FabFitFun Winter 2021 Spoilers: Tis the Season!

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Tis the Season for the FabFitFun Winter Box! This quarter, FFF is doing it differently by spoiling the items by theme, and customization categories products will all be spoiled next week! Up now, ALL the spoilers for the FabFitFun Winter 2021 Tis the Season theme!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Celebrate with friends, family, and all the cheer!

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Winter 2021 Tis The Season spoilers:

Masontops Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker Kit ($40 Value)

Shake up your favorite cocktails in the comfort of your own home! The bundle includes a mason jar, spoon and fork, strainer with pour spout, and rubber shot glass for all your cocktail needs.

How To Use: Mix your favorite cocktail, shake, stir, and pour! Hand wash with soap and water. Pro Tip – apply a small amount of water to the inside of the sleeve to assist in sliding on and off the jar.

Product Inclusions:

  • 1x Masontops regular mouth Mason jars in 16 oz (made of soda-lime glass).
  • 1x Teal silicone Mason jar sleeve.
  • 1x Strainer lid made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic.
  • 1x Silicone lid cap/shot glass.
  • 1x Metal swizzle fork/spoon swizzle stick.

Epare Milk Frother ($24.95 Value)

A barista-grade frother built to last. Prepare frothy coffee creations at home with the push of a button. Foams half & half, soy, almond or coconut milk; whips cream; mixes matcha and stirs protein shakes quick. Save money by making delicious lattes, cappuccinos and more in the comfort of your own kitchen! The stainless steel whisk shaft won’t wobble or bend when foaming your favorite milk. And it cleans up easily in soapy water. Battery-powered, easy to hold, and quiet!

How To Use: Fill a glass 1/3 full with milk and lower the whisk halfway into the milk. Press and hold the button to begin whisking. Raise the frother just below the surface of the milk, and continue to raise and lower it at a 45° angle for 30-45 seconds for rich, creamy foam.

GLAMNETIC Virgo Magnetic Eyelashes + Soo Future! Mini Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen in Deep Space ($72.98 Value)

Add an extra “wow” factor to your makeup look with these gorgeous lashes. The eyeliner pen gives you a highly pigmented wing while keeping your lashes in place all day with its strong magnetic hold. The lashes are made from top-quality synthetic fibers for an all-natural look. They’re also vegan-friendly and feature six magnets on the back to hold tight onto the magnetic eyeliner all day.

Shipping Restrictions: UK restricted

Vahdam Teas Recovery Sampler ($25 Value)

A signature assortment of our in-house blends that boast of enriching flavors, range of health benefits, immunity-boosting properties, and the most exquisite aromas. Tastefully handpicked.

  • Turmeric spiced Herbal Tea Tisane – 5 Tea Bag Sachets
  • Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea Tisane – 5 Tea Bag Sachets
  • Sweet Cinnamon Masala Chai – 5 Tea Bag Sachets
  • India’s Original Masala Chai – 5 Tea Bag Sachets
  • Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea – 5 Tea Bag Sachets

BENNKAI Hot Chocolate Bomb Maker ($15 Value)

Hot Chocolate Bomb Maker; Designed to support 4 half-spheres and included a custom swirl effect on two half-spheres to provide the effect of a chocolate swirl and a belly band.

Dimensions: 6.3” X 6.3” X 1.07”

How To Use: Supplies: Melting Chocolate, Baking Sheet, Mug, Fillers such as hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, sea salt, etc. The options are endless!

  1. Melt chocolate in the microwave.
  2. Add a heaping TBSP of melted chocolate into the molds and spread using the back of a spoon.
  3. Place mold on a small baking sheet and freeze for 5 minutes.
  4. Gently press each cavity to release the chocolate.
  5. Fill half the molds with a TBSP of hot chocolate mix and your favourite fillings.
  6. Use leftover melted chocolate to pipe or brush two halves together to seal them. \n7 Decorate with sprinkles and extra piped chocolate. \n8 Freeze finished chocolate bomb for 5 minutes.\n9 Place hot chocolate bomb in a mug. Pour one cup of piping hot milk over the bomb. Stir and enjoy!

Materials: 100% BPA Free Silicone

UnHide Lil’ Marshmallow Blanket in Charcoal, Rose, or Silver ($65 Value)

The member-favorite blanket is back! This time, the faux fur blanket is featured in a gorgeous charcoal shade. Snuggle up with this blanket on the couch or use it as chic home decor.

