The 7 Best Cigar Clubs & Subscription Boxes For Cigar Connoisseurs in 2024

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Indulging in the pleasure of fine cigars is a true delight for aficionados. If you’re eager to expand your cigar collection and discover new flavors that perfectly match your palate, look no further than cigar clubs and subscriptions. These exclusive memberships offer a gateway to a world of premium cigars, catering to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. With their expertise and curated selections, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy exceptional cigars that may have remained undiscovered otherwise.

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With their carefully curated selections, you’ll have access to a range of cigars that are often difficult to find at your local stores. But that’s not all – these shipments come complete with informative newsletters that provide a wealth of knowledge about the featured cigars of the month. From profiles of skilled cigar makers to fascinating facts and even suggested drink pairings, these newsletters enhance your cigar experience in more ways than one.

Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence tailored to your preferences. Discover the best cigar clubs and subscriptions on our list!

The Best Cigar Clubs and Subscription Boxes!

1. Cigar by Vices

Image from: Cigar by Vices

What You Get: Cigar by Vices is all about delivering premium cigars directly to your door every quarter. This subscription will allow you to discover good cigars without the need to search stores. You will receive four quarterly shipments, each containing cigars, cigar accessories, and one-of-a-kind items sourced from around the world. Boxes also include a magazine showcasing the cigars you’ve received, the crafters behind them, and the stories of the brands they’ve featured. Members also get exclusive perks such as access to cigar events, special offers, and podcast interviews with cigar makers.

2. Amazing Clubs Cigar of the Month Club

Image from: Amazing Clubs Cigar of the Month Club

What You Get: Amazing Clubs Cigar of the Month Club is an excellent choice for quality cigars to hit and smoke. Shipping monthly, you’ll receive a unique selection of hand-rolled cigars from specialty tobacco growers around the world. Members can try five new and different varieties with each shipment, along with a newsletter detailing the monthly selections, fun facts, and more you need to know about your cigar. These are produced in limited quantities using only the finest, premium tobacco leaves. Most of which are hard-to-find and perfectly aged for your cigar delight!

3. JR Cigar of the Month Club

Image from: JR Cigar of the Month Club

What You Get: JR Cigar of the Month Club brings you five of the most premium cigar in their collection every month. They carry a large selection of the world’s premium cigars to give you an extraordinary smoking experience without having to scour local stores. Each month, you’ll be able to try five different handmade cigars from some of the best brands in the world. JR Plus members will receive six cigars instead of 5 for the same price. So if you’re looking for a top-notch cigar club, they won’t disappoint!

4. Original Premium Cigar of the Month Club

Image from: Original Premium Cigar of the Month Club

What You Get: Original Premium Cigar of the Month Club is the subscription to go for if you want a variety of cigars you can smoke monthly. Five hand-rolled, limited production premium cigars will be sent to your door on a fixed schedule, accompanied by tasting notes, cigar specifications, the profiles of the cigar maker, and even suggested drink pairings. These cigars are sourced from the world’s most respected and highly-rated brands. Shapes, sizes, wrapper types, and tobacco blends vary from month to month for an incredible smoking experience like never before.


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5. Rare Cigar of the Month Club

Image from: Rare Cigar of the Month Club

What You Get: Rare Cigar of the Month Club is all about the convenience of having quality cigars right to your door. They do all of the legwork in finding new cigars for you, so you can relax and leave it to them. Every month, they’ll send you four hand-rolled, boutique cigars made by the world’s top-rated manufacturers using the highest quality aged tobaccos. Shipments are carefully packed with a reusable humidification device to ensure quality while en route. Monthly delivery always contains a variety of lengths, wrapper types, and tobacco blends. Aside from cigars, each shipment also comes with a newsletter detailing the cigars in your box, the cigar makers, blend specifications, and drink pairings recommendations.

6. Great Clubs Cigar of the Month Club

Image from: Great Clubs Cigar of the Month Club

What You Get: For a nice smoking experience without much effort to exert, Great Clubs Cigar of the Month Club is the best way to go! Every month, you’ll receive five different types of aromatic cigars, hand-selected from top-quality producing regions of the world, including Nicaragua, Honduras, Canary Island, Jamaica, and more. They travel the world to find the best cigars possible for your puffing moments. Shipments also include a newsletter with info on the selections, fun facts, and more. It’s a premium smoking treat to yourself monthly!

7. My Cigar Pack

Image from: My Cigar Pack

What You Get: My Cigar Pack allows you to discover the vast world of cigars. This subscription adapts to your preferences, allowing you to enjoy the cigars of your choice at a reasonable price! All you need to do is to set your preferences, including the strength, the number of cigars you want to receive, and your preferred budget. It’s the kind of freedom smokers of all kinds will love! Leave everything up to them as you sit back and wait for your cigar pack to be delivered straight to your doorstep, filled with a variety of cigars you may have not tried before.

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And there you have it, our list of the best cigar clubs and subscriptions for 2023!

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