The Russia Box July 2018 Subscription Box Review + Coupons

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The Russia Box is a monthly subscription of Russian, Soviet, Slavic, and Eastern European candy and other treats. At $24.95 per month, you will get 1 to 2 large items, 5 to 10 small to medium items, as well as one unique cultural item.


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The box cover features one of the most iconic Russian images, St.Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. I love that, right from the start, we’re immersed in Russian iconography.

A little nod to James Bond completes the packaging.

One panel of the box features these Russian nesting, or Babushka, dolls. They are quite adorable!

There’s a welcome note from the makers of the Russian Box.

They also encourage subscribers to share Russia Box with friends to receive a bonus gift.

This month’s theme is “Soviet BBQ!” The box includes info sheets that list all of the products in the box and includes a photo of the packaging for easy identification.

Nutrition labels are reproduced for many of the products, too.

The info sheet also shares some fun history about our special piece of memorabilia. Juliana and and the team also made sure to share a hint on interpreting production dates found on packaging, plus a caution on allergens.

Underneath all the welcome letters in the box are these carefully packed goodies.

Everything in my box!

Oktyabryonok Star. This month’s cultural piece is the Oktyabryonok Star, which was worn by the Little Octoborists. Members of the Pioneers, a communist youth organization, would hand these out to a younger child —  the pioneer would mentor that child in good citizenship until he or she was old enough to join the Pioneers. This version of the pin was issued in the 1980’s and features an embossed image of Lenin as a child. 

The back has a simple pin closure. This pin would see a lot of use, as children were required to wear them from age 7 to 9.

Shashlik Spice Packet. This Russian spice packet contains onions, garlic, basil, pepper, paprika, coriander, and salt. I’m impressed that there are no preservatives, MSG, or anti-caking agents added in! It works best with pork and lamb but can be used with chicken and beef too. This is a perfect item to include in a Soviet BBQ box!

Neva Assorted Marmalade. This pack contains fruity marmalade candies. Soft and covered with sugar, these were fruity and had a unique texture. The closest thing I’ve had is a gumdrop, but these were much softer and very juicy. The sugar remained relatively granular in feel, they begin to dissolve as soon as you bite them.

Savory Crackers “Korochki” With Bacon. Crackers with bacon flavor, what more can I ask for? These are designed as a great snack pairing with beer. They’re bite-sized, crunchy, and savory. There’s the presence of bacon in every bite, and it’s so addicting. After sampling, I actually used these as flavored croutons for a big salad — they were perfect, as they had tons of flavor.

Waffle With Cream Filling. Another sweet treat from Russia is this waffle with cream filling. The wafer itself was a bit unexciting and tasted a little stale, but the filling was very rich and creamy.

Sugar-Free Sesame Halva. If you are trying to lessen your consumption of sugar, this sugar-free sesame Halva might be just the treat to try. This snack is made by Achva, which has been around for decades. The flavor is savory and has the somewhat nutty flavor you’d expect from sesame seeds. This halva might look small, but it’s filling!

Roshen Milky Nutty Caramel. Included in the box are three pieces of this milky nutty caramel candy. The outside is a not-so-hard candy coating, and in the center is gooey, creamy caramel!

Snezhok (Snowflake) Caramel Candy With Filling. There were a total of five Snezhok candies in the box. It’s called a snowflake candy because of its plain white color. It has a lemon flavor to it too!

Roshen Dushes Caramel. These pear-flavored caramel candies are yummy. They’re made of Duchess pears, that’s why they taste natural and refreshing.

Belaya Cheryomuha Candy. These are high-quality mint candies. It did leave a cool and menthol feel in my mouth. There are five of them in the box and it’s great to pack with you when you want to freshen up your breath while you’re on the go.

Pikolo Assorted Fruit Candy. I also got several fruit candies in this month’s box which are good for those sudden cravings for something fruity. I love the play of fruit flavors here. The candies taste like real fruit, not the over-sweetened and artificial versions of fruit flavors commonly used in candy. I got cherry, apple, orange, and lemon flavors, and loved them all!

The Russia Box is a box filled with surprising treats that I enjoyed going through. The taste and textures are different than that found in Western versions of the items, so every bite was a new surprise. Even treats that I though t would be familiar had a little different spin on them! I also loved that the box included a cultural item — a real piece of Russian history!

What do you think of this month’s The Russia Box?

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