  • Cruelty-free and eco-conscious
  • Light-weight
  • Extra soft

Dimensions: 50 X 60

Materials: 100% polyester

FFF also has a message on shipping and availability:

Now, as many of you may have probably read in the news, businesses around the nation are being impacted by global supply chain and shipping issues relating to Covid-19, and FabFitFun is not immune to these challenges. However, our warehouse team was as proactive as possible, moving up delivery dates for Winter products, ensuring a timely and efficient quality assurance inspection for all inventory, and working in real time with our many shipping couriers to try to avoid as many issues as possible.

To remain transparent, we still have a percentage of Winter inventory that is held up at the port. This is due to a shortage of labor to unload the ships currently on the water and transport them to our warehouse. While we are working very closely with our partners and hope to bring them into the warehouse asap, there is still a chance that a percentage of these products may not arrive in time. And while we hope to get all the items into customization, if we can’t, we will quickly try and get them into Add-Ons, the Shop or future sales so all members still have a chance to snag these products! We know this may not have been the update you wanted to hear, but the Covid related transportation issues remain a real, pretty crazy challenge.

Finally, please know we have heard your concerns and feedback and we can assure you that improving our inventory planning process is the highest priority for us, especially going into the new year. In an effort to avoid overselling or overpromising, we are proactively communicating these issues and making the tough decisions on what we can and cannot include in both Customization windows due to fluctuating inventory. Due to these proactive decisions we have made, we are still confident that we will ship your box within our standard timeframe, especially because it is the holidays and we understand FabFitFun is a source for holiday shopping! We appreciate your continued patience as we navigate the ever changing supply chain situation and will keep you updated if there are any changes to this plan.

Here’s the full schedule for the Winter Box!

Customization, Add-ons, Swaps, Boosts, and reFills schedule:

  • Annual Add-Ons: Annual Access to Winter Add-Ons begins November 1 and ends on November 5
  • Annual Customization: Annual Member Customization & Boost My Box & reFills starts November 2 through November 5
  • Annual Member Swap for Credit: Swaps for the Winter 2021 season are available now until November 4
  • Add-Ons For All: All Members Winter Add-Ons begins November 15 and ends on November 19
  • Seasonal Customization: Customization & Boost My Box & reFills open to seasonal members November 16 and ends on November 19
  • Seasonal Members Swap for Credit: Swaps for the Winter 2021 season are available now until November 18.

All opening times are at 9am PT and all closing times are at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Let us know what you’re hoping to find in your Winter box!

FabFitFun Box is a quarterly women’s subscription box that promises fabulous full-size beauty, fashion, and fitness items every quarter. Pick between quarterly or annual subscription, and get full-sized, premium products including makeup, skincare, fashion, wellness, and home decor! You can choose to customize your box every season (or buy add-ons), or keep everything as a surprise! Each season, FabFitFun partners with an amazing charity or organization to bring awareness to a worthy cause!


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  • Susie Hinerman

    I’m not impressed by anything in the winter box and apparently I’ve missed the time frame to get credit or an extended month

  • Laurie Rock

    Can I bypass the winter box and extend my membership by a quarter

  • Jen D

    Pretty disappointed. I have three Unhide blankets from Fabfitfun already from the past two years and I don’t need another. They don’t wash well. They’re fuzzy and soft at first, but they get a little coarse after the first wash. Also, I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, so the shaker and the frother are useless to me. The eyelashes are also useless, as well as the chocolate bombs. I can’t use anything in this box and I have two fabfitfun subscriptions.

    • M.R. Smith

      Get your box and donate it. There are several organizations that can use it. Save it for gifts for Christmas or later on for birthdays. Nice way to give great gifts at a great price.

  • B

    Is it just me or this box getting worse and worse. Nothing great here…

    • Crystal Pacher


    • Janet

      The boxes are getting worse, I agree. In my last box I got a mini deodorant that you find in the travel section of Target

      • Karlene

        I think that the mini deodorant was an extra sample, not part of the regular box contents. Although, I do agree that the boxes don’t seem as good as they used to.

    • Cat

      My spring box was very cheesey and contained lots of cheap items IMO. The fall box was an improvement. I also don’t like how the magazine doesn’t provide prices/value of the items anymore. So it’s hard to judge to value, especially when it already seemed like items were over priced IMO.

      • Sharon

        Same with the summer box.

  • Rose

    How is everyone washing the Unhide blankets? I washed mine on cold, tumbled on low and lint was floating around my house for days. I couldn’t delint the blanket enough after it came out of the dryer and finally had to pitch it. The lint was landing on everything.

    • Cindy Cesar

      Don’t dry it! Let it air dry. So much better. I don’t wash it with my other clothes, just other sheets, so if there’s fuzzies then I don’t mind- it also usually comes off in the dryer.

    • Amie

      Should be drycleaned

      • Rose

        I’m guessing you are right. I’m not at a point in my life where I take linens (or clothing honestly) to be drycleaned.

