes in each Play Kit! It really lays out the research behind each toy, why it was included, and has lots of ideas on how parents can engage with their babies. It takes a lot of stress off of us!

What you get: The best play products for a baby’s developing brain is in every Baby Play Kit by Lovevery. Specially designed by child development experts, you get toys that are customized by stage and thoughtfully crafted using sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics. What’s not to love about a box filled with lots of useful information for parents and fun, developmental toys for babies?

See Baby Play Kits by Lovevery Reviews to know more!

Price: Boxes arrive every other month for $80.

Deal: Get 10% off on 3+ month prepaid plans! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. BOXYCHARM Premium

What You Get: With 6-7 full-sized products, BOXYCHARM Premium proves that it’s worth an upgrade from the regular BOXYCHARM. You will get $175+ value in your box, and they ensure that you won’t get any product overlaps! Expect some of the greatest brands and other carefully selected items by their beauty experts who make sure that your stash is updated with current beauty trends!

Check out the BOXYCHARM Premium Reviews and see past box contents!

Price: The subscription costs $35 per month.

8. Butcher Box

I signed up with a promotional add-on that lasts for life of the subscription! -TiiBone

What you get: Butcher Box delivers a selection of premium quality meat enough for about 15-20 meals in each box! Currently, the have a total of 5 box offerings: The Mixed Box, The Beef & Pork Box, The Beef & Chicken Box, The All Beef Box, and the Custom Box. Each box option also comes in the Classic Box size and Big Box size. Add-ons and monthly specials are also available. Everything has been carefully cut and prepared, saving you a lot of time compared to when purchasing from butcher shops!

See Butcher Box Reviews to learn more about their offerings!

Price: All the curated boxes are $129 a month. The Custom Box is $149 a month.


  • Get 2 Filet Mignons, 2 NY Strips & 4 Top Sirloins FREE in your first ButcherBox – that’s $75 worth of steaks FREE! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Check for the latest special offer for Butcher Box! Use this link to get the deal.

9. Dia & Co

Lane Bryant never again! Dia all the way!! – Cait

What you get: Dia & Co is a styling subscription for plus-sized women. They have a 30-second style quiz that helps them learn about your body shape so that they can curate what suits you best. You get a $20 credit toward what you keep, unlimited size exchange, and 25% off when you buy everything. The average price per item is around $59. Some of the brands they’ve worked with include Rebel Wilson x Angels, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller New York, Girl With Curves, RWN by Rawan, Marybelle, Warp + Weft, Jessica Simpson, and Kenneth Cole!

Read Dia & Co Reviews to get more information about how it works!

Price: Styling fee is $20 per month. If you keep all items from your box, you’ll receive a 25% discount. Also, shipping is free.


  • Save 30% Off EVERYTHING! Use coupon code DIABF.
  • Get FREE Styling FEE! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Notice of the waived styling fee will appear after you complete the quiz.

10. Switch

I think this box helps me keep my jewelry game on point. Otherwise… I probably wouldn’t wear any…. -Linda

What you get: Switch is designer jewelry rental service! Once you’re a member, you can wear the pieces for as long as you want and send them back when you’re ready. They currently offer 3 kinds of membership: Gold that allows you to have 1 piece at a time, Platinum with 2 pieces at a time, and Black with 3 pieces at a time. Some of the items they currently have are bracelets, bangles, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, chokers, and rings.

Take a peek at the Switch Reviews page to know more!

Price: Gold membership is $29 a month. Platinum is $49 and Black is $69.

Deal: Get half off your first month on any plan. Use coupon code HELLOHALF.

11. YogaClub

Cute outfits! – Debbie

What you get: With YogaClub, you get outfits that match your style, size, and favorite ways to sweat! Each package includes a 3-piece outfit from brand name clothes such as Beyond Yoga, Manduka, Splendid, Onzie, Teekie, and more. Their style quiz is pretty detailed, which even includes your height and body shape.

Check out YogaClub Reviews to learn more!

Price: Guru Membership is $79 a month. Shipping is $6.95 to USA and $9.95 to Canada, Alaska & Hawaii. They also ship to the UK, Europe, and Australia.


  • Get a YogaClub 2 piece Box for just $39! Use this link to get the deal.
  • Get your YogaClub Guru Box for just $59 for life! That's $20 savings per month! Use coupon code HELLO. Just pay $4.95 shipping!

