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Best Cooking & Baking Subscription Box Gifts

Food is probably one of the easiest and most practical gift choices for Christmas. But when your friend or a family member is a certified foodie, ordinary store-bought items and basic cooking tools won’t make the cut!

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, this list is for you! We’ve found some of the best cooking and baking subscriptions that you can give as gifts this Christmas – check them out!

1. CrateChef

Image from: our review

For:  Home cooks looking to luminaries of the cooking world for inspiration!

Why We Love It: CrateChef box is curated by a big-time chef – It includes their favorite seasonings, sauces, ingredients, and recipes designed by the chef and incorporating the included products. Get useful non-food products like knives and kitchen gear too! If you want to learn more about this subscription, you can easily navigate to our CrateChef reviews page!

Gift It: Send CrateChef as a gift! Choose from 1, 3, and 6-month gift subscriptions!

Price: Ships every 2 months for $49.00 for 1 box, $141.00 ($47 x 3 boxes) and $270.00 ($45 x 6 boxes) Plus $8 flat rate shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

Deal: Get 10% off your first order! Use coupon code HELLO10.

2. Ben to Table

Image from: our review

For: Every person who loves to cook!

Why We Love It: A travel to Athens and Santorini? Prepare for a trip because Ben to Table lets anyone experience the taste of Greece in just one box! It includes pantry staples and unique ingredients like red roasted peppers, extra virgin olive oil, fragrant fennel seeds, and much more. Choose from Pantry Essentials, Taste the World, Ben to Table. If you want to see what Greece has to offer, you can check out past boxes from our Ben To Table review page!

Gift It: Send a box of Ben to Table here

Price: Choose from 3 options: Pantry Essentials Box ($65.99), Taste The World ($65.99), and Ben to Table Box ($130.99).

Deal: Get $15 off on your first box! Use coupon code hello15.

3. Raddish Kids

Image from: our review

For: Young chefs and cooks at heart!

Why We Love It: Engage kids with the fun of cooking. Raddish Kids offers a kit to help enhance kids’ cooking skills. Each box includes 3 recipe guides, a complete grocery list, a kid-friendly kitchen tool, table talk cards, and an apron patch! This subscription box is perfect for kids ages 4-14+. Take a look at easy to do, home-cooked meals by checking out Raddish Kids reviews on this page.

Gift It: Send a Raddish Kids as a gift.

Price: The monthly membership is $24/month, a 6-month membership for an upfront payment of $132 ($22/month), and a 12-month membership for an upfront payment of $240 ($20/month).


  • Get $20 off on a 12 month membership! Use coupon code CHEF20.
  • Get a FREE Apron with 6+ month membership! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.
  • Get $15 off on a 6 month membership! Use coupon code ATHOME.

4. Butcher Box

Image from: our review

For: The ultimate meat lover!

Why We Love It: ButcherBox sends only premium, 100% grass-fed beef! Each box is filled with an array of different cuts, and they even provide tailored recipes to help home cooks discover and explore new cooking ideas. For those who want more variety, they also offer organic chicken and heritage pork. Check out premium cuts they’ve sent us by looking at our Butcher Box reviews.

Gift: Send a Butcher Box Gift Certificate or Limited Edition Box!

Price: Premium-quality meat starting at $129 per month.

Deal: Check for the latest special offer for Butcher Box! Use this link to get the deal.

5. Bespoke Post

Image from: our review

For: Anyone who likes handcrafted small-batch goods!

Why We Love It: Bespoke Post is all about elevating small parts of every day with high-quality crafted gear, accessories, and goods. They often feature gourmets and handcrafted ingredients in their boxes, so it’s also an ideal subscription box for foodies! See past Bespoke Post contents when you visit our review page.

Gift It: Send a Bespoke Post gift! You can send a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

Price: Boxes cost $45 a month, with worth over $70.


  • Save 25% on your first month! Use coupon code MYFIRST.
  • Save 20% on your first month! Use coupon code HELLO20.

6. Home Chef

Image from: our review

For: Meal-kit enthusiasts who like huge portions!

Why We Love It: Home Chef meals are inspired, yet comfortingly approachable! The ingredients are fresh and high-quality, the portions are huge, and subscribers can choose their meals from an enormous catalog of choices. It includes all ingredients except salt, pepper, and a splash of oil. If you want to learn more about this subscription, you can take a look at our Home Chef review page!

Gift It: Give Home Chef gift cards in $60 increments.

Price: Boxes start at $60 per week. Delivery costs $13.99 for orders under $49.99 and $7.99 for orders over $49.99.

Deal: Get $30 off over your first two boxes! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

7. American Cocktail Club

Image from: our review

For: Everyone who wants to be a bartender at home!

