Spooktacular Halloween Subscription Boxes To Trick Out Your Treats

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For some of us, Halloween’s not just a holiday – it’s a lifestyle! Admit it, Halloween brings out the geek in all of us. This is why we think these Halloween-ready subscription boxes are the ghoulest things we’ve seen all year! They make the horror nights incredibly spooky yet full of fun and excitement!

Of course, this one scary event wouldn’t be complete without spine-chilling stories to tell, frightening costumes, appalling decorations, tasty horror-themed candies and treats, and more hair-raising stuff. Gladly, these Halloween subscription boxes deliver eerie goodies straight to your doorstep, so you don’t have to leave the house! (Which is good because there might be werewolves out there!)

Be extra spooky as we bring you the best Halloween subscription boxes to try. Every subscription on this list is a bonafide Hallo-winner, so check them out before the cryptids get ahead of you! See more spooky subscriptions that are getting geared up for Halloween!

The Best Subscription Boxes for Halloween!

1. The Bam! Horror Box

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: It’s a full Horror Con experience delivered right at your very own home! The Bam! Horror Box is curated by the same people behind The Bam! Box, so expect a lot of geeky goodness and limited release/exclusive items every month coupled with horror and chills. They’ll send you one creepy box with 4 to 6 items like fan art, prop replicas, comics, collectibles, and an authentic celebrity autograph inspired by the most popular horror franchises! So whether you’re jonesing for autographed collectibles or need costume inspiration, this box is a sheer delight.

Go to The Bam! Horror Box Review to see the items we’ve received.

Price: The box is priced at $29.99 per month plus shipping.

2. All Hallows Club

Image from: All Hallows Club

Why We Love It: You don’t need to wait all year long to have Halloween treats and goodies because All Hallows Club delivers a great selection of creepy items to your door each quarter. They collaborate with some incredible artists to create one-of-a-kind stuff that any Halloween enthusiasts will love, including Jack-o’-lanterns, skulls, witches, and gore. Each box includes a selection of Halloween-themed accessories, home decors, bath & body products, novelties, candies, stationaries, and more creepy items, all decorated with spooky twists. Appreciate cuteness and creepiness in just one box!

Price: Receive 1 box every 3 months for $49.90 AUD ($37.38 USD)

3. Loot Fright

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Loot Fright sends not just freaky stuff but the ones from your favorite horror series and movie franchises! Each themed box contains a mystery mix of 4-6 fan-favorite horror items, which may include collectibles, apparel, and home goods designed for a diehard horror fan like you! From classics such as Dracula and Frankenstein to zombies and scary folk tales from around the world, you’ll find them all through this subscription! Past themes include Frightmare, Possessions, Homebodies, Dead Letters, and more freakingly good themes.

Visit Loot Fright Reviews to find out more.

Price: The crate costs $34.99 each month plus shipping.

Deal: Save 15% on your subscription. Use coupon code HELLOSUBSCRIPTION15.

4. The NME Box

Image from: The NME Box

Why We Love It: The NME Box brings out the creativity in you by sending a unique makeup box to your door every month. Every box is packed full of makeup to help you achieve that creepy effect you’ve been wanting! It contains at least 5 products like wigs, palettes, face paints, and prosthetics to create a new MFX, avant-garde, and editorial look based on a theme. Monthly boxes also include an insert with a new makeup challenge along with a link where you’ll find details about the look, a brief history of the theme, and step-by-step video tutorials to help you create one horror-rific look easily! NME Bag is also an option if you don’t like wigs.

Price: The NME Bag costs $44.99 and the NME Box costs $64.99.

5. FX Crate

Image from: FX Crate

Why We Love It: Sometimes, Halloween costumes aren’t enough, and that’s where FX Crate comes in. They send special effects make-up and top-quality make-up tools with varying themes every month like brushes, sponges, body paint adhesives, and more, so you can be a little extra with your horror-themed cosplays. And yes, they send prosthetic pieces too! Choose between: Creative Feature Box, which allows you to piece together a one-of-a-kind character every 3 months, or The FX Crate with no extras and fluff, just the best makeup and tools! These monthly subscriptions also come with access to online tutorial videos for visual learners and to a community where you can share your work.

