YaDoggie Free Trial Review + Coupon

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Ya Doggie is a dog food subscription that delivers delicious and super healthy treats, poop bags, and a ball sent right at your doorstep. They also offer treats only subscription and everything is priced depending on the food selection.

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Though nothing is fragile, it still comes carefully packed.

It includes a welcome letter printed on cardstock.

They even provide portion guidance and  a food transition plan for your dog. Switching to a new food can upset your dog’s digestive system, so they have you phase it in over the course of a week.

The items inside the box are hand packed in Santa Cruz, California, by Sage!

Another card provides a $10 off discount code to share with a friend.

Everything inside the box!

Ball. It’s a peach colored ball featuring the YaDoggie logo. It’s a standard dog-friendly, low-bounce tennis ball in a cute color. Other than a stick, you can’t find a more universally-loved dog toy than a ball!

Poop Bags. Poop bags are must-haves in every household with dogs. They are essential for walks, and YaDoggie sends a roll or two with every box. We find them very useful for when we travel together with our pups.

This poop bag from YaDoggie is lightweight and very handy. It has such a funny message too!

Ya Doggie Beef & Sweet Potato Jerky Dog Treats. This jerky treat for dogs is primarily made from grass-fed beef mixed with sweet potato.

This treat doesn’t contain grain, corn, wheat, or soy that may cause harmful effects to your dog.

I find these treats a little dry, but they’re crunchy and yummy. I gave it to Dean and Lindy as a reward and they both liked it so much!

Ya Doggie Turkey & Pea Recipe. The next treat we got is made from premium quality ingredients such as turkey, peas, and whole ground flaxseed. It’s a super meal packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will further enhance your dog’s performance.

Printed on the back of the bag is all the important information about nutritional content and a recommended feeding regimen. They even have more nutritional info available online if you are curious about any of the ingredients.

The treats are crunchy and tidbits-shaped. They don’t smell hardly at when dry. I’ve soaked some in water to soften them for Lindy after she had her teeth cleaned, and they still were fairly mild smelling.

They’re filled with protein and fiber, perfect for hyperactive dogs!

Dean wonders when we will get to the eating part of the shoot!

Dean started scarfing these immediately. Both Lindy and Dean have really enjoyed this food — they eat every morsel we put out (and if one leaves a piece or two in their dish, the other dog will swoop in and finish it off)!

This Ya Doggie Free Trial Box is just amazing! Both the food and treats are so delicious and very healthy. They are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that my pups need to keep them strong and healthy. Poop bags are always handy — now we can make the yard clean enough to play fetch in with the our new ball! This trial box was a fun way to try this food, and the dogs are looking forward to more good eats from this subscription!

What do you think of this month’s YaDoggie box?

Visit YaDoggie to subscribe or find out more!


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