Why We Love It: American Cocktail Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers mostly everything that’s needed to concoct a perfect drink in the comfort of one’s home! Let someone experience the adventure of mixing and drinking cocktails when you gift them this subscription. Choose from Everything Box or Everything But the Booze Box. See what types of ingredients and booze they send by looking into past American Cocktail Club boxes!

Gift It: Send American Cocktail Club using their gifting page here.

Deal: Get 15% off on $20+ orders! Use coupon code HELLO15.

8. Spice Madam

Image from: our review

For: Anyone who’s willing to explore the flavors of the world!

Why We Love It: Each Spice Madam delivery takes recipients on a spice tour of a different culture! Experience exotic flavors, spices, and recipes to stretch palate and excite one’s appetite. Aside from the spices and spice blends, they also send 5-6 recipes to feed 6-8 people each (for a full course meal)! Discover more unique spices by peeking at our Spice Madam reviews on this page.

Gift It: Send a Spice Madam gift!

Price: Monthly themed spices, recipes, themed music and fun facts for $20!


Image from: our review

For: The wine pairing expert!

Why We Love It: The season’s best wines are just a click away! VINEBOX sends wines by the glass, making it easier for anyone to discover exceptional wines from boutique wineries across Europe. See what they’ve previously sent us on our VINEBOX review page!

Gift It: Send a VINEBOX gift here!

Price: Subscribe quarterly for $79 per box or get the annual membership for $288 ($72/box). Double your boxes and receive a 10% discount (so you receive 2x of each box every quarter).

10. Universal Yums

Image from: our review

ForThe adventurous snacker!

Why We Love It: Universal Yums takes us on an adventure through international snacks! This snack subscription box features a new country every month, and there are three available box sizes: Yum ($14), Yum Yum ($25), and the Super Yum Box ($39). Take on the experience as we present different snacks from various countries with our Universal Yums reviews.

Gift It: Send a Universal Yums box as a gift!

Price: Choose from the three available box sizes: Yum Box –  $14 a month, Yum Yum – $25 a month, and Super Yum Box – $39 a month.

Deal: Get $5 off your first month when you sign up for a Super Yum Box subscription! Use this link to get the deal.

11. Nuevo

Image from: our review

For: Those who are in love with spices and unique flavors!

Why We Love It: Looking for something to match nachos and tacos? Mexican sauces are not all about salsa. Nuevo Food Box offers a variety of condiments or sauces, spices, and even dip mixes. It contains 4-5 items like our all-time favorite salsa, green chile olive oil, red chile honey, and more. Explore more flavors and widen your knowledge when you check out Nuevo Food Box reviews on this page!

Gift It: Give a Nuevo Food Box as a gift

Price: Get 4-5 New Mexican food items every month for  $43.

12. Lobster Anywhere

Image from: our review

For: Any seafood lover!

Why We Love It: Looking for a trusted source of fresh lobster? Lobster Anywhere is here for you! They offer not only lobsters but also shrimps, scallops, chowder, bisque, and soup. These were freshly caught by local fishermen, and prices vary depending on the size. The box also includes a cooking and handling guide. Want to see how plump these lobsters are? Just visit our Lobster Anywhere review, and you’ll see mouth-watering dishes!

Gift It: Send a Lobster Anywhere gift here

Price: Prices depend on the size of the lobsters plus the shipping fees. Live lobster 1.25 pounds – $26.95, 1.5 pounds – $29.95 , 2 pounds – $49.25 , 3 pounds – $56.95 and 5-6 pounds – $129.

13. eat2explore

Image from: our review

For: Every foodie family!

Why We Love It: It’s easy to explore a country, a continent, or the world with every package from eat2explore! Each box includes easy-to-follow recipes, pre-measured spice/sauce mixes for each recipe, a shopping list, a country brochure, an activity sheet, a country sticker, a flag pin, and a fun collectible. Even kids can join in on the fun because the recommended age for the box is 5 years old or older! If you want to learn more about this subscription, you can simply check our Eat2Explore reviews.

Gift It: Send an eat2explore gift here!

Price: Explore a Country box ($24.95), Explore a Continent box ($22.46), and Explore the World box ($21.21). Plus $5 S&H within the US.

Deal: Take 15% Off All Orders! Use coupon code NEW15.

14. Mouth: Best of Mouth Box

Image from: Mouth: Best of Mouth Box

ForThose who are interested in the indie food scene!

Why We Love It: Mouth: Best of Mouth Box subscription is focused on bringing the absolute best of the indie food scene to anyone’s table! Some of the items you might find in their boxes include cocktail mixers, chocolates, sauces, and more!

Gift It: Send a Mouth: Best of Mouth Box gift!

Price: Pay monthly for $60, shipping is free!, Or save up to 10% when you prepay for longer plans!

Deal: Save 20% on your subscription! Use coupon code SUBSCRIPTION20.

15. Israel Pack

Image from: our review

For: Who wants to experience a different culture!