12. Breo Box

Lots of cool gear, different theme every time. – Ruth Molly

What you get: Health, fitness, tech, and lifestyle essentials — you can get them all in this box! The contents of Breo Box is curated around the season, so expect getting stuff that is exactly what you need at that time. Everything is presented in a premium box each quarter. It’s quite sturdy and also reusable!

Read Breo Box reviews to learn more about this subscription!

Price: The box costs $159 per quarter. FREE shipping in the US, and $45 to Canada.


  • Get $50 off any subscription or gift purchase! Use coupon code BREOBFCM.
  • 40% off any lifestyle shop product or past box Use coupon code BFCM40.
  • Get $15 off your first box! Use coupon code hs15.

13. Geek Fuel EXP

What You Get: Geek Fuel EXP is a quarterly box that delivers geek accessories and apparel with exclusive games, toys, gear, collectibles, and other epic items, with at least $100 in value. Another cool thing that you can find in the box is that it includes a Steam game code that you can play and master. It’s one of the great geek boxes around, for sure!

See more about this box by visiting the Geek Gear EXP reviews page!

Price: You can get the box for $57 each quarter, plus shipping.

14. Sunday Shares

What you get: Sunday Riley is now Sunday Shares. Every quarter, they ship exclusive Sunday Riley products, as well as fun and practical tools that will help you with your physical, mental, and energetic well-being. There will also be a new charity with every new theme and box. It’s a great box for any Sunday Riley fan or just anyone who wants to have young-looking and healthy skin!

Price: The subscription costs $95 each quarter.

15. Haverdash

So far it’s given me a lot of variety to my wardrobe without needing to buy trendier pieces. – Alisha

What you get: Haverdash subscribers can build their own virtual closet and receive 3 pieces in every package, with only one flat fee. They also have a Prioritize feature, which you can use when there is a piece from their collection that you badly want or need! The shipping back and forth is free and there are unlimited rotations. No need to worry about doing the laundry either, because they’ll take care of that for you.

Price: A flat fee of $59 applies monthly.

Deal: Get 20% off your first month! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

16. My Stylish French Box

Although this is a pricey box it has beautiful bespoke pieces and luxurious body care. So luxurious, a nice splurge of exclusive French-made items. Debbie

What You Get: My Stylish French Box is a quarterly subscription box that contains French products curated by blogger and author, Sharon Santoni. They send out products from highly-coveted and timeless French brands. Each box contains four full-sized hero gifts, four similar indulgences, and a limited edition print of an original watercolor that you will collect throughout the year. Each box also comes with a seasonal theme based around tenets of authentic French living!

See our My Stylish French Box reviews and learn more about this amazing subscription!

Price: The box costs $255 per quarter.

17. The Bam! Ultra Box

Love this box! Full of awesome collectibles – dadrifter

Been a subscriber to BAM! since 2016. Best variety and quality items of any similar box. BAM! Just started offering a BIG Box every other month that features a higher end celebrity autograph than their regular boxes. The price varies based on the celebrity, but it’s definitely worth it. Both their Pop Culture and Horror options are good for gifting. If someone you know is into collecting, it’s a solid option I tried other pop culture boxes before Bam! And they all were ultimately disappointing with filler items. Bam! keeps everything relevant, and even if it isn’t something you like, they have a community of collectors that are usually willing to buy single items or trade. – Babywiththepower

The Bam! Box is the best autograph subscription box! It comes with a full comic con experience and I love everything I get in it! – Jeremiah

What you get: The Bam! Big Box offers limited release boxes with items of a higher class compared to the regular The Bam! Box. Each box will contain a higher-end celebrity autograph, a higher-end prop, a pin set, and an art print celebrating all of your favorite franchises!

See the The BAM! Box Reviews for more information!

Price: The subscription costs $26.99 each month.

18. Kidpik

What you get: Kidpik is a styling subscription box for girls sizes 4-16, and it offers no subscription, styling, or even shipping fees! They send your daughter different clothing ensembles like Classic Chic, Girly Glam, Trendista Junior, and Always Active. Each box will include 7 pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories that are curated by a stylist based on the info from the fun and interactive style quiz that you fill-up upon sign-up.

Checkout the Kidpik reviews page for more info!

