Stitch Fix Kids Review – Little Boys January 2019

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Stitch Fix Kids is a personal styling service for kids clothing ranging from sizes 2T to 14. At $20 styling fee for each box, you’ll get 8 to 12 items with retail price ranging from $10 to $35 when it is shipped to you. You will be asked to share some styling preferences first when you sign up for this box so that the items included will be curated accordingly. If there are clothes that don’t fit your kid, you can always return them by the return envelope included in the box. If you do decide to keep all of the items, you will get 25% off on the whole box.

The flaps of the box come with cute designs that offer suggestions on what you can do to the contents of this month’s crate.

The return envelope is already included in the box so you can return the items easily.

Inside the envelope is a personal message from the stylist, cute information card, and a mini mag.

You can return any clothing or accessories that you don’t like and pay only for what you’re keeping.

I love that they included a list of outfits in this month’s box. All that is left to do is to have my little one try them out for size.

Here’s a list of all the items included in this month’s Stitch Fix along with their size, color, and price.

Also included is an adorable sticker sheet for your little one to play with.

For January 2019, they’re encouraging kids to make Time Machine for a chance to win $100 Stich Fix credit!

The back of the card provides instructions on how to join the contest and the prize details.

All the items are wrapped in a yellow tissue paper sealed with a sticker.

Everything in my box!

Odin & Ivy The Classic Long Sleeve Raglan Graphic Tee ($14) This cool raglan graphic tee is perfect for the still cold weather.

The design is ferociously brilliant! My boys loved how the design was made to look like a vintage video game that features one of the prehistoric biggies, the T-Rex.

My son definitely liked this shirt as it fits him perfectly, and the design really appealed to him.

Sovereign Code Galen Long Sleeve Graphic French Terry Pullover ($22) Another piece of clothing that featured a prehistoric creature is this long sleeve terry pullover, and it features a silhouette of a Triceratops.

I really like how some clothes came with just two colors but the design they make is fantastic. This is also perfect for layering pieces of clothes to warm up.

Brooklyn Cloth Victor Cozy Fleece Piped Jogger ($20) It’s a fleece drawstring jogger. I am skeptical whether the color can be easily mixed and matched with several tops.

It’s so soft and comfy, just perfect for the chilly atmosphere. It also has some zipped pockets on both sides.

Aside from the side pockets, it also has a buttoned pocket at the back.

I was surprised that the joggers looked perfect with the triceratops top!

Sovereign Code Cooper Reversible Bomber Jacket ($34) Bomber jackets are originally made for pilots, but now, anyone can actually wear it, even kids! And a kiddie take on this jacket is included in this box!

We got it in a light and dark gray stripes. It has a zipper enclosure that makes it easier to wear, especially when I just let my boys wear it themselves. The location of the side pockets makes them a good design for the overall piece too.

Again, my doubts about the joggers are fading as I see it being matched with most of the tops and they all look good together!

Cotton On Nicasio Short Sleeve Pique Polo ($12) The first piece of top that doesn’t come with a long sleeve, this red short sleeve polo is perfect for a casual day out.

Adriano Goldschmied Kids James Slim Straight Denim ($38) Denim pants never go out of style, and they’re the perfect casual wear.

I know that this pair of jeans is easier to match with most of the tops in this box, and that’s what I like about denim pants!

The back also has a label, and this pair is named as the Stryker. It also has 2 back pockets.

And as expected, the red shirt looks great paired with the denim jeans! My son looks like a grown-up with this get-up!

Tailor Vintage Bobbie Long Sleeve Flannel Button Up Shirt ($24) We also got a flannel button up shirt, and I actually like the colors!

The vintage shirt looks good with the red and white stripes on a washed out denim.

It also looks great with the denim jeans, or my son just looks good on anything!

Odin & Ivy The Classic Long Sleeve Graphic Tee ($14) This long sleeve shirt does not just have a good color combination, but a beautiful print as well.

My kids are big adventurers so this is perfect, as they love exploring stuff and even places!

Joe’s Jeans Elon Welt Pocket Fleece Side Piping Knit Jogger ($24) Another soft and comfy fleece jogger pants is included in this set!

Compared to the first jogger, I think this one has a color that is easier to match with various tops.

It has an elastic band that even the kids alone can easily put them on. It also has side pockets for small stuff.

My son looks so ready to explore the world!

Sovereign Code Farzad Crew Neck Sweater ($28) Of course, during the cold season, sweaters must be always present! And for this box, they included a crew neck sweater!

The sweater has a cool camouflage design, which makes it an exemption from the ugly sweater list!

And like the previous clothes, my son also rocked this one. It really fits him and paired with the last jogger we got, I can say that these are actually the perfect pair! My son can really work on any clothes you let him try!

This month, Stitch Fix Kids included pieces of clothing perfect for the cold season, though the styles can be worn for different occasions. The jogger pants are really a must have as they’re easy to wear, but the pair of denim pants is cute too, it looks good with any top too. Some of the sizings are a little off and larger, though we can make them work by tucking them in, I left my sizing feedback to help improve what I get the next box. Still, it’s one of the easiest ways to get the kids some cool and fantastic clothes delivered straight into your home!

Are you getting the Stitch Fix Kids box too?

Visit Stitch Fix Kids to subscribe or find out more!


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