Why We Love It: Israel Pack is a subscription box made by local artisans and farmers from Israel. Each box contains 6-8 items (home decor, oils and candles, soaps, tea and honey, and more!) proudly made from the Holy Land. Learn about their history, culture, and values when you read Israel Pack reviews.

Gift It: Send an Israel Pack as a gift here.


  • Get 15% off of your first box! Use coupon code ISRAELPACK15.
  • Get an additional item with your first box! Use coupon code SURPRISE.

16. Bacon Freak

Image from: our review

For: Those who can’t live without bacon!

Why We Love it: BACON! Artisan, flavored, and 100% tasty bacon! Bacon Freak offers monthly bacon subscription deliveries containing two packs of bacon, each in a different flavor every month. Know more about this subscription by visiting Bacon Freak reviews on this page!

Gift It: Send a Bacon Freak box as a gift!

Price: Subscription costs starts at $149.75 for Bacon is Meat Candy, $179.95 for King Size Bacon and Bacon Plus Bonus.  

17. Carnivore Club

Image from: Carnivore Club

For: The charcuterie enthusiast!

Why We Love it: It’s the ultimate meat of the month club for discerning individuals. Every month, Carnivore Club curates exceptional charcuterie created by artisan producers from around the world. Every installment features an artisan supplier with 4-6 of their most unique and best in class cured meats!

Gift It: Carnivore Club offers gift boxes! Send one here!

Price: You can get the classic box starting from $39.99, and the snack box starts from $24.99.

18. Barkery by WhiskTakers

Image from: our review

For: Dog owners who want to spoil their pup!

Why We Love It: Barkery by Whisktakers is a subscription box designed for pet parents who want to give their dogs tasty and home-made treats. It’s a DIY dog treat kit that lets pet owners enjoy baking with pre-measured ingredients and step by step recipe. With just a short amount of time, dog parents can give a delicious treat to their pet. Look at how dogs enjoy these treats by checking our Barkery by Whisktakers review.

Gift It: Gift a Barkery by Whisktakers Box here.

Price: Make homemade treats for your dogs every month for $15.99 a month.

Deal: Get 10% off your first purchase! Use coupon code hello10.

19. Bookmarks & Breadsticks

Image from: Bookmarks & Breadsticks

For: People who love to read but also love to eat!

Why We Love It: Bookmarks & Breadsticks is a 2-in-1 subscription box that offers food books together with food products! Each box is different as they are curated based on a theme. Pick a theme and they will select a book and a food product that goes with it.

Gift It: Send a Bookmarks & Breadsticks as a gift.

Price: One food writing book and a curated food shipped to your door every 3 months for $35!

20. LG Tasty Cookie Club

Image from: LG Tasty Cookie Club

For: Cookie lovers!

Why We Love It: LG Tasty Cookie Club sends cookie baking kits straight to recipients’ homes each season! Everything’s pre-measured and step-by-step recipes are included along with useful baking tools, so all that’s left to do is whip up the cookies and enjoy!

Gift It: Send LG Tasty Cookie Club as a gift!

Price: Delivered quarterly for $32.

21. Brightland

Image from: Brightland

For: The health-enthusiasts home cook!

Why We Love It: Cooking takes extra miles sometimes. We only want to serve great tasting foods using the finest ingredients. Brightland offers extra virgin olive oils and vinegar that’s plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free! Either use it for cooking or as a dressing for salads.

Gift It: Send a Brightland using their gifting page.

Deal: Get 10% off your first order of The DUO, ARISE, ARDOR, OR LUCID! Use coupon code HELLO10. Does not apply to The Duo subscription.

22. Trove

Image from: Trove

For: Anyone who likes to travel, explore, learn, and taste the world!

Why We Love It: You can now travel to different parts of the world without leaving your home! Trove is a quarterly subscription that sends anyone on vacation while supporting small businesses. They source local ingredients and products from featured countries or regions to support the local economy. Each box includes a live cooking class with a local chef, live cultural activity with a local artisan, special ingredients recipients can cook with, an easy shopping list for other fresh or pantry items needed, and printed recipe cards, plus snacks and other goodies from the featured region! There’s also a virtual city tour and a Spotify playlist to help maximize the experience! Subscribers also have access to FB groups that connects them to other Trove travelers! Did we also mention that there’s a free gift as well? They also give back by donating 20% of their profit directly to featured small businesses, artisans, or chefs in their host cities. With this subscription, you can bring the world to anyone’s doorstep! Past destinations include Kyoto, Seattle, and Florence.

Gift It: Send a Trove as a gift here.

Price: Subcription costs $129.99 per quarter, and $415.97 ($103.99 per box shipped every 3 months) when you prepay for a year.

Deal: Get $10 off your first box or entire subscription! Use coupon code HELLO1.

If you want to see more subscription box gift ideas, visit our Holiday Subscription Box Gift Guide!

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