KiwiCo Holiday Crate Review & Coupon – FAIRY WINGS COSTUME KIT

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KiwiCo Family is currently offering costume crates, featuring creative costume projects that fuse science and art! These KiwiCo projects are ideal for kids ages 5 and above. All the materials are included, as well as easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions plus clear illustrations. They even provide a series of explanations to illuminate how everything works.

This is the review of FAIRY WINGS COSTUME KIT, one of the new KiwiCo Holiday Costumes available. It costs $29.95. The other costumes are Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur, Light Up Wings, Light Up Alien Spaceship, and Glowing Wand and Crown.

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Craft a pair of shimmery, light-up fairy wings that you can wear! Contains everything you need to decorate your wings with fun felt shapes, EL wires, and shiny sheets — and learn a thing or two about iridescence and electroluminescence. Fairy and Butterfly-approved.

All of the craft supplies from the Crate. You really need very little from home to do the crafts.

Everything in the box!

The booklet is the actual instruction booklet for the project.

In this crate, the kids will learn how to build with EL wire, how to craft with shiny sheets, and how to rig up a battery pack.

The first page of the booklet lists all the materials included in this crate: felt wings, shiny sheet, wing connector, EL wires, battery pack, AA batteries, sticky felt, shoulder straps, buckles, sticky foam, and ribbon. Only a pair of scissors is not included in the crate, but often the pieces are pre-cut, scored, or otherwise prepared for you already.

The wings are two-sided, so you can choose which color are you going to sport.

The kids chose the light blue side of the wings. First step is to slide the shiny sheet in between the layers of the felt wing.

To check, make sure that the shiny sheet stays in between the felt wing layers.

The next thing to do is to work on with the wing connector and the battery pack.

The kids just needed to put the batteries inside the pack, and stick the pack to the wing connector.

The next step is to connect the wings to the connector.

For this step, they’ll need the ribbon to weave on the holes of the felt wing and the connector.

Next up is attaching the shoulder straps and the EL wires.

The kids also started to put the EL wires on the wings.

Here are the easy steps to attach the straps on to the almost finished wings.

The kids thread the strap in the slots located at the wing connector.

They also put a buckle so they can adjust the fit of the straps, I bet this will fit me too!

For this craft, we learn more about EL wires. EL wires contain a very special material that gives off light when it gets energy. This project is not just iridescent, but also, electroluminescent, and that’s what EL stands for!

The shiny and fluttery wings fit my daughter well (they fit older kids just perfectly, but we had a baby available for this shot!)! She looks like a fairy!

The kids also used some of the sticky felt to give the wings more design.

It’s a good thing that the straps are adjustable, so anyone among my children can wear it.

The design that they come up with looks great too!

I love how each side of the wings got identical decorations. My kids are really crafty!

Here’s the light up pair of fairy wings, and it really looks great in the dark!

Making cute costumes is a lot easier with this KiwiCo Holiday crate! I love how they made it easy for the kids to do their own costumes, and even come up with their own additional designs. It only shows how artsy and craftsy they can get! I also love how each box teaches kids some science behind their crafts, they can also apply these lessons to everyday activities. This box is really a fun way to bond with the kids, and at the same time, learn a lot of stuff.

What do you think of the KiwiCo Holiday Crate? You can pick up this project here. If you want more, use this link to save 30% on your first box of any KiwiCo family box!


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