Rare Cheese of the Month Club June 2020 Subscription Box Review

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Rare Cheese of the Month Club offers hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses from around the world! Each box has 3 extremely limited-production cheeses (roughly 1 ½ lbs in total) made by some of the best cheesemakers. Subscribers can expect hand-cut, extended-aged, and fresh rare cheeses from traditional age-old recipes, like Comté from the Franche-Comté region of France and Manchego from Central Spain. They also provide tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, plus serving and pairing suggestions for your maximum enjoyment. This subscription is $53.95 per month + $14 shipping!

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The Original Gourmet Cheese Club offers a variety of traditionally-made, artisan, and many farmhouse cheese from around the world, but Rare Cheese Club sends cheeses that can only be produced in just one or two designated locations in the world.

Since the package contains cheese products, it is advised that the package should not be left in direct sunlight. They included some dry ice in the box to help keep it cool.

There’s a pamphlet that explains your membership and options for sharing the joy of cheese with others!

They included a pamphlet introducing us to other Monthly Clubs.

You can even design your own club by combining any of the six clubs. Talk about personalization!

The Micro-brewed Beer of the Month Club and the International Wine of the Month Club would be good pairings for the Cheese Club!

Aside from those mentioned above, they also have Flower of the Month Club, Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club, and Premium Cigar of the Month Club!

I was pleased to see that they included a FAQ sheet to address potential concerns about the appearance and temperature of the cheese. It was reassuring to get expert advice on the subject, so we knew not to worry if our cheese didn’t arrive cold, or if it was damp or pungent.

The Cheese of the Month information sheet looks like an old broadsheet!

This month’s Rare Cheese Club features three kinds of cheeses: Point Reyes Original Blue, San Simon DOP, and Roth Cheese from Roth’s Private Reserve.

It contains some great background info and tasting notes on the three cheese selections, including suggested wine or beer pairings. They even have a pronunciation guide!

This part of the sheet features Culture Corner. It’s a detailed table that contains more information about the featured cheeses, like their country of origin, cheese texture/type, milk type, and cheese age.

Everything in my June 2020 box!

Point Reyes Original Blue. The cheese came in a thick white paper cover, sealed using a sticker with the name of the cheese printed on it. This blue cheese is gluten-free and made with raw rBST-free milk and microbial (vegetarian) rennet.

Upon opening the package, we instantly noticed its unique milky color and dark blue streaks. It has a creamy, gooey, and crumbly texture!

At first bite, you’ll get a pungent, sweet, salty, and peppery taste. This cheese is an ideal topping for burgers, eggs, pasta, potatoes, salads, and more.

San Simon, DOP. This semi-firm cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk sourced in Lugo, a region of Galicia in the northwest part of Spain.

It’s a teardrop-shaped cheese, aged more than 55 days, and smoked for approximately 90 minutes over green birch branches.

The smoking process affects all aspects of the cheese including its coppery natural rind, pale gold paste, wood-fire aroma, and subtle smoky notes.

Its acidity, delicateness, and butter-like creaminess make it the perfect cheese to pair with grilled meats and a glass of wine.

Roth’s Private Reserve. Like the first and second chunks of cheeses, the third one also came in a white paper with a sticker seal. This firm cheese makes a perfect alternative for shaved Parmesan on pizza and pasta dishes.

It’s a light and crumbly cheese made from raw cow’s milk. It was cellar-aged for more than 6 months in Monroe, Wisconsin.

This cheese features a rare tangy taste with a hint of sweetness from the rich blend of honey and butterscotch.

It has a smooth texture, and as you look closely, you will see some fine crystals embedded inside.

Check out all the cheeses we have this month! They’re all tasty, and can easily be paired with different kinds of dishes and even wine!

I love trying out different kinds of cheeses, and having this collection of rare cheese from different parts of the world delivered to my door was such a delight. These cheeses make a versatile ingredient that we can easily add to other dishes to take them to a whole new level and they can also be consumed as is, together with some fine wine. No need to go far if you want to taste unique cheeses because Rare Cheese of the Month Club will do all the work for you. This is such an ideal subscription or gift for cheese lovers!

What do you think of this month’s Rare Cheese of the Month Club?

Visit Rare Cheese of the Month Club to subscribe or find out more!

Rare Cheese of the Month Club

Each month, members of The Rare Cheese Club will have the opportunity to taste hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses from among the best cheeses in the world. We work with our partners at Zingerman's to curate three extremely limited-production cheeses made by some of the world’s most interesting and celebrated cheesemakers using only the best and freshest milks. Award-winning cheeses produced in France, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Holland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, the U.S. and even some countries you might not expect like Croatia. If you fancy cheese made from age-old traditional recipes, some centuries old, you’re going to love The Rare Cheese Club!

Ships From US to US.
Shipping $14 Shipping to the US
95 per month

Save $10 off a 4 shipment order. Use coupon code SAVE10.


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