9 Best Laundry Subscription Boxes To Keep Your Clothes Looking & Smelling Their Best in 2022

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Doing laundry may seem like an endless chore, especially when you don’t have products that work. Seeing dirty clothes piling up may have you knocked out, but with laundry subscription boxes, washing clothes will be bliss! You’ve just got to make sure you have the right essentials needed to get things done in no time, from detergents to fabric conditioners and everything in between.

These subscriptions eliminate the hassle of grocery shopping and going back home carrying loads of detergents and fabric conditioners. They’ll deliver every laundry product you need straight to your doorstep, so there’s one less thing to worry about! Whether you’re looking for new products to try or finding new scents to love, these subscriptions are the best bet!

Wash your worries away and get started with laundry time! We have compiled a list of the best laundry subscription boxes to help make things easier for you! You might even find great deals too!

Still not sure what to get? Check out our list of laundry subscriptions and find one that fits your needs and lifestyle!

The Best Laundry Subscriptions for Fresher and Cleaner Clothes!

1. Grove Collaborative

Image from: Grove Collaborative

Why We Love It: When it comes to keeping your clothes clean and free of toxicity, Grove Collaborative is the best help. It allows you to pick your favorite high-quality cleaning and laundry supplies, the exact items that you only need! Worry no more as you’ll never run out of effective and natural laundry essentials to use that are surely tough on stains but mild for you and your home! They make healthy choices easy and accessible as monthly shipments are flexible – adjust, reschedule or skip. In addition, Grove is 100% plastic neutral, which means for every plastic you receive from them, they collect and recycle the same amount of plastic pollution. Build a better tomorrow as every shipment will help them plant trees across the United States.

Read our Grove Collaborative Reviews for more information.

Price: Get early access to new products, and exclusive sales when you join the VIP membership for $19.99 a year.

Deal: Get FREE Bundle when you subscribe! Use this link to get the deal. Valid to new subscribers only.


Image from: our review

Why We Love It: FREY is a way to go for laundry care. They’re on a mission to create and deliver everything you need to help enhance your lifestyle without harmful chemicals – all with you in mind! Each product is meticulously formulated to bring a little magic to your laundry woes. Try their laundry care kit and sample laundry detergents in all three top-rated fragrances for free (pay only for shipping)! After 18 days, you’ll receive your full laundry care kit. Also, for every order, they plant a tree. It’s truly a great subscription to trust not only for your clothes but for the planet as well.

Check out our FREY Reviews to learn more!

Price: Clothing care subscriptions start at $8, delivered every quarter. You can also build your own laundry kit based on how many loads you wash a week.

Deal: Get a Sample Bundle FREE – just pay $1 for shipping! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe. Choose between the Detergent Sample Bundle or the Body Wash Sample Bundle!

3. Cleancult

Image from: Cleancult

Why We Love It: Experience a truly effective laundry cleaning with Cleancult. It has an easy refill system that helps reduce plastic waste by providing stylish and shatter-resistant glass bottles protected by a silicone sleeve with a color of your choice! When you empty your glass bottles, they’ll send a fresh supply of their laundry care, packaged in paper-based milk cartons with plant-based caps that easily reseal. Get refills and glass bottles when you purchase bundles or buy them separately. With laundry supplies from Cleancult, you’ll make any laundry day better!

For more details, visit our Cleancult Reviews.

Price: Refillable Bottles cost $14.99, laundry refills cost $12.49, and bundles range from $39.99 – $109.99. Also available are wool dryer balls for $9.99.

Deal: Save 20% your first bundle! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

4. TrulyFree

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: We adore everything eco-friendly, and TrulyFree have amazing products to offer. This membership offers non-toxic alternatives and delivers green laundry products that aim to save you time, money, and of course, the environment. From stain sticks, dryer angels, stain removers, softening liquids to laundry wash, they have it in store for you! Each month, get a box that contains non-toxic and earth-friendly laundry products made from ingredients you can trust to make your chore easy peasy – no dirty tricks! Also, on your first order, you get a starter kit containing the last containers you’ll ever need! You can also shop bundles and have everything for your home in the palm of your hands.

