Best Knife Subscription Boxes for 2022

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Whether you’re a traveler, adventurer, or an outdoor person who’s always on the move, you’ll definitely need a perfect knife as a tool to accompany you on your ultimate adventures. Knives are a valuable tool for hunting or a self-defense item against wild beasts lurking deep in the woods. They can also be used to cut ropes and construct shelters when out camping. Knives are also helpful for opening canned foods, cutting veggies, or maybe even cutting bandages for wounds too!

One easy way to get quality knives is through subscription boxes. Knife subscription boxes provide anyone interested in collecting knives, the best ones around! They offer various types of blades such as spring-assisted, fixed blades, and more that you can easily carry around wherever you go. Some of these boxes also include different tactical/survival gear you might need when you head out!

Get the best knives to practice your skills with! Survive the great outdoors with our list of the best knife subscription boxes. There’s a bunch of knife subscriptions around, so we’ve gathered the best ones on this list to make it easier for you to choose! Whether your new with knives and want to test the waters or an expert who wants to expand your collection, these knife subscription boxes will keep you entertained!

The Best Knife Subscription Boxes for the Ultimate Blade Collector!

1. Monthly Knife Club

Image from: Monthly Knife Club

What You Get: For anyone and everyone who loves cool knives, Monthly Knife Club is one of the best subscription options! It is a monthly subscription that supplies different knives, ranging from standard or normally spring-assisted knives to cool and awesome blades. The knives they send out are made from stainless and surgical steel, and the higher-end knives are made from titanium and carbon fiber. They have 5 subscription plans to offer: Standard (great way to build collection), Name Brand (from brands like Kershaw, SOG, Spyderco, and Buck), Fixed Blade (great for hunting and survival), Onyx Knife (nothing like you’ve seen before knives) and Knife & Watch (brand name knives and watches for next level EDC). The knives you’ll receive are randomly selected before shipping, but they always make sure it’s high-quality. It’s a subscription ideal for any outdoorsy people!

Price: Subscription starts at $10 up to $119 per month, plus S&H.

2. BattlBox

Image from: BattlBox

What You Get: BattlBox gets you prepared for tough and extreme situations by sending camping, survival, EDC, and other kinds of outdoor gear – including knives, every month! You can choose from four subscription tiers they offer – Basic (ideal for beginners), Advanced (for the gear junkie), Pro (for survival-minded person), and Pro Plus (for enthusiasts and big spenders). The Pro Plus Plan comes with the Knife of the Month Club, where you can have the best knives from brands like TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, and many more. Every box is filled to the brim with tried and true, field-tested survival gear, themed around specific missions like surviving the zombie apocalypse!

Check out BattlBox Reviews for more information.

Price: Choose from the 4 monthly packages: Basic – $29.99, Advanced – $59.99, Pro – $109.99 and Pro Plus – $159.99. S&H not included.

Deal: Save 5% on any subscription. Use coupon code HELLOBATTL.

3. Knife Subscription Club

Image from: Knife Subscription Club

Nothing beats the excitement of getting a brand new knife each and every month from Knife Subscription Club! (except maybe a new car or motorcycle, or dating super model...but you get the idea!). Our knives are crafted from premium 440 stainless steel. We seek out the coolest looking knives and send them to our members, whom we cherish like new born babies. New born babies who happen to wield sweet-ass knives.

Price: The Basic plan costs – $25, Advanced- $50, Premium- $100 and Ultimate $150 per month.

4. Barrel & Blade

Image from: our review

What You Get: Barrel & Blade collaborates with top experts in the field to make sure that every subscriber will only be receiving the highest quality, field-tested, and expert-approved gear available, including the most badass knives. Every box is themed around certain types/styles of gear, and different survival/tactical scenarios, adding more excitement! There are two plans available in this subscription:

  • Level 1 – for preppers just starting out, which has an awesome mix of survival and tactical gear for everyday use with an average value of $85+.
  • Level 2 – the most complete and premium package with an amazing assortment of handpicked and battle-tested tactical and survival gear worth over $175.

Whatever plan you choose, you’ll definitely be geared up when you roam the outdoors!

Visit Barrel & Blade Reviews to know more.

Price: The Level 1 plan costs $49.99 per month and the Level 2 plan costs $99.99 per month.

5. Knife A Month

Image from: Knife A Month

What You Get: If you’re a fan of knives and loves to collect, Knife A Month is the subscription to go! They hand-select each tactical item that goes in your box to make sure you only get the best and unique ones around at an affordable price! Some of the products they include are spring-assisted knives, fixed blade knives, pen knives, balisongs, karambits, knuckles, and multi-tools. They also assure subscribers that they’ll never receive the same knife twice, ever! You’ll receive one, two, or three new and different professional-grade gear you can bring when you wander outdoors, depending on your chosen subscription plan – Standard (1), Advanced (2), or Premium (3).

Price: The monthly plan for Standard costs $18, Advanced is $32, and Premium is $39

6. Blade City’s Monthly Mystery Knife

Image from: Blade City's Monthly Mystery Knife

What You Get: Blade City’s Monthly Mystery Knife does the job and sends only the best knives you can trust! Each premium blade they offer passed a battle test, so you’re sure they’re of high quality. Every month, you’ll get a box filled with a diverse selection of knives, which makes it worth trying! Boxes are delivered directly to your door and might include karambits, balisongs, throwing knives, folding knives, and many more from top knife brands like Benchmade, Gerber, and Kershaw!

Price: Price per box is $21.95.

7. Monthly Blade Box

Image from: Monthly Blade Box

What You Get: Monthly Blade Box sends everything that has a blade on it, from axes to survival knives to kitchen knives and more. All of the knives they send are made in the USA, ensuring that the items are real and of great quality. It’s also a great way to support local knife makers! You can choose between two types of boxes: Enthusiast Tier with a knife promised to be worth $300 and Professional Tier with a knife promised to be worth $500.

Price: The subscription is $400 per box.

And that’s our list of best knife subscription boxes! Did you find the perfect subscription box for you?

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    Do not order from Bladesman

  • amber

    DO NOT ORDER FROM KNIFE BOX! They are a scam! I ordered OVER 3 months ago, and have not received any knifes! They will not respond to emails, they will not refund you. DO NOT buy from this company!

  • Lauren

    Knifebox is not a reputable company. The BBB rating is an F.
    I ordered and paid for a box from KnifeBox 6 months ago. They never sent the item. They do not respond to any emails and have not issued me a refund. I reported KnifeBox to the BBB and they did not respond to the BBB when contacted. They stole my money and next I will take legal action. Do not buy from this company, they are a scam!