Price: The subscription boxes have $95 average cost with FREE shipping and FREE styling fee, and you get 30% discount when you decide to keep the entire box!

Deal: Get $80 off your first box when you keep the entire box + FREE Styling + FREE Shipping! Use coupon code FRIDAY80.

19. MasterClass

What you get: Subscribers can take classes right at the palm of their hands with MasterClass! It’s an immersive online experience that offers access classes from the world’s best. Some of the popular class instructors are Christina Aguilera, Serena Williams, James Patterson, and more. The video courses are 100% exclusive and there are tons of topics to choose from!

Price: The subscription costs $180 per year. Single “own forever” classes are $90.

Deal: Give One. Get One Free. Limited Time Only. Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

20. Stitch Fix

These clothes always fit and I love the styles!!! – Anonymous

I have tried other styling services but Stitch Fix just works best! I cannot imagine shopping in a mall for clothes because mine are way better from my stylist!! – Emma K

I always buy at least one piece because I don’t want to eat my styling fee. But there is always at least one item I need!!! – c

What you get: Stitch Fix is like having a personal stylist, except that you don’t have to leave the house and you just have to wait for your new clothes to arrive in a box! They send up to five clothing items just for you, based on the style profile (including the style, budget, and other specifics) you fill out upon signing up. Expect premium brands here and there, including Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, and Equipment, and many more!

Check out Stitch Fix Reviews to know more about the subscription!

Price: Styling fee is $20 per month. If you decide to keep everything, you save 25% on your whole fix. Returns have no additional cost.

21. The Wordy Traveler - Hidden Gem!

What you get: The Wordy Traveler is a luxury book subscription where each quarter, your crated box will transport you to an amazing destination as it will contain three books, ethically-sourced premium tea, and a limited edition fine art print. They will donate a portion of the proceeds from every box to help educate women and girls across the world. You have the freedom to choose and receive 1 book every quarter, or 3 books.

Learn more about this amazing subscription by checking out The Wordy Traveler reviews page!

Price: You can get the backpacking edition starting at $49.99, and the Full Suitcase starting at $109.99 each quarter, with free shipping to the US. You can also do 2-quarter, or 4-quarter pre-pay to save more.

Deal: Get 10% off your subscription! Use coupon code JOURNEY.

22. JourneeBox by Kevia - Hidden Gem!

What you get: Each quarter, get a box filled with ethically-made, and sustainable luxury goods from JourneeBox by Kevia. The box contains jewelry, accessories, beauty, and home items, and you will also have the option to tailor the items to fit your own style!

See the past boxes we got by checking out the Journee Box by Kevia reviews page!

Price: You will get billed $54.99 per box or $199.96 annually, plus free shipping.

23. Saltwater & Sand

What You Get: Saltwater & Sand delivers a little salt water and sand to you, wherever you may live. Each quarter, get a box that contains selections of high-end home decor, fine jewelry, luxury bath, body and beauty products, and gourmet food and drink from beach boutiques around the world. It’s like hitting the beaches around the world, without even stepping your foot out of the door!

Check out the Saltwater & Sand reviews page to learn more!

Price: The subscription costs $119 per quarter.

Deal: Get FREE Shipping! Use coupon code HELLOSALTWATER.

24. Boxwalla Beauty

What you get: Boxwalla Beauty delivers the most luxurious green beauty products to subscribers each month. The products are also carefully crafted by artisans from all over the US, and only uses ingredients that are always cruelty-free!

See Boxwalla Beauty Reviews for more information!

Price: $49.99 every other month. Free shipping to the US, $11.95 shipping to Canada, $18.95 International.

25. Watch Gang

What you get: Watches are one of the most sought out accessories for the guys. Watch Gang sends only the best watches, and they even partner with a new watch brand every month, meaning you won’t get the same style each month! The subscription is perfect for those who love to wear and accessorize with different types and styles of timepieces.

Visit the Watch Gang Reviews page to see what we received in past boxes!

Price: The subscription price starts at $29.99 per month.


  • Save 20% off your first month Use coupon code LIT.
  • Get 10% off your first box! Use coupon code GET10.

26. Toddler Play Kits by Lovevery

What you get: You get the best play products designed by child development experts in every Baby Play Kits by Lovevery. Sent every 2-3 months in a huge box, the toys are customized by stage and thoughtfully crafted using sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics. They also send a guide for parents, which contain well-researched and practical information about the particular stage. What’s awesome is that you can start with the box appropriate for your child’s current stage!

