Pet Plate Dog Food Subscription Review + Coupon! – TURKEY MEAL BOX

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PetPlate is a dog food subscription box that sends ready-to-eat meals for dogs which are made from USDA meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. All meals contain the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to have a complete and balanced diet. Upon sign up, PetPlate asks you to provide some details about your dog so they can customize your PetPlate plan.

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This review covers only the Pet Plate Tail Waggin’ Turkey variant. You can also check out our Pet Plate Barkin’ Beef review, Pet Plate Chompin’ Chicken review, and Pet Plate Lip Lickin’ Lamb review.

The meals arrive frozen and packed within an insulated box.

Included in the box are information cards.

The cards contain pro-tips in handling the meals and serving them to your beloved pup. You’ll want to store most meals in the freezer, but the meals themselves have a 1-week shelf life in the fridge. Your dog’s pre-portioned meals can either be served straight from the fridge or heated up in the microwave so as not to disturb their tummies.

All the benefits you’ll see from PetPlate’s real, fresh dog food! PetPlate meals promote improved digestion, healthier weight, allergy relief, and a healthier coat. There’s even a guide about transitioning from ordinary dog food to PetPlate and it is really helpful!

More cute info cards!

You can choose from the stickers and place them on the card provided.

Everything is nicely stacked inside the box.

There’s dry ice at the bottom of the box, as it keeps the food cold and fresh. The packaging is 100% recyclable!

In this photo, we’re showing other variants from Pet Plate. The full box, which contains four weeks worth of meals, is billed at $119.80 (about $29.95 per week).

Pet Plate Tail-Waggin’ Turkey – These are freshly cooked meals that are human-grade and formulated to meet the nutritional levels set by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles. This particular variant contains turkey and turkey liver!

We got 4 20 oz. (567 g) containers of this delicious meal. You can rotate containers out of the freezer and into the fridge the night before you need it, so you always have one thawed and ready.

It is guaranteed that there’s nothing artificial in the ingredients. This kettle-cooked dog food is made in the USA and approved by USDA facility.


Turkey, sweet potatoes, potatoes, turkey liver, apples, carrots, peas, pumpkin, salmon oil, dicalcium phosphate, salt, proprietary supplement blend (vitamin E, zinc oxide, ferrous fumarate, copper gluconate, manganese gluconate, sodium selenite, potassium iodide, vitamin D3)

When you subscribe there will be some questions required to answer. They will ask the name of your dog, its breed, the age and weight to build the profile. They will make you choose the meals you want and they will also ask for your email. Your saved answers will help them to customize the best plan. At first, it is recommended to choose a lot from the options to have a taste test with your dog. You will know which recipe your dog gets most excited about.

Well, it looks like a human meal. It’s not just pure turkey meat and it looks very different from the processed dog food we buy from stores. Just make sure to heat it first so they won’t get upset tummies if your dogs prefer warmer food. Look at those chunks though – my dogs love them – they never ask for our food when they are getting Pet Plate!

The subscription aims for the dogs to have more healthy and enjoyable meals customized for them. Every meal improves digestion, promotes healthier weight, provides allergy relief, a healthier coat. So no time for stress and more energy for snuggles.

Other variants from Pet Plate are Chompin’ Chicken, Lip Lickin’ Lamb, and Barkin’ Beef!

It must’ve tasted like Thanksgiving in a bowl as our dogs wiped them clean! We are giving the dogs what they prefer to eat plus the recipes are designed by a veterinarian so we are assured that the best is given to our dogs. The meals are pre-portioned already so there are less stress and mess. The packaging is fantastic, we can easily store and serve them, plus they’re recyclable too. Pet Plate is definitely one of our favorite subscriptions when it comes to pup meals, and the subscription and shipping take all the hassle out of feeding our dogs premium food.

Any thoughts about the Pet Plate box?

Visit PetPlate to subscribe or find out more!


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