Kids Eat Salad!

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I made these wee little salads as an experiment. What would my kids do? Well, my son wouldn’t touch it. Neither would my daughter.

But… As it turns out, A (my 4 year old girl) will munch on a few pieces of plain bunny food. It’s a start! When I grew up salad wasn’t something served to kids, because.. I don’t know why!

I decided that in my house kids get salad too whether they eat it or not. Repeated exposure is more important than making them eat it. I made it fun with a bit of ranch dressing, some raisins, and sunflower seeds. So what if they didn’t eat it? My daughter complained that kids don’t eat salads but two days later she was eating lettuce! Kids won’t learn to eat salad if they aren’t offered it.

It took me until I was 18 years old to learn to enjoy it (and I am still just mostly lettuce – I don’t care for raw veggies). I am hoping my kids get excited about salad a few years before that!


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