Read Baby Play Kits by Lovevery reviews for more information!

Price: Each box is $80.

Deal: Get 10% off on 3+ month prepaid plans! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

27. MINTD Box

Oh gosh so high end and such large sizes. It’s spendy AF but worth every penny. – Anon

What you get: MINTD Box contains the best and most innovative beauty products! Each box includes 4 to 5 full and deluxe-sized items, and they’re usually themed in line with global trends! They also work with amazing and respected brands to ensure you receive only the best quality of beauty items for your arsenal. We have seen Sunday Riley, Farmacy, Omorovicza and Oskia London from past boxes.

Visit the MINTD Box Reviews page for more details!

Price: Each box costs $95.

28. Firstleaf

What you get: Firstleaf provides exclusive, small-batch wine selections to match your palate based on your ratings. Upon sign-up, there are a few wine-related questions you need to answer. It will be the basis of your very first shipment from this wine club, which will include 6 bottles of wine. Just rate wines after you receive your box, and their proprietary algorithm will do the trick! It gets better and better with every box!

Read our Firstleaf Reviews for more information!

Price: Get 6 bottles for just $79.98, plus $9.95 shipping and tax!

Deal: Get your first 6 wines for only $40, plus FREE shipping! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

29. The Wanderlust

What You Get: The Wanderlust from is a quarterly subscription box curated with style, beauty, travel and fitness items from unique brands around the world. You can get items based on a theme which is an iconic beach destination. Get full-sized products worth over $250 for you to discover!

See The Wanderlust reviews page to find out more about this subscription!

Price: You can get the subscription for $85 per quarter.

Deal: Save 10% on your subscription. Use coupon code hellosubscription10.


What You Get: VINEBOX is the world’s first wine by the glass club! You’ll get 9 spectacular wines every season, and they can be easily poured straight in your glass as they’re measured perfectly. You will get to try and discover exceptional wines from boutique wineries across Europe, by the glass!

Check out our VINEBOX reviews and see the wines we already tried!

Price: The subscription costs $72 per quarter.

31. Merkaela

Luxurious body care with a focus on body, mind, and spirit. Plus it’s all-natural! – Debbie

What you get: Shipping four times a year, every Merkaela box promotes a holistic approach to a clear mind, body, and spirit. They focus on natural bath, beauty, and meditation, with most of the featured products made in-house. They currently offer an Essentials Box with 3-5 items and Deluxe Box with 6-9 items. If you’re a vegan, no worries because they offer a vegan option as well.

Check out Merkaela Reviews to know more!

Price: Box starts at $72 quarterly.


  • Get 20% off all subscription plans! Use coupon code HOLIDAY20.
  • Get 22% off all subscription plans! Use coupon code NEWMOON .
  • Save 20% on a prepaid annual subscription. Use coupon code ALIVE20.
  • Save 15% on a quarterly box! Use coupon code ALIVE15.

32. BE KIND by Ellen

What You Get: Who doesn’t know the American TV host, comedian, actress, and writer Ellen Degeneres? She started The BE KIND by ellen box to help people spread kindness. Each quarter, get a box full of fun, unique, and amazing products that Ellen picked herself, and she also focuses on brands and products that do social good. And to top it off, a donation will be made to The Ellen Fund by brands that are participating in this box. It’s really a nice and feel-good box!

Check out the BE KIND by ellen reviews page and see more!

Price: The subscription costs $54.99 per quarter.

Deal: Save 10% with an annual subscription Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

33. POPSUGAR Must Have Box

 The box was voted onto the list but has closed

Luxury items I would never buy for myself. – Sarah

What you get: POPSUGAR sends a seasonal curation of beauty products, home essentials, personal care items, and beautiful jewelry. Their picks match luxurious tastes and they also offer a good value for your money, with over $250 promised retail value in every box!

Check out POPSUGAR Must Have Box Reviews for details!

Price: Each box costs $75 per quarter.

Deal: Save $20 on your first box! Use coupon code MSA20.

And there you have it, our best $50+ subscription boxes!  Which one will you definitely spend your money on?

Don’t forget to check out our readers’ choices for all the best subscription boxes in every category!


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