        I know others are saying they don’t mind a few fuzzies here or there but I’m a pet free home and I detest random lint in the air or laying around. Its the reason I don’t own rugs and have upgraded air filters. This blanket had more than a few fuzzies when washed. They were everywhere and I needed to run of lint roller over almost everything I owned.

        I’m thrilled others like their blankets though.

  • Edie McLean

    What does swap for credit mean. I’ve never seen that before

    • Hello Subscription

      hi – we have info on that here – you can swap your box for store credit (replaces skips).


      “Lastly, we’re thrilled to offer UNLIMITED Swap for Credit to all members. Not a fan of the season’s box curation? No problem. All members can swap the box for e-commerce credit to use towards Boost My Box, reFills, sales, The Shop, and additional Customization items!* And do it an UNLIMITED amount of times.”

  • mandi

    I know I’m boring cause I’m looking at that hot chocolate bomb maker and thinking they would be great molds for holiday chocolates. lol I just got a Rose unhide in one of the edit’s a few weeks ago and I have a grey one, but might get more for gifts.

  • Leigh

    Thinking of skipping. Nothing looks exciting .

  • Autumn

    I wish you would offer the bigger sized unhides. 60 x 80 in the box. You’ve offered other items of higher cost than the Medium Unhide in the first category before so it’s not a far stretch to offer the larger unhide blanket to box subscribers.

    Was excited about the milk frother initially, but now disappointed because the brand offered didn’t get good reviews. People also complained about it breaking/not working after 3 months. I was also initially excited bout the magnetic lashes but that brand also didn’t get great reviews. Many people complained that the magnetic lashes not staying on. Both these aforementioned items didn’t get good reviews so I’m disappointed that they are showing up in the box.

    I like the idea of a cocktail shaker, but a mason jar one not so much. It looks similar to the mason jar water bottle we received in a previous box. Would have preferred to have a cocktail shake and accessories that was metal or by a different company.

    The tea sampler pack is nice. I love that it is organic bc I only drink organic tea. It also seems like they are great quality from the pics on their website and they also got really good reviews.

    I’m hoping that there are more spoilers coming up that are of more interest to me than what has currently been shown.

    BTW – Love the decor of the box. Very pretty.

  • Denise

    What is resubbing?

    • JenJen

      Resubbing = renewing a subscription.

  • Gretchen

    Thanks for having the spoilers so promptly (even early!).

    I LOVE my unHides and will get a second to give as a gift for a wheelchair bound family member who is always cold.

    I am not sure about the frother. Might just order one off Amazon because I think it would be useful but I am leery of quality.

    • Shannan

      I think your wheelchair bound friend will love the unHide! Being w/c bound myself and only being able to wear shorts year round (even in 10 degree weather), I cannot wait for mine!! Perfect gift for sure. It’s the only thing that really peaked my interest in the winter box. I will cancel after this box if there aren’t more interesting items to go with what they have given us a sneak peak of. I subscribe to two other boxes that are less $ than FFF and together are always packed with goodies. Still not sold on the value. Granted it totals more than the value, but not if the items aren’t really anything you’d use.

  • Bess

    The marshmallow blanket is great, I have one, but it’s been around for at least a year. I’m hoping to see some new, exciting options.

  • prettypony

    I love the unhide blanket! The box is worth it just for the blanket. Too bad I have no money for the sub!

    • JenJen

      I agree!! I have two unhides from previous FFF boxes and they are amazing. But i can’t justify resubbing to this box until my stash is used up, and that’s going to be awhile 😕

    • Ake

      Me too! I got three of them in gray – one for me, one for my dog, one for a gift – but would love to get another color.

    • Kimberly Dillon

      Can you explain this sub thing to me?

      • Kelly


      • JenJen

        For FFF you can either pay for a year up front (annual) or you can pay for each box quarterly (seasonal). An annual sub is a little cheaper, (maybe $5 a box?). Annuals get to customize their boxes a week or two sooner than seasonal. So there is the risk of some things not being available for seasonals. And I think that annuals get to choose what they’d like from the first 5 (there are usually 8) categories where seasonals only get to pick from categories 1-3. The rest are chosen by FFF. Hope that helps!

    • Shannan

      Can you explain sub to me? I’m fairly new here.

      • Karlene

        Read JenJen’s answer up above. She did a pretty good job explaining it. When first started I did it seasonly 3 or 4 times until I made the switch to annual. I wanted to be sure I actually wanted to continue with it. The good thing about the annual subscription is that you get to choose earlier and from more categories. It also saves you a bit off each box, but you pay up front for the year.