Tonx Sample Review

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We got our Tonx coffee sample that we ordered a week ago. That was pretty fast – California to Vermont from Friday to Wednesday! Tonx is a coffee bean subscription service and runs $12 per 6 ounce bag every other week or $19 per 12 ounce bag every other week. Tonx has a free trial for a 2 ounce bag. If you want a free trial too, just use my link (thank you for supporting MommySplurge!).

The sample comes in a simple white bubble mailer.


What’s inside the Tonx Coffee Sample?

Well, Beans of course.  But also a great little intro to the service. I thought all the cards were cute but my eyes did get tired with the Tonx font.


Also information on all the different ways to brew.



But if you’re ordering up whole beans you probably have your favorite way already, right?  My husband uses a Keurig, I have all the details here. And ew, gross, I don’t drink coffee. Speaking of which, the beans.

There was no smell from this bag. Grateful! But that also means that the beans were sealed up extraordinarily well. I thought the lack of smell spoke volumes about how much Tonx cares about freshness if you want to mix metaphors.

20130522-144028.jpgI also thought this pouch of beans was absolutely gorgeous. The description on the included card (below) actually made me want to like coffee. It  says that this Ethopian Coffee from Chelba in the Yirgacheffe region has flavors of limeade, floral honey, and peach. Sounds yummy to me.


Should you splurge?

If you’re a coffee drinker (or have someone to gift this to), I don’t know if there’s any reason not to sign up for a Tonx trial. It’s free and you just might love it. If you’re just getting into grinding your own, we suggest going with a cheapo coffee grinder before shelling out a hundred bucks on a burr grinder. Which my husband just might get someday. He’s definitely a life’s little pleasures kind of guy!

Find out more about Tonx and sign up for your totally free trial here!


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  • Alex

    I signed up, can’t wait to see how the coffee tastes! Thanks