Sephora PLAY! vs Birchbox vs Ipsy – April 2018 Battle of the $10 Beauty Boxes!

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It’s the Ipsy vs. Sephora Play vs. Birchbox $10 Beauty Box showdown!

Ipsy vs. Sephora PLAY! vs. Birchbox

BOX BASICS: All three subscriptions are just $10 per month, so it’s easy to draw comparisons. All three of these beauty boxes also ship out 5 samples (Sephora PLAY! also sends a bonus fragrance plus a beauty item, and occasionally you’ll get a small extra in Birchbox).

CUSTOMIZATION: All three subscriptions also ask you to complete a basic beauty profile. Ipsy allows you to rate items for ipsy match and has started allowing a limited number of subscribers to select an item, but that feature isn’t yet universal. Birchbox also allows you to rate items but doesn’t alter your profile in response to your ratings.

REFERRALS & POINTS: Both Birchbox and Ipsy offer referral points; redeem points on full-size products in the Birchbox shop or on selected samples in the Ipsy bonus section. You earn points on the monthly Sephora subscription plus you can redeem a PLAY! card in-store for an extra 50 points on any purchase.

VARIATIONS: All three of these boxes also send out multiple subscriber variations – we’re showing what we’ve reviewed here, and we would love to hear your experiences in the comments!

Our thoughts? You’re most likely to get items you’ll find in Sephora in PLAY!, including some cult up and coming goodies. That’s a no brainer. Ipsy is a mix of influencer faves, some prestige products, and some drugstore. You won’t often find drugstore products in Birchbox – but you may find some interesting natural beauty brands.

PLAY! by Sephora ($10 per month!)


Total Value: About $36

The retail value is about $35.73, it’s noticeably higher than last month’s! We love the samples included in this month’s box, especially the anti-aging products and the moisturizer. The items in this curation work together perfectly and we’re pretty satisfied overall. 

Review: Play! by Sephora April 2018 Review

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Birchbox ($10 per month!)


Total Value: About $34

Items from this month has a retail value of about $34. There are two items are specifically for fine hair (profile match!), and there are also skin care products and a gorgeous lip liner. Getting everything for $10 is simply awesome!

Review:  Birchbox April 2018 Review

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Birchbox Curated Box ($10 per month!)


Total Value: About $27

The curated Birchbox has a retail value of around $27 which is really nice and, and the overall curation may be a tiny box, but the value is just great! Our favorite items are the eyeliner pen that makes gorgeous cat eyes and the stain that makes cheeks look a little sun-kissed. We’re really happy with the skin care products too, especially the Clarins antioxidant day cream that minimizes fine lines. 

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Ipsy ($10 per month!)


Total Value: About $61

This month’s Ipsy is a good curation overall, as it covers different aspects of skin care and makeup. I just wish they added a brush I can use for the blush and setting powder to establish a connection between products but for $10, it’s awesome for a bag with a retail value of $61.

Review: Ipsy April 2018 Review

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It’s another winning month for Ipsy, curation-wise and value-wise. Great thing the curated Birchbox came just in time to be included in this month’s comparison, and I also love it! As always, it’s a good competition between all the boxes as each of them have great stuff to offer. They all sent beauty and makeup items that are very useful for the season!

What did you think of this month’s Sephora PLAY!Ipsy, and Birchbox? Did you have a favorite?


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  • Mystroxx

    I would not recommend Sephora Play and there are quite a few reasons I would recommend another $10 box. sends repeats the spoilers are not always included in your box some people will get 1 some all 3 and other will not get a single 1. I tried Play for several months every single month I got a black eyeliner they have done away with perfume samples .Perfume sample is 1 reason I started the sub,I never know what perfumes will work for me and samples are the best way to try and not waste a bunch of money. who has money to throw out? also the sample have been mini samples some hardly have 2 uses .many other $10 subs you get deluxe or even full size ,then the variations each month there are like 10 of them and it causes some very upset people when they feel their whole box is junk repeats and then a box has a higher value.Sephora Play really needs to get their act together.Also doing a beauty profile does you no good they do not follow it and Before signing up read comments and reviews for yourself all the dropped Sephora subs because of mimi samples.repeats ,variations
    with products and values,no perfume and mini samples