Check out our TrulyFree Reviews to learn more.

Price: The Laundry Starter Bundle costs $39 per month and the Deluxe Laundry Essential Bundles costs $46 per month.

Deal: Get 50 Loads of FREE Laundry Soap with any laundry item purchase! Deal applies automatically, just visit and subscribe.

5. Dropps

Image from: our review

Why We Love It: Dropps is committed to delivering great products in the safest and most convenient way possible! Subscribe and get deep clean detergents, gentle clean detergents for sensitive skin, fabric softeners, color-safe bleach, and more laundry extras that do not have a bad impact on the environment so you can get laundry done with comfortability, ease, and free of worries! They use compostable packaging on all orders to reduce single-use plastics and avoid contributing to landfills. It’s a truly powerful cleaning aid from nature that’s better for you, your family, and the planet as well!

Learn more from our Dropps Reviews.

Price: Subscription is $26 a month

Deal: Get 15% off on all Dropps products! Use coupon code DROPPS15.

6. Puracy

Image from: Puracy

Why We Love It: Puracy gives value for money by sending care boxes containing amazing eco-friendly products that don’t break the bank! Subscribe to Laundry Care Box and receive 10x concentrated laundry detergent and stain remover that’s safe to use for all skin types. Shoo away laundry troubles and get laundry done worry-free! All product offerings are plant-based and made by PhDs, so you’re sure it’s safe for your clothes and skin. And for every purchase made, they donate to families in need and support local artists.

Price: Subscribe for only $39.99 a month

7. Amazon Subscribe & Save

Image from: Amazon Subscribe & Save

Why We Love It: With Amazon Subscribe & Save, you can mix and match different laundry products to aid you in washing clothes and helps you save bucks too! They have a wide selection of brands that will help you get laundry done fast and easily. Subscribe to 5 or more items a month and get discounted pricing at up to 15% off, plus free shipping. No strings attached! Cancel or skip a month anytime you want. This is not limited to only laundry products, but to diapers, toothpaste, dog treats, and thousands of everyday essentials too!

Price: Pricing depends on your chosen products. Save 15% on 5 or more items, plus free shipping. Also, Prime members can get 20% off on diapers, baby food, and more when subscribed to 5 or more products.

8. The Laundress

Image from: The Laundress

Why We Love It: Express your love for your clothes and the environment by using The Laundress’ conscious collection of eco-friendly detergents and fabric care. Be free from guilt because these products are cruelty-free, and bottles are even made from recycled materials. Subscribe and save to take the hassle out of getting laundry done and make your day much easier! You can also get refill pouches or build your own bundle instead. Choose from 5 sizes available and fill your bag with your desired laundry products so you can start cleaning confidently!

Price: Get your laundry essentials for as low as $16. Subscribe and save 5% on one item, 10% on two items, and 15% on three or more! Laundry detergent refill pouches start at $37.

9. Kind Laundry

Image from: Kind Laundry

Why We Love It: Kind Laundry is making an impact – a good one, on the environment by delivering zero-waste and safer laundry products that aim to replace your traditional laundry detergents. These pre-measured and precut detergent sheets (yes, you’ve read it right!) are made with only 5 plant-derived ingredients and stored in 100% recyclable packaging. Each box comes with 60 sheets, and you have the option to choose the fragrance-free sheets or scented ones in ocean breeze scent. The sheets are ultra-concentrated, so you’re sure they’re gonna clean your laundry with no mess even when you’re machine washing or hand washing. Plus, it’s small, compact, and lightweight that you can bring it wherever you travel to!

Price: A box of fragrance-free detergent sheets costs $19.95 a month, and the ocean breeze is $20.95 a month.

And that’s it for our list of the best laundry subscription boxes! Did you find one that fits your needs?

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