ModCloth Stylish Surprise Apparel and Dress Review

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modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 box

ModCloth is an online apparel and apartment goods shop (think Urban Outfitters, but quirkier, with plus sizes!) offers “Stylish Surprise” mystery grab bags a couple times a year. Last week they offered:

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Dresses – $20 (XS-4X)

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Apparel – $15 (XS-4X)

ModCloth Stylish Surprise Shoes – $10 (5.5-10)modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 apparel unboxing

You can buy as many as you want as long as they’re in stock – you select the size, and there’s free shipping at $75, so most people buy multiples. After seeing Anna’s unboxings of her apparel and shoes and her dresses

modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 dress unboxing

I was super surprised to find colored clothes in my box! modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 review

WOW! I didn’t buy shoes because I have wide feet. modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 other items

I only bought one of each because I filled my cart with other fun ModCloth finds, like beaver t-shirts and a dachshund mail organizer!modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 apparel

Hell Bunny London “Intrigue All About it Coat in Crimson” ($169.99) I received this gorgeous and dramatic red coat! I feel very posh, victorian, and goth, all at once! It’s completely lined, features hidden side pockets in the seams, and the color and silhouette are to die for. This may be one of the biggest Stylish Surprise scores of all time!

modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 coat detail
modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 dress

Retrolicious Mix in the Moxie Dress ($109.99 last sold for $43.99) The dress item I received wasn’t quite as seasonal, but still cute, with little cap sleeves, a pin-tucked bodice, and a belted waist. I love the notch at the neckline, and there’s a full zipper down the back.

modcloth stylish surprise january 2016 dress detail

The belt is optional, but I think it adds a super cute extra touch!

I was pretty wowed by my first ModCloth Stylish Surprise! I got two really fantastic pieces for $35! Please share what you picked up (if you’d like you can post a photo on the directory entry) – I’m particularly interested to know if people that purchase fewer items get better ones, or if I just really hit the jackpot!

The Subscription: ModCloth Stylish Surprise
The Description: An occasionally available mystery grab bag of unique fashion finds from ModCloth! Not a subscription – you must purchase each time.
The Price: $10.00 per box
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  • Chantelle Walker

    WOW!! So jelly! lol Have you ever got SS where you liked NOTHING? This is my second time, the 1st I did two dresses… nope. Second I decided to give another chance with 1 dress, 3 apparel (I was dying for a coat)… nothing, hated everything. 🙁 I don’t think I’d do it again… but third time the charm right? lol

    • Valerie

      This was me last year – I think it was my own fault for asking for M when I’m probably more of an S in Modcloth’s variable sizing. The dress I got was a floor-length maxi that was HUGE. The shirt was okay size-wise but not cute at all.

    • Brandy

      We can always cross our fingers!!! I guess the problem is that it is SO random!

  • Sarah

    Mine got here today, much closer to my style, but unfortunately they all had size issues. I should have sized up to an XL, but it was sold out already. Modcloth brands never seem to fit in the bust, and my bust isn’t even that large!

  • AngelaR

    Love what you got from ModCloth Stylish Surprise. I’m so jelly. I purchase one shoe surprise. I received black ankle boots which I love.


    I have a little more hope, now that I see your awesome items. However, I didn’t order anything with a beaver on it, so …. My 6 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, and 2 apparal are due to arrive today. Fingers crossed? I love when people post pics of their items. I’m going to try to post mine.

  • Valerie

    Hell Bunny stuff is GORGEOUS. My winter coat is Hell Bunny as well, and they look so classic on.

      • Valerie

        Oooooh, those hints are… pretty vague. The only thing I can think of is maybe something X-Files related – the reboot is coming out in January, and maybe it’s a riff on ‘X marks the spot’? I am honestly just pulling that out of my butt, haha. I ordered the Lvl Up Accessories box and this will be my first month, so I’m excited! I wish I had subbed earlier though – I want the Star Wars box from last month.

        Also this is my Hell Bunny coat which I still got a deal on since I bought it during a spring sale, but certainly not for $20. Sob… mine’s red. With a swing dress and petticoat underneath, it’s the best.

        • Brandy

          ahhhh that’s so cute! the loot crate shirt will be x-files (post at 11:45… I can’t make them all go at once!), so i don’t think so. i have asked SO many people and nobody has a clue.

          i need to switch out my bag (mine is currently bright red) before i can switch to my new coat. i’m going with my honest company platinum tote, darth vader bag charm, and new hoppe-chan bag charm. perfect!

          the thing that’s puzzling about the level up hints is that they aren’t vague for all the rest of them! either the item will be a face palm or a head scratcher.

          • Valerie

            Ah, it’ll definitely be something different then. I think they left it purposely vague since this is the first month with a shirt, maybe? I’m running out of alien tropes to go with!

            I’m feeling very primary colour this winter – I have the cobalt blue MK Hamilton against the red of the coat and it’s just so cheerful against the grey weather of Vancouver.

  • PA Anna

    No fair!!! I LOVE the coat. It is gorgeous. The dress looks like an easy to wear casual dress. I think you made out better than me because you order beaver shirts 🙂

    This gives hope to all that are still waiting for their boxes to arrive.

    • Brandy

      well anyone that buys matching beaver shirts must be OK in ModCloth’s book, yes?