You can also find other makeup subscription boxes here!

Price: Get the box for $50 each month.

6. Spooky Box Club

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Spooky has never been this cute! Spooky Box Club is a subscription that sends themed goodies every month, and although it is meant to be for horror fans, expect cuteness written all over the box! Items range from accessories like necklaces and pins to unique collectibles and prints. Although targeted for adults, kids will surely appreciate most of the items too. Also, another thing we love about this subscription? They donate a portion of the proceeds from each box purchased to a worthy cause every month!

Read Spooky Box Club Reviews to find out more about this subscription.

Price: Each box costs $35.86 per month.

7. Skulls Unlimited Bone Box

Image from: Skulls Unlimited Bone Box

Why We Love It: Bones and skulls collectors can now have new specimens to add to their collection year-round, thanks to Skulls Unlimited Bone Box. They send museum-quality specimens every month, including the most unique and rare osteological products you can actually add to your home museum. There’s also a collectible animal trading card, a unique animal item or art piece, and exclusive discounts in addition to the mystery skull/skeleton. Past specimens included skulls, teeth, bacula, claws, and more. It’s one fun and amazing way to build your bone collection!

Price: The box costs $24.99 monthly.

8. ParaBox

Image from: ParaBox

Why We Love It: ParaBox is not your ordinary virtual scavenger hunt. This monthly mystery experience will bring out your competitive side because you’ll have a challenge to unlock and solve. Monthly boxes come with a paranormal-inspired tee, along with the card that contains clues in finding the password you can use on their website. The clues can be in the form of codes, ciphers, riddles, numbers, images, or other hidden messages, so clear your mind and think thoroughly! What more? They give out prizes for those who can decode the clues correctly!

Price: Mystery tee is delivered every month for $19.95.

9. Cryptid Crate

Image from: Cryptid Crate

Why We Love It: Cryptid Crate is a monthly subscription that delivers cryptozoology and paranormal-themed goodies directly to your door. This curated subscription usually sends wearables and collectibles from indie makers and artisans from all over the country. Each box is filled with items incorporating cryptids like Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch, UFOs, Kraken, and other mysterious creatures any creep fanatic will love! Receive 2-8 items, depending on your chosen plan – Cryptid Crate Lite and Cryptid Crate The Original. Items include t-shirts, hats, socks, home decor, books, films, and more. This subscription will definitely take your curiosity to the next level!

Price: A monthly subscription costs $43.99.

10. HorrorPack

Image from: HorrorPack

Why We Love It: How does a horror movie marathon sound? Exciting, isn’t it? HorrorPack sends Blu-rays and DVDs of the best horror movies to keep you on the edge of your seat every month. They have a panel that chooses four titles for each month, and yes, all the selections are yours to keep! They source these titles from both major studios and indie distributors like Scream Factory, Dark Sky, and more. Plus, all of the discs they send out are brand new. It’s a great way to build your own horror movie collection!

Visit our Subscription Boxes for Movie Buffs directory here!

Price: The box costs $24.99 each month, or less when you pay for more months!

11. Bats & Bones Box

Image from: Bats & Bones Box

Why We Love It: Bats & Bones Box is a monthly occult or goth subscription that’ll help you discover your hidden talent! Delivered directly to your door, each box is designed to help you channel and enhance your supernatural powers. Filled with freakingly awesome goodies, you’ll surely love the dark side! Themes vary each month, and items may include home decors, candles, jewelry, or cosmetics sourced from small businesses. Truly a treat for Halloween enthusiasts! Past themes include Blood & Gore, Summer Spirit, Black Cat, Zombie Invasion, and Ouija.

Price: Subscription costs $30 every month.

And that’s our list of the best Halloween subscription boxes! What are your picks for spooky Halloween subscription boxes?

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