The Best Candy Subscription Boxes of 2020

Candy subscription boxes can be enjoyed by all ages! Many of these subscriptions cater to your sweet tooth, but there are also boxes that contain a wide range of candies — including sour candies, spicy candies, gummy candies, and more! Some candy subscriptions even include a selection of candies from around the world. Or, you can choose to get surprised and get a surprise candy box. If you can’t live without candies, subscribing to a candy box is one of the easiest ways to get a regular supply of fresh and yummy candies!

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The Best Candy Subscription Boxes for Sweet Tooths!

1. Jackie's Chocolate

Why we love it: Jackie’s Chocolate offers handmade, gourmet artisan chocolates and candies! Each month, you will receive delicious and mouth-watering truffles, bonbons, creamy caramels, dark and white chocolates a more! There are various subscription sizes available: 1/2 lb is perfect for individuals, 1 lb is great for sharing, and 3 lbs is enough for the whole family or office!

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Price: You can subscribe for $29.95 each month. 

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2. Japan Candy Box

Why we love it: Japan is known for its really unique candies, and Japan Candy Box makes sure you get the best and freshest ones, even when you just stay at home! Each box contains a mix of 10 Japanese sweets and snacks, which includes seasonal and exclusive flavors. The boxes are also themed, making it more fun and exciting to open every month. There are crowd favorites from past boxes like Pocky, KitKat, Pretz, Calbee, Milky, Glico, Meiji, Hi-Chew, and more!

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Price: The subscription starts at $19.90 per month.

3. Chocolate of the Month Club

Why we love it: Chocolate of the Month Club brings you close to the world’s best chocolatiers! Each month, members will receive traditionally-made and hand-crafted chocolates containing fresh and wholesome ingredients. They also release a calendar of featured chocolates, so you’ll be up to date on what treats you will get. 

Price: You can get the subscription starting at $34.95 per month.

Deal: save $10 off a 6-month subscription Use coupon code Discount1.

4. Marshmallow of the Month Club by Edible Opus

What makes our marshmallows so special? We use all natural ingredients and colors to infuse flavor and brighten each batch of marshmallows. Instead of a pork or bovine gelatin we use a fish-based gelatin for all to enjoy. Our marshmallows are also egg free and corn syrup free. Guilt free confections perfect for an hour of me time. Treat yourself!

Price: Dunk, indulge or make indoor smores $15 a month!

5. Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club

Why we love it: Get the pure and authentic goodness of cocoa from every box of  Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club. Cocoa is the number one ingredient of their chocolates—no artificial additives or extenders, and each month, expert chocolatiers invent new recipes to debut alongside a lovingly chosen selection of classics and high-scorers and they’re delivered straight at your door! You just have to enjoy the goodness when they arrived!

Price: Boxes start at £22.95 (about $28) per month.

6. Treats

Why we love it: Treats has eclectic and interesting goodies from around the world every month and, of course, it includes candies! You can also choose from the following pack options: Standard Pack offers 4-5 items, while the Premium box offers up to 10 items. Everything comes in its original packaging, often solely in the language of the featured country!

Visit the Treats reviews page to know more about this amazing subscription!

Price: The subscriptions start at $13.95 per month.

Deal: Save 15% on your first box! Use coupon code HELLO15.

7. Candy Care Package

Why we love it: Candy Care Package will not only satisfy your sweet cravings, but it will also let you support small businesses! Each month, you will receive a selection of the finest candy confections from small-batch makers, and for 25 Candy care Packages shipped, some lucky people will receive a “Golden Tiny” surprise hidden within the package!

Price: The subscription cost starts at $28.99 each month.

8. Candy Club

What you get: Candy Club features both classic candies and new candy discoveries! Each box includes 6 containers of candy in smaller twist-lid jars, complete with weights and printed nutritional information right on the jar. You can also choose between Mostly Sweets or Mostly Sours to satisfy your taste buds!

Check out the Candy Club reviews page for more details!

Price: The regular box is $49.99 per month, and you can also get the Party Box size for $69.99 per month. Save more with their 3-month or 6-month subscription plans! 

Deal: Get free shipping on your first month. Use coupon code SWEETFS.

9. Classic Candy Box

Every wonder where all that classic candy went? Classic Candy Box has it all! From Slo Pokes to Black Cows, Wax Lips to Pixie Stix, Zagnuts to Clark Bars, Zotz to Pop Rocks. Each month you can expect to receive 1 - 1.5 lbs of candy or approximately 25 - 35 pieces. Enjoy the candy of yester-year. Candies from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Price: Subscribe for $22.97 every month and receive full-sized, hard to find classic candies!

10. Lollies By Leah

Lollies By Leah

The LollyBox is one of the most unique candy gifts you can give or receive every month. Every LollyBox contains 16 unique hand-poured, gourmet lollipops curated around a new theme every month. Order by the 5th of each month to receive the box. It will ship monthly on the 10th!

Price: Receive 16 gourmet lollipops every month for $20.

11. Stony Acres Maple

Pure Maple Sugar Candy, 12 piece box. All natural maple sugar candy leaves. 12 gourmet pieces of candy per box These delicious candies are a great gift idea for friends and family, they make great party favors, teacher gifts and much more! Measurements: The box measure 7"x4"x1" Each piece of maple candy measures approximately 1" wide and 1" long

Price: Monthly gourmet maple candy box for $16.95.

And that’s the list for the best subscription boxes for Candies! Which do you think is perfect and will satisfy your sweet tooth?

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