KIND Snack Club Subscription Box Review + $20 Off Coupon – Classic Snack Pack

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KIND Snack Club is a subscription by Kind Snack Bars. They have a wide offering of snack bars made using non-GMO and kosher ingredients. They also promise to give out surprises which might include free snacks and new swag. Another subscriber perk is that you’ll be the first one to test new products!

You can subscribe to the club with their Snack Pack as your first selection! There are the 3 Snack Pack options: Classic, Chocolate, and Fruit.

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This is the review of the Classic Snack Pack.

There’s an information card on top of the snacks.

I love how they arranged the contents of the box, where the bigger packs are off to one side, and the rest hidden in another compartment.

The info card shares their mission and promises.

At the back, there’s a list of the snacks they offer together with photos, along with all the details of your subscription. Once you find your favorite snacks, you can switch up your subscription – or just keep on getting a snack pack for variety!

Whether for a grab-and-go breakfast or a snack to keep our belly full until our next meal, this box has got us covered.

Everything in my box!

Pressed by KIND Mango Apple Chia Bar ($1.49) It’s easier to get the benefits of mangoes and apples because of this snack bar. The fruity taste is refreshing and the snack itself is filling. It gives me a burst of energy.

Pressed by KIND Dark Chocolate Strawberry Bar ($1.49) Dark chocolate is considered healthier compared to other kinds of chocolates, that is why KIND used it in this snack bar along with half a cup of serving of strawberries. They do taste excellent together!

Both bars are moist and chewy. These are great for anyone who enjoys fruity treats.

The bars don’t crumble. Also, the dark chocolate bar has chocolate drizzles and chocolate coating on one side. It’s amazing and I highly recommend!

KIND Breakfast Protein Peanut Butter Bar ($0.89) Breakfasts should be filling so you’ll be able to go through the morning energized, but for those who are busy like us, this breakfast protein peanut butter bar is a great choice. It contains 5 super grains namely oats, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, and amaranth which contain complex carbs that keep our blood sugar levels steady.

KIND Breakfast Protein Almond Butter Bar ($0.95) Almond butter is packed with essential fatty acids and a good dose of protein that will help fill your belly up for hours. Not only does it contain almonds, but it also features honey that gives it the mild sweetness that is just right for my taste buds.

Although these protein bars may look small at first, I find them just the right size for keeping my hunger at bay.

Light and portable, but packs a powerful punch in terms of nutritional content, my mornings are saved because of KIND.

I like the chewy texture of these protein bars because you get to feel the explosion of flavors with every bite.

KIND Plus Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew + Antioxidants Bar ($1.49) The combination of dark chocolate, cashew, and cherry has the right touch of sweetness. The gooey texture tempered with dark chocolate satisfied my cravings without making me feel guilty.

KIND Plus Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants Bar ($1.49) The tartness of cranberry mixed with the crunch of almonds make this snack bar extra special. The tangy-sweet flavor delights the senses. Packed with antioxidants that promote good health, I think this is one snack bar I’d love to have again and again.

Each bar consists of whole ingredients!

They look beautiful, don’t they? But more than that, these snack bars taste really good too. They’re fresh and flavorful. Munching on real ingredients is just enjoyable.

KIND Nuts & Spices Caramel Almond & Sea Salt Bar ($2.98) Salted caramel is usually considered as an indulgence, but KIND has taken it to a whole new level by adding nutrient dense nuts to keep me happy and healthy all at the same time. With only 5 grams of sugar per bar, it’s really surprising that it tastes so good.

KIND Nuts & Spices Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt Bar ($1.49) It doesn’t need much introduction, honey roasted nuts seasoned with sea salt is all sorts of amazing. You’ll never go wrong with this classic combination. Whether you will be snacking on it in between meals, or you want to get an extra boost while working out, this is an excellent choice.

KIND Nuts & Spices Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bar ($2.98) This dark chocolate nuts and sea salt bar just answered my sweet-salty cravings in one bar. With whole nuts drizzled with dark chocolate and a sprinkling of Brazilian sea salt, this bar is going to be my go-to snack when I need a little pick-me-up.

I love how KIND made sure that you can easily the contents of the bar through their packaging. Whole ingredients are better compared to all the processed ones that we see today, and the best part is that these bars are low in glycemic index which means that you don’t have to worry about your blood sugar spiking.

Beautifully arranged on each bar, the nuts look like they are some form of artwork, with honey or dark chocolate drizzles.

Each bar has the right crunch to it.

KIND Protein Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Snack Bar ($1.49) We are all guilty of indulging ourselves with peanut butter, and it seems that KIND has taken notice of this delightful snacking of ours and transformed one of their bars into a combination of peanut butter and dark chocolate. The nuts are coated with roasted peanut butter before being covered with dark chocolate. Delicious!

This is not an overly sweet bar, just in case you are worried about it, because the bitterness of the dark chocolate balances the sweetness of peanut butter.

I love the flavors that I get every time I bite into this snack bar. The crunch of the nuts, the taste of peanut butter, and the dark chocolate base makes everything remarkable.

KIND Fruit & Nut Almond & Coconut Snack Bar ($1.49) This is one of the original bars that KIND started with and even today, it remains as one of the best-sellers in their list. It’s not surprising as the bar is a mixture of almonds and toasted coconut along with honey. I like the chewy and crunchy texture of this bar. To make it even sweeter, there’s a bit of honey here and there.

KIND Fruit & Nut Blueberry & Vanilla Snack Bar ($1.49) Blueberries are great with oats! This snack bar has a lot of blueberries with a mixture of cashews, honey, and vanilla. I just love the play of flavors here.

It’s quite amazing to see what each bar looks like. In this case, you’ll see some toasted coconuts with nuts, and blueberries mixed with cashews and vanilla.

KIND Protein Crunchy Peanut Butter Snack Bar ($3.96) Another classic flavor, this peanut butter snack bar is everything but ordinary. The crunchy whole peanuts are covered with smooth peanut butter. It is packed with proteins that will keep your belly full for hours while helping with muscle repair too. It’s a good post-workout snack!

KIND Protein Double Dark Chocolate Nut Snack Bar ($1.98) What I love about this snack bar is that it is not just made with a single coating of dark chocolate, but actually two layers of it! The nuts give this bar a nice crunch.

It’s always impressive to see whole nuts in these snack bars as they promise that extra crunch with every bite. The peanut butter coating gives the snack bar that golden brown glaze while the double dark chocolate nut bar is a feast for the eyes. How can you even say no to any of the two?

You can have a bite now and save some for later, or sit back and enjoy it in one sitting. Your choice. I prefer to have a bite here and there just to keep my energy up.

KIND Dark Chocolate Chunk Snack Bar ($0.87) Dark chocolate chunk sounds like an answer to anyone’s sweet tooth, but if you think that this is just packing the sweet flavor, you might be pleased to know that it also comes with super grains such as buckwheat, amaranth, oats, millet, and quinoa. This means that you are getting 18 grams of whole grains for every bar! How cool is that?

KIND Oats & Honey Snack Bar ($0.87) Oats are a staple in many breakfast tables and now it’s in this snack bar that we can enjoy any time of the day. It packs plenty of fiber that can stay in your belly for hours. Add a drizzle of honey into the mix and you’ll have a flavorful and healthy snack bar to enjoy. The best part? It comes with toasted coconut for that extra texture. It’s just amazingly healthy!

These square bars are appetizing with the mixture of whole grains and seeds.

KIND Oats & Honey Clusters ($5.96) I also received these oats and honey clusters pack. It contains whole grains like buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa, millet, and oats with a little bit of honey and toasted coconut.

More nutrition information is indicated at the back of the pack.

I love the texture. They add extra chewiness and crunchiness to my smoothie and yogurt fix.

This tastes great with a bowl of Greek yogurt or milk, but you can also eat it as is.

KIND’s Classic Snack Pack is impressive! All the snacks are fresh and filling. They are all guilt-free alternatives to the usual snacks, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to the taste as well. Imagine, there are 20 snack bars in the box! That’s a lot to try! Most are a combination of nuts, peanut butter, whole grains, honey, and dark chocolate, but you’ll also find some fruity flavors such as mango, apple, and blueberries. It’s just amazing how KIND was able to maintain using whole ingredients with all the bars that they are making. Now there is no excuse for us to not eat healthy any time of the day. Plus, I loved the convenience and variety of the snack pack!

Are you getting the KIND Classic Snack Pack too?

Visit KIND Snack Club to subscribe or find out more!


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